How to find PR5+ expired domains for $9 Part 1
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<Disclaimer> A lot of people are having difficulty finding domains.  There is a real learning curve, so please be prepared for this.  As an option for those that are just starting out, I recommend you prove the model by first purchasing a few domains, or try out our latest service, RankHero.

RankHero allows you to test the viability of this method without having to invest the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars it takes to find, build, host and maintain your own Private Content Network. </disclaimer>



Note that this is part of the expired domain series which has been compiled in order of importance here.


Hello again everybody!  This is the first of a 2 part video on how to find quality expired domains to build your own personal blog network.   It assumes you have already listened to the podcast on finding expired domains that I did with Spencer.


This video shows you how I do it manually, showing the entire process and even the domain names that I found during the 25 minute search.



In this video I go over:

  • How to find a good seed list of URLs using Google
  • How to use Xenu to find available domains
  • How to analyze those available domains using free tools to see if they are worth developing, and what metrics to watch for.
  • See the 2 PR5 domains I found in under half an hour!
  • Note: You will likely take longer to find some strong domains.  Please keep in mind that I have done this for hundreds of hours and as such I have developed a sort of 6th sense for this.   Also I got a bit lucky with this search –  I would expect normally to get a couple PR3 or PR4 domains in about half an hour.  Sometimes it will take several searches to find something that pays off, but sometimes you will find something that gives you dozens of high quality domains.  It’s all based on the quality of your seed list.



Tools mentioned in this video:

Xenu Link Sleuth – Free! (Sign up for a free trial to see full results – aff link – note that I get paid whenever anyone signs up for a free trial, you don’t have to purchase after 30 days.  So if you think I deserve a tip from an 80 million dollar organization, use my affiliate link!)

Page Rank Chart


Part 2 shows how I have more or less automated this process using Scrapebox and some in-house tools.


I also posted on how to value an expired domain, what is good and what is  great, and even how you can buy a list from me.


As always, feel free to ask me anything in the comments.  If you haven’t already done so, please  listen to the podcast with Spencer, as many questions will likely be answered there (and in the comments there).   I would especially like to hear of any success stories using this technique!


How to find PR5+ expired domains for $9 Part 1
22 votes, 2.91 avg. tacos (58% full)
  1. hey man your stuff are awesome!
    i want to start to build this network but dont have the budget for hundreds :)
    do you think 50 links overall from high pr sites would be enough to rank for not so big keywords?
    also can you tell me please exactly how would you spread the anchors in those 50 links?
    thanks a lot in advance! looking forward for every new information/video you’ll put out :)

    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the kind words. 50 links from 50 domains is more than enough. If you buy based on the keyword research training, and get sites that target keywords that have all 10 results <50 APA, you can easily get away with 25 links from 25 domains that are mid-quality - say PR3 with a PA/DA in the mid 20s, with a dozen linking root domains, and a MozTrust of 5.

      I know because that's what I linkbuilt my February batch of sites with, and 98% of them ranked and earn on average $75/mo.

    • also,
      how many user accounts you have on sites like namecheap/godaddy to buy domains
      do you have different account for each domain or you dont care about separation there?

    • Ideally, I split it up based on sectors. A sector will contain the same IP, template, registrar info, etc.

      I say ideally because I ignored doing this for a long time and it had zero negative effect.

  2. Hi

    How about just going out and buying these types of entities? You said you flip them sometimes? where would you recommend to go buy a working Pr4+ site of this type for this purpose?


    • If you want to just go out and buy one you can pick them up on GoDaddy Auctions or Snapnames. Or pay for a subscription to something like FreshDrop to see a combination of the different feeds. You will pay a lot though.

      I have recently come across a GIANT list of quality expired domains, far too many for me to develop. I am considering breaking up the list and selling it if there’s interest. It will be a hell of a lot cheaper than auctions that’s for sure.

  3. Hail to the King!! :)
    Hayden you simply rock, I hope you keep posting stuff like that. I own seo company in my country and must say that I need a place like this with advanced tactics.

    At first I though that you are crazy posting this kind of stuff but after all I know that only about 1-2% (including me, as of writing this comment I’m scraping domains :D) of people who read this will use this so no problem of too many people knowing this :)

    You got yourself loyal fan and visitor!

  4. Hayden, thanks so much for sharing this. Just have a question regarding hosting and c-class ips…

    Are you simply creating a hosting account on let’s say Bluehost for example, have them add a dedicated c-class to that account and then you would typically add all the domains that are in the same niche to this hosting account only?

