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retreat NHD is helping entrepreneurs grow their own business. This exclusive offer gives you the opportunity to visit our headquarters for 1 week to work directly with the NHD Team to create YOUR business. We're also actively looking for partners who are interested in staying longer term.

Today in the podcast we have Mark Manson for an episode filled with Knowledge Bombs. If you’re not familiar with the man, Mark Manson is an author and blogger at, where he writes about personal development, lifestyle, and psychology. He is also one of the NoHat Team’s favorite bloggers. During this episode, Hayden and Mark discuss why many people […]

For years, the original post college graduation plan had been to attend law school – by all accounts a respectable ‘path’ right? I however, opted instead to play professional poker (mainly online). Why you ask? “We don’t have a lot of time on this earth. We weren’t meant to spend it this way. Human beings […]

Tripling Revenue with Pat FlynnSPI-Banner

Let’s face it, starting an “online” company by yourself is fun at first, but lonely after a few months. Personally, I find that learning languages and starting a business are very similar.  It takes someone who is willing to fully devote themselves to master a number of new skill sets. Assuming you are into traveling, there […]

Today in the podcast we have Hayden talking about one of his favorite topics : using your unfair advantage as the foundation for your business. Something we realized, is that one of the main reasons for which people fail at building a solid business is that they don’t rely on the assets they already have, which could help […]

Today, our guest is Alex Ivory who spent two weeks with us last month in Valle de Bravo and helped us improve our email marketing strategy. Alex is an email marketing specialist, an InfusionSoft certified user, and has been helping many companies to setup their email marketing funnels. In this episode, Alex shares many tips and tricks […]

Is entrepreneurship better than the traditional path of getting a good job and working hard for 40+ years?  For many readers of this blog, this is the ultimate question. Whether you’re a corporate type (like I was) who’s spent countless hours in a cubicle with no real end in sight… or you’re an ambitious high […]