Turning a Niche Site into a Real Business (Podcast Ep6)
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Episode 6 of the NoHatDigital covers our plan to turn a niche site with nearly 10,000 visitors per month into a real business. We discuss the ways to monetize a niche site including moving from an Adsense site to collecting leads and then onto a real business that could sustain paid traffic.

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Referred to in the episode:

OptinMonster – lead generation plugin for opt-ins

Hellobar – That little strip thing that you see at the top of websites for opt-ins!

LeadPages – Landing page and lead generation platform



Turning a Niche Site into a Real Business (Podcast Ep6)
8 votes, 5.00 avg. tacos (96% full)
  1. Enjoyed this episode immensely. Good to know you guys are thinking about the next phase.

    Ecommerce also seems to be worth tapping into. Too many opportunities to ignore.

    Look forward to following the journey!

  2. Really interested in this phone call idea. Is there a minimum level of traffic you’d need to sustain this venture? I’d like to give this a try, but i’m not sure how many searches it would take to make it viable.

    • Depends on the niche. Matt Stack who we featured on episode 7 of our podcast makes $700 (from memory) off of 10-25 visits per day to one of his sites. We’ll be doing lead gen of some sort until we work out a “real business” to funnel the site’s current traffic into.

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