    Or can you just create a hosting account with let’s say 4 different c-class IPs and sector off like 4 domains in each IP grouped by niche?

    Awesome video. Thanks again.

    • Nope, every single one of these expired domains are on a separate host (as long as they’re used for backlinking purposes and not adsense sites).

      I do try to separate my adsense sites like you mentioned.

      If you’re looking for a cheap shared host on multiple IPs, IXWebHosting (aff link) is great in that it gives you 15 different IPs (search for coupons first). But you want to request them overtime since they seem to just constantly rotate IPs.

      I still vary up cheap shared hosting. Bluehost (aff. link) and Justhost (aff link) are great and have unlimited hosting if you also want to host some of your Adsense sites on those IPs.

      Again always do a search for coupons, you’re bound to get a better deal :)

      • Hi Hayden,

        Just wanted to ensure that I understand this statement :

        “Nope, every single one of these expired domains are on a separate host (as long as they’re used for backlinking purposes and not adsense sites).”

        Are you saying that every one of your expired domains is in its very own hosting account ( to get a different c class )? Or, are you stating that you do not mix the niche sites together with the expired domain sites that you have?

        Just wondering, because I signed up for a hosting plan that you had recommended in an earier post ( ideastack ) that provides a different c class at around $1 a piece? The account that I signed up for, is for 10 c class ips.


      • Thanks Hayden,
        So you wouldn’t recommend having multiple domains on one shared account if I’m strictly using them for backlinking only? Even if each domain on that host has different IPs assigned to them?

    • Aron,

      Most of them are on different hosting accounts to get a different C Class. The exception is IXWebhosting and some of the SEO Hosting accounts I use.


      If the same account can give you multiple C class IPs then go for it. You are putting all your eggs in one basket if you go with only one provider though (esp. if they are an SEO Hosting provider).

  5. Hi Hayden,

    very nice podcast and video, again…
    I love your creative ways to find answers for business questions.

    I’m trying to do the same things with Dutch domains (.nl)
    Although the tools you mentioned are not al applicable here, I already find and registered some domains!
    Thank you for that.

    I do not understand one thing, maybe I missed because English isn’t my native language. I hope you can clarify it.
    Do the domains hold their linkjuice or do they get it back after a while?
    In other words, when I put some content and links on these expired domains do they immediately affect the rankings (pass linkjuice) of the other sites when they get indexed, or do I have to wait for some time?

    I’ll post your links on some Dutch fora.
    Greetings from Amsterdam!

    • Hi Rolf,

      That is an excellent question. People used to think that you had to hold the domain awhile, but I believe the link juice comes back as soon as the domain is back in Google’s index. This is because these domains often rank immediately for whatever the new content is targeting.

      Send me an email if you’d like to use my tool for scouting out .nl domains.

      PS. Amsterdam is my favorite city. And no, not for the night life lol.

      • Thanks for the reply.

        Amsterdam is indeed fantastic, there’s a lot more than the red light district and marijuana to this city!

        I would love to try something on Dutch sites.
        So I will definitely send you an email, as soon as I found your email address..

        I do see a facebook acc though, for nohatseo and Hayden Miyamoto, but I”m not sure if they are yours.

    • I use Filipinos staffers. I had played with Allsubmitter, but in the end it wasn’t worth trying to automate.

      If you use blogspots btw, don’t post the links in posts. They will ban your account for having a high link to text ratio. Post them in sidebars and footers.

  6. I have some PR 3 domains and want to sell them and not build out any sites. Would you recommend selling these as a bulk package or individually? Is there a consistent market for people buying the domain names with pr3 and up or is it hit and miss? Also, when is part two of your video series coming out?

    • Sell them as a bulk package if they are real PR3s. Less work for you.

      If you have a couple higher PR domains you could put together a flippa auction for all of them and get more interest.

  7. Hey, this is what I was waiting for – thanks again!

    May i ask, how long after you register the domain and build a site does the PR show up? Does it instantly become PR3 etc, or do we have to wait until the next google PR update?


    • sorry – i came here before listening to the podcast in which you answered this exact question! keep up the great work

  8. Thanks Hayden for you super interesting video !
    My question is: would you consider if the link that the expired domain have is a post comments link ?
    IF all the links that the domain have are only post comments links, would you go for it ?!
    If its only one link and it is a post comment link from a page with pr5 , is it good to take it ?!
    Thank you

    • No I discount post comments. Unless it really is a genuine, moderated comment on a serious blog. Rule of thumb would be if there are any other spammy comments on the page, I discount it.

