I’ve got a great website earning consistently, I wonder if I should hold it for the passive income or flip it for the upfront cash? Hands up if that line of thought sounds familiar? I see you raising both hands! :-) Oh for a dollar each time I’ve pondered that one myself…. And that really is the million-dollar question […]

How I Launched a $2K/month Business in 10 Hours – The NoHatSEO Story

Post-how-I-launched-a-2k-business-in-3hours                   The Idea Is Born… Back in mid 2012, I was having some decent success with my niche sites. I had around 3000 in total, with 400 of them generating about $1000 a day in revenue. Definitely a good business by any means, but I could also see the potential for adding a ton of value to the SEO....

The internet has created a new class of entrepreneurs who focus on “loophole chasing” – loophole chasers find opportunities for profit not necessarily by solving problems for customers or creating value, but by taking advantage of inefficiencies in a platform, or across-platforms. Some popular examples of loophole chasing online include: SEO niche sites Most forms […]

My goal for writing this quick post is to encourage you to seek new business partnerships in order to achieve more success. The reason being that I believe strategic business partnerships are largely under-utilized and a BIG opportunity missed. As online entrepreneur doing your thing day in and day out (night in and night out maybe) it […]

Quick post today to update on a tactic, actually it’s more of a philosophy than a tactic, to successfully jag guest posts on popular blogs. I’m going to cover; A particular approach we are taking that is getting fantastic results in terms of guest post approval A process for “warming up” your guest post targets […]

In mid January I published a post called “How To Do Reddit Right“, which focused on using Reddit for researching your niche and also threw up the idea of using it to get free content. It’s easy to get caught up focusing on traffic and links when you’re building a blog or site. Reddit can […]

What if I told you that you could do 80% less work, spend 80% less to rank your keywords, and actually generate exponentially higher revenue?If you’re doing keyword research for new sites and you’re not applying the 80/20 principle, you’re missing an opportunity to potentially 10X your business while doing less work and spending less […]