The Different Paths to Escape the 9 to 5 (Podcast Ep1!)
25 votes, 4.12 avg. tacos (81% full)

You asked for it, now you’ve got it. The NoHatDigital Podcast is here!

In this first episode, Hayden, Jorge, and Scott discuss the three different paths to online entrepreneurship and financial freedom.

Do you have any suggestions for podcast topics? Let us know in the comments!

Update 19th August: We’ve had lots of questions about being in iTunes… Our podcast will be live in iTunes within the next few days. Once we’re there, we’d appreciate some 5 star ratings (of course, we love our taco ratings but iTunes doesn’t take those into account, so that you in advance for the iTunes 5 star ratings!)

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The Different Paths to Escape the 9 to 5 (Podcast Ep1!)
25 votes, 4.12 avg. tacos (81% full)
  1. Glad you guys decided to start a podcast. Looking forward to the content.

    I’m having trouble finding the stream/download on pocketcasts or Itunes. Is that coming soon or is the only way to access it though direct download from the site?

  2. Hey Guys Hayden, Jorge, and Scott.,

    Awesome Podcast over here guys. Thank you for enlightening us on the three paths to online entrepreneurship and financial freedom.

    I think most people who try to escape their 9 to 5 jobs usually start with the side hustle model before they finally quit their job when their online business(es) is/are generating enough income for them to make a living.

    Some other group would like to start right away but sometimes they are financially incapacitated when they needs tools, they need to get real job then continue their online business side by side with their 9-5 job so as to sustain their online business.

    Overall, interesting podcast. I also noticed am the first person to comment on this podcast! Lol.

    I would love to share this on Twitter.

    Great Job guys!

    Oloyede Jamiu.

  3. Guys, I’ve never been to Valle and need to seriously look at my finances. What type of place can I rent for cheap there? All I need is basic accommodations, (heat, air, bed n bath) if I am in town are there opportunities to hangout and learn with the group?, even though I would be working on my own.

    It would be cool to have some resources to discuss issues and direction with at times.

    I think What you guys are doing is great.

    • A bedroom in a nice shared house would run you like $200/mo. A 1 bedroom apartment more like $300/mo. You don’t want to look online though, prices are double. And ya you could always just hang out with us after hours.

  4. Great first podcast. When you mentioned someone working a 9-5 job, paying a mortgage, and supporting a family, you basically described me. I’m signed up for the next Internship, so we shall see how it goes.
    My guess is it can be done, and I’m about to show you how. :)

    • Make sure you have a bunch of patience Charles! I’m in the same boat as you working full time. I finished a PTC earlier this year, and it just takes forever to rank a new site these days. There are days I have to push through and just get stuff done with absolutely no immediate reward, and it can take its toll after a few months. Gotta have that huge motivating reason for doing this to drive you on!

  5. I’ve checked my email today and noticed the one from you, once I’ve read the title I was already excited. Seriously, when I’ve read the words “Podcast Launch”, I was like dayuuum, finally! There are tons of interesting business podcast out there, the amount of podcast talking about making money online in general with websites is also quite satisfying but some of them are outdated and don’t focus exactly on what I’d like them too.

    I really needed a podcast that focuses on developing authority sites in today’s SEO, flipping sites, interviews with people that are in this particular business etc. Escaping 9-5 is also something I’d love to hear more about – some interviews here as well as tips based on experience would be much appreciated. I actually have a bit different plan regarding 9-5 – I plan to never start it – I’m 18 in 2 months. I’ve entered IM in 2013 and I could say I’m financially independent since I’m 16 – still leaving with my parents, but I’m able to pay for stuff I need and don’t need to ask anyone for financial help. That’s really great experience but it involves a lot of hard work and requires self-belief to achieve.