  9. Hey man,

    Thanks for all of the great info. When I am finding all of these expired web 2.0 properties how do you determine if they have any PR? I am able to register them but I am not seeing PR. One I am looking at shows 75 pages in SEOQuake… Not sure if that would help with potential PR.

    Any help would be appreciated.


      • Yeah I see the PR chart. When analyzing the web 2.0 backlinks the process seems different. Opensite explorer shows many links but I cant find them on the actual site. Plus, I should be check the page not the domain correct?

  10. Rob Milller says:

    I am having problems finding the free hosts to start myself off with. Any chance of pointing me in the right direction??

  11. Cheers for such a great video Hayden.

    I have been trying for the last few hours to find these initial link lists but it looks like my ‘out of the box’ thinking is pretty poor!

    Any chance you could give us a couple more examples of how to find these lists? I know that if you post them they will get done to death but I could just do with something to great my brain ticking (its a bit slow today!).

    Thanks again, looking forward to the automated method video.

    • Rob Milller says:

      Nick that was the issue I was having but I think I might have got there a little. People publish link roundups weekly try and find these.

      I guess its supporting villa that has made your mind a mush :P

      On a side note I actually know nzogbia anything I should pass on?

      • Ha, you are right, Villa have turned my brain to mush! That goes for Charlie too!

        Thanks for the tip – much appreciated.

        If anyone else wants to share some more tips that would be great.

    • Hey Nick and Rob, and anyone else going this low in the comments,

      Think of big events that may have come and gone. The fact that something is over or finished is the key here…

      • Thanks for all the great info. I have been mulling over ways to come up with a good list. Appreciate the tips. I love that you are showing all these techniques.

        I work with a lot of programmers and I’ve tried to talk to a couple about this. What I’m realizing is that there aren’t many technical folks that are creative enough to come up with the good lists. I hear people say things like, “if it was easy, then everyone would be doing it.” What is easy for some is not even fathomable for most.

        These tutorials have given me a completely different approach so thank you Hayden!

  12. Hi Hayden,

    Me again :)

    I’m still just one tiny bit unsure of part of your process…

    In the demo you talked about using the PR chart to calculate the expected PR of your new site based on the strength of the backlinks, but would you still register a domain if say, the Moz trust was over 5.0, the page authority was around 50, but the highest backlink was PR 2, or 3? Is that still going to be strong enough to produce results?

    Cheers :)

  13. hayden, i just want to say thank you very much for sharing. i have learned so much listening to the pod cast and now viewing your video. thank you for your time.

  14. Casey Dennison says:

    Hey, Hayden!

    I have found a couple of alright domains so far. Now, every time I run a URL through Xenu, I get the status code with “no such host’, but the URLS are still up and have full working sites, so its starting to get frustrating lol

    What could be the reason, if any?

  15. Casey Dennison says:

    I picked up 1 domain and been at it all day. Its tiresome. All the domains that are showsing status code 12007 or whatever are all registered and have sites up and running. Weired.. How do you register a blogspot?

    • Rob Milller says:

      I am manually going through the list looking at all the free hosts like blogspot.

      Your right though takes an age get anywhere.

  16. Rob Milller says:

    If you are finding it hard use

    niche intitle:links
    niche intitle:resources
    niche inurl:links
    niche inurl:resources

  17. some of the blogger sites you can register others you cant. I have been finding a bunch of PR1/PR2 sites. It beats using fresh domains though.

  18. Hi Hayden, your method turned my life upside down as I scrambled to find quality expired domains on hours on end. Five great finds later, I’m kind to beginning to take your procedure in new directions and adding other tools (eg. PageRank prediction). Thanks.

    Quick question: in your interview with Spencer you mentioned 404 redirect plugin you instal by default on these revived websites. What’s the reason for that and can’t you capture all the advantages without using it?

    • It just redirects all 404s to the homepage. So say a site had links to dozens of internal pages, you don’t have to recreate those pages, the link juice will just be directed to the homepage. It’s not necessary, but saves time.

  19. Hi Hayden,

    Xenu can’t seem to handle checking for Blogspot pages because of the country redirection thing. Do you just paste the blogspot URLs into Scrapebox and check from there?

  20. Okay cool will do re: blogspot domains.

    On the other front, finding old domains is fairly straightforward now after watching the video. I’m sure it will help people if you begin to think of the footprints to look for, rather than specific keywords per se. Rob Miller posted some above.

