My Niche Site Goals for July
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Since Accountability is one of my keys to success, and also because I am spending an increasing amount of time on developing this community and less time on my sites themselves, I’d like to make some goals for July that I will be accountable to you all for.   Here are those goals:


I’d like to setup 100 new sites in the next 19 days.   Following my core business values, I will edit the way I do these sites slightly, in that I will be using Google+ authors and the rel=author tag on the mini-sites themselves as well as the sites that linkbuild them.  I will start recording income reports for these sites and any new sites going forward.


To further segment and experiment, I’d like to develop a group of 10 sites based on expired domains as niche Adsense sites.   My curiosity has overcome my moral code and some of these will  have nothing to do with the niche they were in before, while others will be  fairly closely related to their niche.  For both of these groups,  I will not link build them at all.  Because I am not link building them, I feel confident enough to use these domains as a case study and publish results on them (including sharing the actual domain names), as this won’t expose my network to the public.  So stay tuned for weekly updates on these sites.  I may post them here and/or in other places such as warriorforum or other blogs,  not sure yet.


Another 30 of those sites will be a combination of new portal sites for my furniture business, and portal sites for another product-based business I am just starting up that will be purely based on Google traffic.   I would like to get the product in (already ordered from China), do some 3d renders and get my money site up and fulfillment organized during July, but a lot of that depends on a partner so I can’t be totally accountable for this.


The remaining 60 sites will be standard microniche sites, link built from my existing private blog network, with the changes I had mentioned above.  I will not show the domain names for these sites for obvious reasons, but will give weekly updates and income reports, mainly so I can be accountable to you all, and so you can see the process unfold.


Aside from the 10 expired domains that will become niche adsense sites, I would also like to pick up 50 premium+4 or better expired domains, to further expand my own network.



Introducing Josh the Intern


A reader named Josh approached me, and we got talking about training and access to my tools.  I had told him that I was considering offering some kind of private training with access to all my tools, but was very hesitant about the time constraints it might put on me.  He offered to be a 30 day trial case and was serious enough to offer a down-payment and share profits on the sites he develops in this time.   After a long discussion about the potential risks and whether it would be a good fit, we started.  His first day was Monday July 9.


I’ve asked him to also make a goal for July, and to followup each week with updates on how he’s doing, within the same post that include my updates.


His goals are to find and develop 25 expired domains and launch 75 new adsense sites this month (22 days total).  He will then have another 8 days to find and develop another 25 expired domains and launch 75 more Adsense sites, for a total of 50 expired domains and 150 micro niche sites.


A bit of a background – Josh will be working 3 hours a day as he also holds a full-time job  (as well as 3 kids).  He has been studying this for the last couple months, and has no other computing background.   In that time he has made about half a dozen micro-niche sites before but has never earned income.  I think he’s a perfect candidate to test whether a smart, hard-working guy with a grip on the fundamentals  can profit from this system.


Wish him luck!

My Niche Site Goals for July
1 vote, 5.00 avg. tacos (85% score)
  1. Hi Hayden,

    Good luck with the set ups Josh, it sounds like you are well on your way.

    I was curious about how he is going to “find and develop 25 expired domains and launch 75 new adsense sites this month…” with 3 hours per day available. Will Josh have a VA to help him out. Presently, I have around 3-4 hours per day to dedicate to my internet marketing and I am not sure if I could develop from scratch 150 adsense sites in a month.

    Thanks for any further details on the amount of work should be involved to create and backlink that many sites.

    • Hi Aron,

      He will be using my tools, so that part will be very simple. Because he only has 30 days, he will likely not be setting up the content for all the sites though, but rather picking the niches and launching the domains.

      • hmmmm…. I was going to launch 40 with content. Do you think it would be better to launch 100+ with no content on the adsense sites?

        • In his case he is launching 100+ just so he can get the most out of his limited time with my tools. Otherwise I’d definitely suggest 40 with content is a better goal.

  2. Strong post again.
    Both the case from Josh and you seems interesting.

    The numbers for Josh look quite ambitious to me, it would be great of good make them.
    Good luck with that!

    `To further segment and experiment, I’d like to develop a group of 10 sites based on expired domains as niche Adsense sites. ´

    But most of all, this sentence above is going to interesting. I was also thinking, why registering an exact match domain if you can also quite easy pick up a standard+ domain with a partial match. I’ll definitely follow this case.

  3. I think building a community of people holding each accountable for their monthly goals would be fantastic. Too many people get lost in the big numbers, take action one month and nothing the following.

    • Hi Matt – I think that’s a great idea. Actually I would even take it a step further and say creating a type of mastermind group would be cool. Whereby once a week or every 2 weeks we would meet up on skype to discuss things and trade info and tactics. Would anyone here be interested in creating one with me? … Bearing in mind that I’m from the UK and will suffer from time differences ;-)

      I’m at the stage now where I’m creating a mini website with instructions and video for the VA’s I’m going to hire. I’m doing screen-casts of all the tools I use plus written instructions. I will probably add a wiki at some point that they can also add to themselves. This should make scaling the business easier while also reducing training time.

      Let me know if anyone would like to start a mastermind group!


  4. This is an awesome post, really enjoyed reading. Just a thought, since most of the people here reading are very interested in the stuff Hayden posts. I am currently building about 20 niche sites (continually each month, just started), aswell as gradually putting together a blog network. I personally would like a reader of this blog to be my accountability partner, I have skype and Msn messeneger. That way we are getting 2 different angles of the way Hayden does his stuff, and will also ensure we are understanding certain areas. If anyone is interested, please reply here and I will drop you my details.

  5. I am also in the UK and will like to connect in a Mastermind group. I am in the process of re-purposing my business and this is timely

    • He Moruf – thanks for the reply. See my message to Conners above. Perhaps if there’s a bunch of us we could work this as a Google Hangout. Catch you later! JP

  6. We should definitely figure out a way to get this started. I would be more than willing to participate!

    As most of us are just starting out or just starting to really scale, I think we need accountability partners to keep us on track.

    I have found the hardest part of niche site building is scaling. Learning KW research and all the other stuff is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. But building system to scale has been much more difficult for me. I have an SEO background, so the other stuff came fairly naturally.

  7. I love that you guys are connecting. A mastermind group can be really useful, though I’d recommend once a month, with weekly 1 on 1 accountability.

    • Hi Hayden – thanks for providing such a great bunch of information! I first heard of you when you did a podcast with Spense – your Niche empire and Aged Domain network has certainly inspired me to get my ass in gear – awesome job!

      Hopefully a mastermind group will keep me in check as I can tend to lose focus – jumping from one project to the next.

      Thanks again!


  8. I am looking for someone to meet once a week for accountability also. Send me an email if you are interested. I am planning on setting up 40 niche sites and 25 expired domains per month. I have currently 3-4 hours a day to dedicate to internet marketing.


  9. Put me down for 25 aged domains, 40 adsense sites/mo as well. Time to get serious…I am happy to collaborate weekly too for accountability. thanks.

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