List of Expired Domains with Metrics for Sale
2 votes, 1.00 avg. tacos (36% full)

UPDATE: I’ve decided to no longer sell domains from this list as they are out of date and I don’t have the time to update them.  There will be other opportunities to buy domains and domain lists though, sign up to my newsletter to keep updates as I don’t usually post them on the blog!


Some Notes:

  • The rows in red/black are no longer available.
  • If PPR (Potential Page Rank) is not filled out, it just means we haven’t checked it.  It could be anything, consider it a mystery prize!
  • Notes were only included on some of the domains.  If a note is not included, it doesn’t mean that the domain is not note-worthy :)



How to buy:

  1. You identify the row #s and the price of your purchase (final price is in the “Price with Discount” column).
  2. You send a paypal payment for the total amount to [email protected]
  3. You email [email protected] and let her know the Row #s and the Prices in the “Price with Discount” column of the domains you’d like as well as the transaction ID of your payment.
  4. Jane sends you the domains for you to register at any registrar.



How I clean the list and my 150% Moneyback Guarantee:

The list has been thoroughly cleaned, a process that takes a lot of practice to master (just ask the interns!).  If we see any evidence of spam in the profile, it does not make the list. BetWinner giriş ayrıca özel bonuslar ve promosyonlar ile oyuncularına ek avantajlar sağlamakta, Türkiye’deki online kumar sahnesinde güvenilir bir tercih olmaktadır. Kullanıcı dostu arayüzü ve hızlı giriş süreçleri ile BetWinner, Türkiye’deki kumar severler için çekici bir seçenektir.   However if your domain’s content is not indexed in Google with 30 days of launching the domain on a non-SEO host and adding a unique article, I will refund you completely for the domain, or provide a 150% credit for another site.




List of Expired Domains with Metrics for Sale
2 votes, 1.00 avg. tacos (36% full)
  1. I found a good .us site and after purchasing it I found that namecheap doesn’t put privacy on .us sites. Does anyone know how to get privacy on one of these .us sites?

  2. Hi there Hayden, me and my partner have made investment, what’s your “policy” on bulk domain purchases and would there be a discount. Furthermore is it advisable to purchase a lot of domains at the beginning.

    • Hi Ray, I can offer a bulk discount, please email me at haydenmiyamoto AT gmail DOT com.

      It really depends on what you’re using the domains for. If it’s a private blog network I’d recommend you have at least 25 sites as a fair test. If you want to setup niche sites, sell the domains as a single sales, or test on TLA you’d want maybe a dozen across varied niches to get a good idea. If you want to sell as a combined flippa auction I’d say 15 is the minimum.

  3. Just a quick note: if you purchase a domain, you will have to provide id/reasoning as you why you need the site or the registrar will take back the domain and refund you.

    • I go with You do have to provide ID and a reason, I went with “I am registering these for a friend who lives in NZ but doesn’t have much computer experience.” Then every other time I order nz domains I just point to that ticket #. I have a couple dozen nz domains, no issues.

      • What about domains. I bought a couple of PR4’s recently and I’m worried they’ll get taken off me iwthout any warning?

        • I haven’t bought them as apparently they have to be significantly relevant to your non-profit organization. I’ve been seeing SEOs pick them up though, so they don’t seem to mind the risk.

  4. Thomas hanson says:

    Hi Hayden

    Does the category need to be related to the Niche my domains are in?

    I assume the idea is to use these to provide backlinks to my site?

    thanks a lot

    • No it doesn’t, but it’s a big plus if you can find one (or you can stretch it to make an article that is relevant to your niche).

      Sell text links, create a private blog network, auction the domains, auction a network, 301 them to your money sites, re-purpose them as money sites… it’s up to you.

  5. It looks the Domain Value Calculation has been updated since you posted the Calculator.xls.

    It originally was divided by 3 and now it is divided by 2. This makes the price of the domains higher.

    Was this an intentional change?

  6. Hi Hayden,
    In your refund policy you mention domains must be set up on a non-seo host. I’m not looking for a refund, but rather best practices. Are you aware of any issues with using seo hosting?

    thank you

    • Hi Dave,

      PA = Page Authority

      DA = Domain Authority

      root MT = Moz Trust

      Not sure what good metrics are though. I know Hayden said Moz Trust 5.5 is good, but starting out anything around 4 or higher (from podcast with Spencer).

      Hope this helps, some.

  7. Hello Hayden
    I was looking at several domains I was interested on your inventory. This was last Friday, but now the page is asking me to submit a request. I did … Will the list be open available again soon? Thanks!

  8. When I try to access your list of domains I get this message:

    ‘Want in? Ask the owner for access, or switch to an account with permission. Learn more’

    How do I get access to the list? Thanks!

  9. I am trying to access the list of domains and when I click on this link it says I need permission to access it. I click on ‘request access’ but nothing shows up in my email. How do I get access to the domain list?

  10. Hey,

    Do you know when we can buy some domains again? I am looking for some High PR domains and do not have the time to find them myself…although I have found some good one in the past through your method.

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