    I started the SEOmoz trial and didn’t know it came with OSE, I thought that these were separately priced. Anyway, I wasn’t thinking of increasing my monthly expenses to accommodate another tool but I may have to, heh. The killer feature is the API, because man is it ever tedious pasting in all these domains to check. :(

    • Use the API in g docs, then drop in your list of domains and bam, you’ve got a nice little tool! Just wish the free API gave more metrics. Btw, if you are a pro member, shot them an email and they will increase your call counts.

    • Just type API in the seomoz search box, it will pop right up. Dumb question…. what do I do with the API? How do i get it set up so I don’t have to manually input all of these domains?

      • Are you talking about using the API for the keyword research or for the expired domains? You would have to write some kind of script to do something with the API, but as a shortcut you could look into their integration with Google Docs.

      • hmmmm…. OK

        I would like both :) But I was trying to get one to automate the work with OSE. I am finding huge lists of these domains.

        Thanks again. Your the man.

  21. Best seo video I’ve seen so far :) Anyway I’ve found what I think is pretty decent domain the only problem is it only has low PR links(I checked top reported links and they are not even PR0)

    Should I skip it ?

    Thanks !

  22. Hayden, one more question on monetizing techniques with these revived domains. Is there a correlation between the size of your site (in posts and pages) and revenue from Text Ad Links? Is it worth redeveloping domains with 10-20 articles on them just for this system? From your experience, what kind of monthly income are we looking at in mid-competition niches (travel, career, etc)?

    • Good questions. I would say 10-20 articles isn’t worth the time, 5 articles is sufficient. I find that the market is oversaturated with PR3 domains. You need PR4+ to make decent money. My PR4s on average make $15/mo each, and they are not in sectors that are heavy for text links. PR5s will sell, PR6s and PR7s will sell. Law and insurance and debt are the best earners.

      Also there is a lot of seasonal variability.

  23. Does it matter if most of the links to a domain are in Japanese? Also, what are we looking for regarding spam in the backlink profile?

    Thanks man!

    • Nope links in other languages seem to work fine. Though often you will find a lot of Chinese link spam, which is hard to figure out if you don’t read the language. You are looking for spam commenting, directories, and interlinking between personal blog networks.

  24. Ok now I am lost :D Found domain with:

    PA 56
    DA 48
    linking c-block: 160
    total backlinks 5k on seomoz and 10k on majesticseo
    … has a lot of PR5 and PR4 links ( I checked with scrapebox )

    The only problem that most of those links are not seen on this pages but hidden with css along with 10 other domains

    Domain is also just over a year old (was dropped ~3months ago)

    Do you think it’s worth to purchase it anyway?

  25. I assume that you register with privacy?….I’m looking to use them more for link building, vs. flipping or selling links.

  26. Hey Hayden,

    Regarding the above posts concerning having different c class ip’s and using different hosts.

    My question: can’t google see your accounts that all link back to you. I read from various sources (including Trent dyrsmid from onlineincomelab) say that google can see all your sites due the common footprint, such as adsense id’s, etc.

    Do you agree with the above statement?

    Would having several different laptops with its own ip addresses work or would having different c class ips from various hosts from the same computer be better/cheaper?

    Wondering your thoughts on staying “under the radar” with google would be the best strategy.

    Thanks in advance

    • Google has the capability to see EVERYTHING even if you have whois protection (they are a registrar). Whether they act on it is a different question. I personally think it is very rare that they act on it, and I fly above the radar most of the time. I will adjust that strategy when they hit me and I know it’s because of some common footprint.

      That being said, I do firewall some groups of sites and separate them into different groups. I don’t interlink for Adsense sitse. So I take some precautions, but I don’t go nuts.

  27. Hayden, thanks again. My last question, I promise, do you see any correlation between the size of the site and its aftermarket price? Do PR4, PR5 domains with 5 articles sell for as much as 10-20 or so? I’m just trying to figure out how much you have to put in for get the best ROI.

    Ok, I have one more, if you don’t mind. I understand that you have to wait until the toolbar PR update for others to see this metric. Is it only then when Text Link Ads are willing to hook your domain up to their system? Have you ever had a domain whose PR turned out well below what you’d expected?

    • Nope, people buy these domains based on their link profile so more content really doesn’t make a big difference.

      TLA requires you to be PR3. PR is generally always what I predict or higher. Occasionally some of the domains had some kind of penalty which I had overlooked and never get PR. It’s pretty rare though.

  28. Hello Hayden and everybody.

    Hayden, I’d really like to thank you for taking the time to do this. I’ve listened to the podcasts with Spencer and watched your videos here and I’m finding it all very interesting – not only to find domains to be used as feeder sites for their link juice but also to find domains for their potential to develop into new sites!

