Hey, this is Hayden – thanks for checking out nohatdigital.com! If this is your first time here, there’s a lot of content to go through, so instead of having to wander around aimlessly looking for the good stuff, I’ve packaged everything up nice and neat for you to hit the ground running!  The most important thing I’d like to convey is my mission statement, so let’s start there.

Mission Statement

I created NoHatDigital for a couple reasons.  I turned those reasons into missions, so I can always understand what it is I’m trying to do with this little blog.  The first mission is to create opportunities for people to earn a full-time remote online income, whether they are fresh out of school, or looking to escape the corporate world.  I do this in a unique way, by actually partnering on sites with readers.

My specialty has always been creating innovative systems that have a network scaling effect. I found that there are a lot of really smart, hard-working people out there looking to get started online, but they lack a few important fundamentals.
  • They lack the confidence to move forward with an idea.
  • They lack the discipline to focus on 1 thing and avoid “shiny object syndrome”
  • They lack the knowledge, specifically in product design and CRO, to get high enough visitor values to see a strong return on their traffic generation strategies.
I look to fill in those 3 weaknesses as my side of the partnerships.   If you’re interested in partnering up, you’ll have to have successfully completed an internship.


My second mission is to give people the opportunity to live and work with a community of peers.  Back in the summer of 2014, I invited people down to Valle de Bravo, Mexico.   At first I just invited employees down, but over time the word spread and it just become a bit of a digital nomad community.  

At any time there are 8-14 people living and working here (expect for breaks in July and August).  This has been a life-changing experience for myself as well as nearly 50 people that have come through in the past year.   My goal is to expand this to other areas of the globe in the years to come.  Community is sorely lacking in the world, especially for those that work from home.


Work hard, play harder. Hayden + the team painting the town red.

Work hard, play harder. Hayden + the team painting the town red

What it means to create opportunities for people looking to escape the corporate world

A passion that we share with just about everyone who finds this blog is a distaste for Corporate America and the “American Dream”. There is a massive awakening happening, a freedom revolution in which people are taking ownership of their jobs, their time, and their lives. We want to do everything that we can to enable people to quit their jobs and have the freedom to live THEIR life, not the idea of a dream life designed to benefit a specific class of people.

The first and most direct way you can participate is through the NoHat internships. They are also the solution to the #1 problem that most people in this industry have – a lack of structured focus on techniques with a proven track record. The internships provide a structured program with access to a mentor and group of peers – both of whom will kick your ass to meet some difficult deadlines (which creates a great barrier to entry for selecting future partners)  Click here to learn more about the upcoming internship.

What it means to create social opportunities for entrepreneurs:

For many, the ideal life involves living and working directly with peers.  Anyone who’s been full-time online can attest to the fact that it can get lonely.  You work from home all day, and rarely have the opportunity to shoot the shit with someone who understands the trials and tribulations of an internet marketer.  We’ve all tried to explain what we do for a living to our friends and family…

In the short-term we are setting up a little entrepreneurial community here in Valle de Bravo.  Long-term we’d like to see these communities all over the world, as travel and new experiences are also passions we share with almost all of the NoHat readers we’ve had the opportunity to meet.  We have local meetups scheduled here, and you can get notified here if you’d like to meet other peers in your area.

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  1. Just found your site. I’m very interested in building a private blog network and it looks like there’s a ton of info here to learn. Thanks for putting it together.

    I hear the term “money site” used often. Can someone please define what exactly that means? What kinds of websites are good money sites, and which are not so good (eg. can I use an affiliate site as a money site, or at least a site I can use to link to other sites if the site has good rankings?)

    • A money site is simply a site intended to rank and make money from those rankings. It doesn’t matter what form of monetization. This is just to differentiate it from a PBN site which exists only to help money sites rank.

  2. Awesome project you started Hayden, didn’t expect this great idea after I read the first article at nohatdigital today.

    Keep up the great work & I hope this community grows and grows, while helping people all over the world out.

    I’ll definitely spent some time here reading carefully at first. Even for me as a long-time online worker for over 7 years (SEO), there were great new interesting things.

    After that, I’ll see where I can help :)

  3. Read Pat Flynn’s article and love what you’re doing! But I seem to have some navigation issues or mismatch between what I expect to read here and what I land on instead. For instance, at the top there’s a bar that says to learn how you increase earnings and traffic. Great! Oh wait, all I see is pricing… I’m on mobile now. I click to learn about your internships, and all I see is an opt in form for courses. It’s getting annoying. Videos are nice, but I’ve got to have a written alternative for pages that have them as their main thing.

    • Hey Justin- We’re currently changing a lot of things on the site, and more specifically re. the courses. Everything should be much easier to get access to in a few days ;)

  4. I just stumbled upon this blog. I really like the mission statement and the idea of a community of internet marketers in Mexico. I am going to browse around the blog and get a bit of a better of an idea what this is all about.

    So far it seems pretty cool though!

  5. Just found this site and I have to say wow some great info here. I will be spending some serious time here with the hopes of getting some ideas and general info that I can use on my own site. Thanks

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