    My focus right now is on developing various income streams and discovering various business ideas so that once I finish the school (May 2015) I can then enter IM on full-time with already some funds for investments etc. So this is my plan, to never start working for someone and doing the things that don’t have potential for my self-development – like almost people of my age have to do. What I mean with never starting a job – I know everything can change so can my mindset, but I simply don’t want to do the job I don’t enjoy. My main goal is to have entrepreneur lifestyle and you guys are one of my biggest inspirations. Just to make it clear, if I had a chance to work 9-5 in a team of like-minded people who focus on doing businesses online then I’d be ready to do it 7 days a week because I’m so excited about it, but with my plan to not start a 9-5 I want to say I don’t want to live a life most people do – loan,study, loan, car and house, kids, loan, more loans and realizing they wasted their time doing things the system taught them.

    I plan to apply for the internship that starts in 29.09 so I’ll let you know a bit more about myself, background etc. I see it as a huge chance for me to get to the next level.

    Once again, thanks for launching the podcast, I’m downloading 1st and 2nd episode right now and go outside to listen.

    • Impressive work ethic Oskar, I didn’t get my shit together until I was like 25, haha. It’s always cool seeing young dudes just getting after it.

  6. YO!

    I’m 29 and working a full time sales job in my corporate job. I’ve built up a small lead generation business where it brings in 5K/month on average. I’m excited for the internship that’s starting in a few days! We’ll see if I can pull everything off.

    No kids but married.

    LOL. also the outro is awesome by the way.

  7. Hey guys –
    Glad that you finally have a podcast – I really enjoy all the ones I listen to now, and will subscribe as soon as you get iTunes all set up.
    Glad you’re starting to talk about leaving the 9-5, its something that i’m very interested in, though i’m a bit locked in because i’ve got a wife and kids. Would love to come down there and learn from you guys if you do another on site event.
    Also – have really enjoyed the internship, and am looking forward to seeing the results.


    • Jeff, I have a wife and three young children. Things can turn around pretty quick as even 4 months ago I was thinking I was still 12+ months of quitting my job…. 18 days ago I went full-time online. Good luck with your journey.

      Glad you’re enjoying the Internship!

  8. I’m still side-hassling pretty much like Jorge did — reading about PBNs and doing keyword research at work etc. Not ready to quit my day job yet but hopefully will be in 6 months. Love the podcast

  9. Great start to the podcast series guys!

    I was particularly inspired by and can relate to Jorge’s story, as I’m currently in a corporate job myself and trying to do the ‘side hustle’ at the moment. My situation is somewhat unique in that if I gave up my job – I would have to give up my visa & residency (in Australia) and would therefore have to pretty much re-locate my whole life elsewhere. As such – the side-hustle is currently the only option for me.

    With that said – I’ve just about completed the latest (July) internship, having worked on it in my spare-time alongside my full-time job. I was definitely challenging with regards to time and mental commitment, but it was extremely enjoyable and I’m really happy I committed myself throughout.

    As long as you have the right mindset and consistent motivation to succeed – I’d certainly recommend doing the internship even if you do have limited spare time!

    Build your own dreams, before someone else hires you to build theirs.

  10. I am excited about starting the latest internship beginning Aug 25. At 60 yrs old I recently lost my job of 20 years due to the sudden death of the owner of a small construction company. During that period I was available to the owner 24/7, and prior to that I was in the military for almost 21 years and of course that was another 24/7 job and at this point in my life I am not ready for another 9 to 5 or another 24/7 job. I began looking into IM in 2008 but never got really serious with it, boy do I wish that I had. Poor financial planning on my part has made it necessary for me to find some source of income to supplement my military retirement. Since losing my job over a year ago I have been toying with IM but have lacked the accountability that I am hoping the Internship will give me so that I will have some direction to proceed and succeed. I am truly hoping that you can teach an old dog new tricks. I really appreciate the opportunity. Unlike many of the other comments I don’t have a 9 – 5 to work around, and I think that this will be an exciting journey.

  11. Just listened to the first episode and I liked the round table introduction and free flow thought. The audio could have been a bit crisper so hopefully you guys are getting your audio dialed in.

    Best part of the episode is the outro. It just makes you wanna dance!

    Continued success guys and I’ll leave a review on Itunes after listening to a few more episodes.


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