    I got a bit excited and bought a domain although I actually think it’ll be a PR1 or 2. It only has one PR3 link, as far as I can see. Here are it’s stats:

    PA 38; DA 27; LRD 24; TL 115; MozTr 5.06; it’s at least 4.5 years old and has only been dropped once. But, important to me, it’s in a niche that I’m working in.

    Mac Users: if you’re pulling your hair out because Xenu isn’t not available on Mac. “Integrity” is pretty good. You can actually sort the links within the application. Links that are “A server with the specified hostname could not be found” are the equivalent of 12007s.

    My biggest stumbling block (guess what?) is finding the PR4 and 5 lists of links. I find that pages with lots of links are unlikely to have a high PR. I’m trying like Rob Miller above suggested “my niche links” and “my niche resources”. I’m trying to think of events that are in th past like elections and sporting events. I’m even going through the years 1999-2006 in Wikipedia to remind myself of what was happening. But I guess I’m thinking inside that box!

    • Hey Rob, thanks for sharing your approach and your find, as well as the Mac tool.

      I will be doing a test and develop a bunch of expired domains this month into adsense sites. Will cover it all in detail.

  29. With your information it is quite easy to find Standard+ domains.
    For the ranking of my own Dutch sites I only want to use sites with Dutch words in the domainname, there enough of them and you never know if the next update is going to punish links from foreign sites.
    That means I find dozens of English standard+ and a few premium domains which I won’t use.

    You said that you can sell these sites and mentioned flippa, godaddy and snapnames.
    Is it realy just registering the domains and list them on flippa to sell them?

    • You only get top dollar if the potential PR is PR4+. I haven’t done it in awhile, but go ahead and give it a try on the premium domains that are PR4+. Last time I did it was 6 months ago, and at that time a Premium+4 PR5 would go for 500-1000 easy.

  30. Josh Natella says:

    Hey Hayden,
    I ended up buying 4 domains today. Look like they will be pr3s maybe 1 pr4. Anyway just wondering if there was a specific process you went through to get them to regain ranking and/or how long it takes.

  31. I may be totally missing the point here, but I have spent the last 8hours trying to get the hang of this. having watched the video many times, you put “blogroll” in the search. was this just a random search you did or would you normally put “niche blogroll” or something else, would you mind giving a couple of other seed word exaples you use in order to get a list. I am really struggling to build a list of any kind.

  32. Hayden,

    A while back, I was reading a forum where a guy was talking about putting the text-link-ads code on his PR 4 site, and his PR went from 4 to 0. He suspects that Google penalized him for his site’s role in “gaming” the SERPS and passing PR.

    Have you ever noticed a drop in PR from selling text link ads?

  33. I have 2 separate issues i am hoping someone can help with.

    I wrote some scripts to chug through a big list of domains, one of the scripts uses the opensiteexplorer free API. I just realized today that sometimes when you do a search for it may come back with PA1 and DA1 which is not the case when you do a search for and sometimes the opposite is true. Do you guys submit both and when checking sites in opensiteexplorer? I thought if I used that stats would be included as DA.

    Second issue has to do with using scrapebox. I still do manual searches using scrapebox. I merge a keyword like “-2012 -2011 -2010 -2009 -2008” with a text file of search terms and start harvesting. I use 20 private proxies which are fast and test fine. When the harvesting is done and it shows completed searches, Google always shows a lot in pink which means the search for that keyword(s) was not completed. Should I be upping the number of connections for Google harvester? Is there a setting to randomize time between queries etc or something I am missing? Similar results from doing large numbers of PageRank checks, after awhile I get errors about dead proxies. I am usually trying to check PR on about 30k URL’s per session.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • Hi Steve –

      I’m not sure about the first part of your question but maybe I can help with the dead proxies as that was exactly what I was getting.
      To fix this problem I use private proxies from to do the harvesting and then I scrapes a load of public proxies within scrapebox to do the checking of pagerank.
      Just switch back out to the private proxies to do the harvesting again. Thnaks to Aron for this tip.
      Sorry to be able to help with your other questions – maybe post it in the forum?

    • Hi Steve –

      I’m not sure about the first part of your question but maybe I can help with the dead proxies as that was exactly what I was getting.
      To fix this problem I use private proxies from to do the harvesting and then I scrapes a load of public proxies within scrapebox to do the checking of pagerank.
      Just switch back out to the private proxies to do the harvesting again. Thanks to Aron for this tip.
      Sorry to be able to help with your other questions – maybe post it in the forum?

