Hello Everyone,

We almost choked on our tacos when we found out, but Pat Flynn from has agreed to participate in a experiment!

In case you’ve lived under a rock for the past few years, or by some chance never heard of Pat Flynn, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Alexa Rank: Pat’s Blog Ranks 3,687 in the world, Yes, the WORLD.
  • SPI Podcast – Top Ranking Weekly Business Podcast.
  • Income: Around $100,000 a MONTH.
  • Oh, and not to mention he’s a stand up guy and father.

Over the upcoming months, we will perform a special experiment and case study on Pat’s site By implementing lessons learned in the NoHatDigital Internship and Private Training Course, our Goal is to convert Pat Fynn’s niche site into a real thriving business and “Ultimate Resource”.

Receive Weekly SPI Experiment Updates +
A Report on What’s Being Setup NOW.



Can NoHatDigital convert Pat Fynn’s niche site into a real thriving business and “Ultimate Resource”?


Triple Income within 6 months. Yes, TRIPLE. Over the last 3 months, earned: $2,209.29, $2,552.19, $2,935.11 Average: $2,565.53 per month Goal = $7,695.59 per month and a Real Business.


Creating a real online business leads to multiple monetization channels. By diversifying YOUR online portfolio, you can protect sites from adverse market conditions AKA Google’s mercy.


By implementing EXACTLY what we teach our Webmasters. The process will consist of multiple Phases including:

NoHatDigital will perform a site audit on and identify areas for improvement including:

  • Google Analytics and Site Performance: Metrics and bounce rates.
  • Conversion optimization: How can we increase the percentage of visitors into newsletter subscribers?
  • Site Architecture and Content: Is the site optimized for SEO?
  • Technical Issues: Is everything working properly?

Phase 1B: In the meantime, a NoHatDigital Team member will reach out to potential agencies and clients for direct lead sales. 

NoHatDigital will come up with potential products for and take you through an Experiment Board and Decision Matrix. This process will help identify which product is the “best fit” for the market based on multiple factors. After choosing a product, we will go through the Validation process and ways to market a new product.
A breakdown of the Minimum Viable Product and the core product features. What are the 20% of features that solve 80% of the problem? We will breakdown how much time, money, and maintenance goes into building out a MVP. Next Step –  Build, Deploy, and Test. 
Based on extensive market testing, How can we pivot to improve our product?


The NoHatDigital Team and Graduate Interns will be working on this experiment.


Starting Now and taking place over the upcoming months.

Receive Weekly SPI Experiment Updates +
A Report on What’s Being Setup NOW.


  1. This is awesome guys – i’m really looking forward to seeing what is going to happen here. I’ve got an OK performing niche site (600/mo) that I’m looking to expand, but would love to turn it into a real business.

  2. You guys are growing faster. I loved the way you work as soon as I found out about this website. Definitely a fresh approach to online marketing and SEO, no wonder why Pat saw an opportunity here ;) good luck, I will follow closely!

  3. Wow – been following Pat for a long time; as we all the site – will be very interested to see what happens – also in the same boat as Jeff have a niche site that is earning but would love to take to the next couple levels!

  4. Waaaah that is freakin’ awesome! A match made in heaven….I have been following Pat for ages and just enrolled in NoHat’s internship. And now you guys collaborate. What timing!!

  5. Going to be another great case study! Amazing everything y’all are putting out here on the blog and how you have been “everywhere” the last week or so. Enjoying all the content!

      • whats the point then, if your not taking a percentage why not just help out a regular joe. Why does it have to be Pat Flynn, a guy already at the top of the IM game who doesn’t need any help.

        I know you do alot for the community with the internships so I’m not bashing here, just a legit question. Pat doesn’t need the help, the guy makes 80K+ every month

        • Hey Matt, the goal is to case study the site’s progress as a way to educate thousands of people about how to boost revenue and turn niche sites into businesses. Our goal of tripling income in 6 months is just to give us a target to shoot for and to show that it can be done. Pat making an extra $5k per month isn’t even on the radar as a motivator to run this case study. Pat and us share a mutual goal to educate people and help them succeed online, so this experiment aligns perfectly with that.

  6. This has the potential to be the single best case study I have ever seen, and I’m ecstatic it’s the No Hat Digital team behind it!

    I started a niche site about 10 months ago that has exceeded all expectations by making 5k/month. The way you’ve outlined this case study is awesome, and I feel there will be a lot I can take away from it and apply to my own site. I can’t wait to see the knowledge bombs dropped!

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