June Internship and We’re Hiring!
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 As you likely know, a couple months ago I partnered with Greg, who was a successful v3 intern from July 2013, to run more internships. Greg and I had been working on building out money sites in partnership (up to 25+ now) and having demonstrated how to repeatedly rank website and make money, I spoke to him about the opportunity to head up internships moving forward.

Greg has since led two internships with over 30 students combined and having just passed the 2-3 month mark, we are seeing sites moving high up the serps on our usual pace and expect the majority of interns to be making money from their internship sites within the next 4-8 weeks!

Given the continual demand for internships, along with Greg’s ability to execute highly structured internships, we have decided to take the internships a step further by offering you the choice to participate in either a Private Training Course (PTC) or an Internship.

The next intake will be starting in early June.


What do you learn?

We slightly alter the content of each internship, but here is a taste of what will be involved in the PTC and internship moving forwards:

  • structured 4-6 week training program
  • advanced KW research, competition analysis & niche selection
  • domain selection
  • the latest in on-page SEO
  • cutting-edge site structure options
  • PBN site build out to our premium level
  • link building, including a tactic to gain Wikipedia links
  • and the significant benefit of being able to meet new like-minded individuals
  • opportunity to own your money sites at the completion of the PTC

You are challenged to keep pace, learn fast and implement your knowledge to a weekly schedule so that you get maximum value from the course.

What’s in it for you?

  • Flexibility to own the sites you create (PTC option), or just use the Internship as a no-cost training program
  • Learn how to build sites in the “new age of Google”
  • Access to private tactics and training that is not publicly revealed on the blog
  • You’ll meet a group of skilled and fun peers with whom you can trade ideas, share subscriptions and costs, and work on ventures together
  • Potential for ongoing partnerships with Greg and I (see below for more on that)

What’s in it for us?

  • Ability to meet new interns for potential future partnerships and new ideas that each brings
  • High-quality sites created for us per intern without the upfront cost of content creation
  • A warm, fuzzy feeling for helping you all learn how to make more money, quicker :-)


An Opportunity to Work With/For Us

I have always found a couple interns per intake that are high achievers and a good fit for ongoing partnerships and the recent intakes are no different.

We recently hired a high performing intern to help us with:

  • building new money sites
  • testing new SEO tactics
  • assisting with the management of the internships

His name is Scott Davis and expect to see him contributing on the blog in the coming weeks.  He’s actually coming down to Mexico for the business development retreat I’m holding, and will be staying here for a couple of months to work with me.


We have other interns that we are looking to hire in the near future too and we are actively looking to provide opportunities for ongoing paid work for those interns that perform well and are a good overall personality fit with Greg and I.

For you, this may mean an opportunity to secure some additional income whilst learning from working hands-on with us.


Register Your Interest in our PTCs or Internships

Do NOT apply if:

  • You do not agree with everything in my SEO Mindset post.
  • You are very risk adverse, and take money very personally. This is a risky business and if the sites end up making nothing this should not depress or enrage you. As mentioned in the SEO Mindset post, this is a high risk, high reward game. We only want people who are aware of that, and still see the value in our training.
  • You cannot put in at least 60 hours per 28 days. We want you to get value out of this. If you can’t put in 60 hours in 28 days, then this is not a good option for you or for us
  • You are not willing to share your results with a group. Sharing is caring – if you are possessive with knowledge then this is not for you.
  • You do not have complete, 100% fluency in English.

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Is not currently employed full-time and/or has 15+ hours per week of time to dedicate
  • Has made a handful of niche sites previously
  • Has made some money previously
  • Has read most of the material on the blog
  • Is comfortable with writing a sales email or making a sales phone call, and has some sales experience.
  • Has their own network of sites in need of link love.

If you don’t have all the above qualities, no biggie. These are not pre-requisites, but rather attention-grabbing perks.

How to Apply:

To register your interest, email [email protected] with the subject: NoHatSEO Internships Going Forward.

Have a well organized email that starts with a bit of your background and then addresses all of the points in this post (esp. the DO NOT APPLY and Ideal Candidates), and then include any questions/concerns at the end.

June Internship and We’re Hiring!
1 vote, 5.00 avg. tacos (84% score)
  1. Sounds like an awesome opportunity for people who want to up their SEO. If I didn’t have so many projects that I’m working on and I wasn’t tied down to where I’m at, I would seriously give this some thought. I’d love to pick your brain and see how my strategies measure.

  2. Hey Hayden,
    Is this internship location-dependent? Does the intern need to be based in Mexico or is it online?

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