  34. I can’t say I wasn’t warned about this being addictive!!

    Just wondering…. in finding blogspot domains, are they also going to say “no such host”?

  35. What’s up with foreign domains? A guy in Europe asked me to find him a few. I am finding piles of premium domains.

    Am I missing something?

  36. Hey Hayden,

    Thanks for the info. I’ve found some domains that seem great, but I’m confused as to how to discount spam exactly. You say in the video that Page MozTrust and Domain MozTrust is very important. These domains have either acceptable MozTrust values or very good (for example Domain MozTrust of 4+). However, when looking at the inbound links, it’s pretty obvious there’s some spam. I don’t think the entire backlink profile is made up of spam, but a good portion of it is. Is this a domain to avoid because of the spam, even though MozTrust is high and there could be plenty of legit backlinks? Please help!

  37. Anyone know the best way to ensure an expired domain HASN’T been deindexed by Google? The only way I know is to analyze the backlinks, and choose domains that haven’t been spammed. Is there another way? If not, it seems a bit risky to be purchasing expired domains and hoping that it hasn’t been deindexed by G. If anyone knows a surefire to find out, I’d really appreciate it!

    • Check for older archives of the domain. Sometimes they have a good index of old pages, so you can check to see if the domain changed from the original content to spam. Doesn’t always pan out, but it’s another good check/balance.

      • Thanks Andre. I see what you’re saying, and that helps. I’m wondering though, is all you’re worried about spam-related or are there other issues to concern yourself with as well? The last site owner could’ve built a ton of weak backlinks to the site that Google didn’t like. Also, it begs the question as to how long these old backlinks to this old website even stay indexed? Maybe as soon as the site expires, Google deindexes the old backlinks? Anyone have any knowledge on this?

  38. What do you do when you see wildly different stats in, e.g. opensiteexplorer vs majestic.

    E.g. I found a domain that has only 7 lrd and 10 links on open site explorer, but majestic says it has 1,161 lrd and 34,000 links! Which stats should I go for…. I presume I go with which ever one is higher – so majestic in this case?

  39. Hi so has these high pr 5 domains you have bought kept the pr? because its extremely rare to get a pr with good history and backlinking history for $9


  40. Great video and post! I found a good domain, but it looks like many of the links to it are nofollow. Is this going to kill the page rank hopes of this domain? Or are these links still “good” in Google’s eyes anyway?

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    Do you offer guest writers to write content for yourself?
    I wouldn’t mind publishing a post or elaborating on some of the subjects you write about here. Again, awesome weblog!

  42. Deion Williams says:

    Hayden, this is great info my friend. I just hope it doesn’t get too saturated. I’m constantly in the market for domains with authority and usually just rely on godaddy auctions, but this is something which I will definitely utilize. I’m running my first run on xenu as I type this :)
    In addition, I run a site which is pretty much a bot made for scraping for expired domains. To boost its popularity I’m building a blog on its side and am looking for guest speakers to write an article on their experiences with expired domains and other thing related to IM and seo. I’m wondering whether you’d be interested in doing a small write up, obviously with a link back to your site. Hit me up if you are. My hotmail address is attached. I won’t give out the url here, don;t want to look like I’m spamming. I’m also still tidying up the blog so not ready just yet, but send me a message if you’re up for it.

  43. Great video and post! I’ve found some domains at that seem great, but it looks like some of the its links are no-follow. Will it affect the PR of this domain name?

  44. The process seems pretty clear cut, however finding the actual domains / links is rather difficult. Any ideas? I have been trying variations of google searches ie. “my niche” blogroll, links, directories & etc but haven’t had any luck. Any help is appreciated.

  45. I spent upwards of 10 hours searching for domains manually using xenu only….I now have a nice list of low pr expired domains (mostly 1-3pr). I also found 10 expired blog domains. It’s a nice start for building a Private blog network. After seeing the process manually, I’ve decided to purchase scrapebox for my next round of sites. I must say this is incredibly effective as the first site I developed was a very low pr, but very old domain and it instantly shot one of my adsense sites to #1. It went from >500 in the serps to #1 in 3days! It is averageing $6day in earnings! Exciting stuff!

  46. Hey Hayden. Great video tutorial. I’ve have just finished following it exactly and I’m happy to say I just harvested a list of 9 expired and available domains. All from pages of a pr5 and only going 1 link deep in xenu. But open site explorer holds no information on any of the domains other then just 1 of them.

    The one domain has a moz trust score of 5.27, domain authority 22, and page authority 34 (with wwws), it only has 17 links domains and 43 back total links.

    I can’t see this domain being higher then a pr1. When I look at its backlinks there from spammy article directories that hold no pr on the page there coming from. But this domain must have a link from a pr5 page as I used sb to get my list of sites and did a pr check on the url of each entry before exporting and importing this list to xenu.

    I’m not sure why all the other domains hold no data. Can anyone advice how I can further analyse these domains? Have I done something wrong?

    Thanks in advance

  47. Hi Hyden , i love the trick and post

    Thanks for superb information

    I tried it and did’t find any domain . Can you please give some more footprints to find blogrolls and find more domains ?

    in advance

  48. Hi Hayden,
    I tried to view video 1 and 2 but I cannot get either of these videos to work.
    I tried Safari and Firefox but in both browsers I cannot get the videos to play.
    I dont know if you have taken these videos down but I would surely appreciate your feedback and help.
    Thank you very much.

  49. I got your URL evaluation sheet, from somewhere on your site. I was wondering if you could do a post on it and exactly what data you get from where. I tried to following along in the video but am missing something.

    PS. where in Canada are you from?


  50. Hayden, Heard about you from Spencer Haws and heard about him from Pat Flynn. Just wanted to tell you there are cool tools out there for “cleaning” a domain. It will only save you about a minute, but they add up! You would use this instead of cleaning it up in excel, after you have found the possible domains to search. Just do a search for domain cleaner. I particularly like this one

    Thanks for all the awesome info!

    – Brian

  51. Hi Hayden I heard you from Spencer Haws podcast and loved what u were doing and thought it would give it a go. In my first week I found a PR2, PR4 and a PR5 domains. I am still very much in the early stage of this so hope to keep learning from you.

  52. Hi there,

    this looks like an awesome approach but I simply couldn’t get it to work. 1st, Xenu never ever checks more than a few hundred sites with max depth 2 and the result – as you may guess – is of course not satisfactory. Within 500 URL’s crawled or so there are simply not enough to evaluate at least.

    Even if I enter 10 or 100 it only searches 300 to 500 links. How did you come out with 1000s????

    I simply have no clue how you can get thousands and thousands or results, also the blogroll search term – from what I can see in Google right now – is pretty hard. lots and lots of links to plugins etc. but really not very much blogrolls.

    So I really do wonder if this approach works anymore? Would be really disappointing if it doesn’t.

  53. Hi Hayden,
    how are you doing?I was watching your 2 videos but i could not figure out if the domains you find are dropped or expired domain names. I know that the title says expired domain name but why arent these domains in auction at godaddy and other domain auction sites?

    Also i have a question regarding hosting high pr sites. I found a hosting provider that can garantue me a different ip on a different server if i buy one hosting package per domain/ip.
    This will add up in cost in the long run.
    Is there a difference between a different ip and a different c class?Do we need to have separate ip addresses or separate c class ip if using this for linkbuilding purposes.Sorry for my language, english is not my native language.I am from Holland.

    Also what do you think of dropped domain names that can be bought at registrar for $10 or less that have high pr.Do they work?Because paying for private registration, auction fee, renewal fee and price of domain name will cost around 30-40$ at least for each domain name.

  54. Outstanding videos! I was able to figure out how to search for the domains, finally!

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a single decent domain, yet. I think I’ve scrubbed a couple thousand domains from several lists and haven’t had any luck.

    Any tips on finding good lists to work from? I used your example in the video, and tried a few of my own.

  55. PurpleRinseGranny says:

    OSE, for me, is junk as it misses alot of good stuff (compared to Ahrefs). Have you migrated to Ahrefs? If so, what metrics are you looking at?

    • I use Ahrefs for evaluating spam, but still use PA/DA. I want to do a more thorough test of Ahrefs URL Rank and Domain Rank though. I don’t trust Majestic Trust Flow or Citation Flow at all.

  56. hi Hayden..
    Thanks a ton for this cool guide!!

    I’m interested in buying a list from you, do you do niche based as well or just random?


  57. Hi Hayden, I’ve just seen the video and it’s fascinating to say the least, but I’ve got a question re. the 2 domains you found – I’ve just checked their PR and 1 of them is a PR2 and the other is a PR0 – does this mean they were demoted by Google? or were they always PR2 and PR0?

  58. Hi Hayden
    I realize that this video is ancient in internet time, but at what point did you filter the source domain that you found as a PR6.

    Did you see it in the search results via a browser add-on?

  59. 2 questions:
    When looking at old domains in the archive I see some 302 or 301 redirects (at least a 302 not sure about the 301), do these domains still get the juice of old but current inbound links after they are once again registered?

    Is there no way to know for sure if a domain was penalized in the past?

  60. Also, will a domain that has been redirected lose all its link juice after it has been registered by a different party?

    There is a domain I am interested in buying but it has been 301 redirected. So if this expired domain (that has been redirected) is registered will its current links still have link juice from those links?

  61. Hi.. Fantastic information man, I found some pr 3 and 4 domains with nice moz trust and lots of links from higher trust sites and nice anchor text variety but the links are mostly blog comments links that have a ton of OBLs or else directories.. so think I should forget about domains like this?

  62. Is it correct if I assume that the method still works with the only difference that it now doesn’t make sense to check PR ? I see that the videos were posted in 2012 which is a lot of time ago in terms of SEO so I would rather ask for some significant changes so I can avoid making mistakes! :)

  63. Is it a good idea to simply do a 301 redirect from your PR site to your money site, instead of adding content on it (which is a bit faster ;-)
    i’ve done this on a few sites, sometimes it’s good, sometimes no effect.. I am curious to know if anybody here has an experience with that ? thks
    (Thank you Hayden for this great video)

    • Scott Davis says:

      If you build the domain out you can link build unlimited money sites from it but a 301 redirect will only benefit 1 money site. We don’t do any 301 redirects ourselves but it does help for sure.

  64. Hi, do you link to one or several money sites from your PR sites ? (is it very important or not to separate every site projects ?) thanks

    • By PR sites I assume you mean PBN sites, and yes we link build to multiple (though usually never more than 1 site per article). This was all covered on the webinar we did with Spencer.

  65. Hey Hayden!
    First of all I want to say thank you and your team for sharing your knowledge! I landed on your website through Spenser’s blog.
    I have been reading all articles and comments. And of course I started building my pbn.
    I am a developer and i see so many opportunities and ideas in online world. There are many descent tools available for it, but it’s better to create custom tools and maybe start selling it in future.

    I have main question that i can’t get correct answer:
    How to register domain names?
    Currently I am hiding whois on all domains.
    What is the best suggestion?
    1. Should i use for each domain + hide whois?
    2. Just hide whois?
    3. Use hide whois for 50% of domains and another 50% use
    Thanks guys!

    • We don’t bother with hiding details. But you can use fakenamegenerator if you like. The major concern with that, particularly for high DA expired domains, is if you used a fake name and got a request from the registrar for further proof, which does happen from time to time. Try to spread your domains and hosting across multiple accounts though. Using family members is an option too.

      • Thank for reply Greg!
        Yeah, i was concern about domain register proof too.

        So do you think best solution will be to spread between different domain accounts, use my info and hide whois?
        I though google can get whois info even if it’s hidden?

        • You can hide whois if you want, but we don’t if that’s any help. And yes, spread across a handful of domain accounts for diversity.

  66. Many, of these links from high PR pages will be to inner pages on the target websites, not the home page. In that case would it be better to recreate that page? Will a redirect to the homepage have the same effect?

  67. I’ve a question that I’m having difficulty in finding the right answer to… an expired domain that doesn’t have any pages indexed in Google but has good reputable links to it, is that still OK to buy for PBN?

    I’ve only ever bought domains that were indexed, but there are so many other domains that I let go because they don’t seem to be indexed, some of them look very good, natural back-link profile but for some reason not appearing in Google..

    What’s your advice on buying expired domains that aren’t indexed but look legitimate?

  68. Awesome… I ve been looking for this.. But i have a question, since most of the “No such host” results are already registered, and i only have few that not been registered anew but was also appear to no indexed pages in Google, will the pr of the page come back if i rebuild the domain or i will be waiting for the next pr update to reveal the actual pr?

  69. I´m using expired domains to rank blogs with good content in medium and high competitives niches. The key is to find dropped domains with very good metrics you can buy for 6$ and have fully control over them. I built an easy software to find these gems, let me know what you think

  70. Thanks you are a real master.
    Just a question. How about an expired domain without pagerank (not assigned N/A) but still good in terms of PA and DA?
    It will regain his juice?

  71. After I originally left a comment I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me
    when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get four emails with the exact same
    comment. Is there a way you can remove me from that service?
    Thanks a lot!

  72. I was curious if you ever considered changing the layout of your site?
    Itts very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could
    connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text
    for only having 1 or two pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

    • Thanks for the feedback Roseanna! I’m going to make cleaning up the format a priority for 2018, and breaking up those walls of text.

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