Hey Ken, why don’t we start by having you tell a little bit about yourself? Of course! I’m 27 years old and live in Providence Rhode Island. I launched my first website in college, knowing nothing about SEO. It was a college classifieds site where students could sell textbooks. My traffic strategy was to bookmark […]

How I Launched a $2K/month Business in 10 Hours – The NoHatSEO Story

Post-how-I-launched-a-2k-business-in-3hours                   The Idea Is Born… Back in mid 2012, I was having some decent success with my niche sites. I had around 3000 in total, with 400 of them generating about $1000 a day in revenue. Definitely a good business by any means, but I could also see the potential for adding a ton of value to the SEO....

As course manager of Ranking Formula and a content manager, I’ve sent and received hundreds of guest post emails. Literally, I’ve seen it all (the good, the bad, and the darn near repulsive pitches) and I’m going to share with you 7 secrets to landing more guest post spots and thus more guest posting links. […]

When I first started publishing content it was pretty simple – assuming you already have an authority site with links. Do keyword research, write great content, and optimize it. Publish it once and it ranks forever. You could basically forget about it and be pretty confident that your rankings would increase over time with the […]

An email. That’s what lead me to the discovery of one of the most powerful ranking factors of all time. And it was right under my nose. How It Started Hayden was chatting with Neil Patel about a technique to boost brand searches. Neil uses instagram ads with a photo of himself holding up a […]

I’ve received a bunch of emails asking me what’s up with NHD?  The short answer is, I’ve been too busy to post here, but I’m working more than ever on a couple other projects.  These projects are Wired Investors, which is a private equity firm that purchases and operates digital businesses (15 and counting), as […]

Ok let’s admit it Email outreach is a pain in the ass. But it’s also a critical part of your link building strategy. That’s why I look for ways to automate the boring parts and spend more time on the fun stuff. I’m going to tell you the exact technique that I use to find […]

I’ve received a bunch of emails asking me what’s up with NHD? The short answer is, I’ve been too busy to post here, but I’m working more than ever.  The goal of NHD hasn’t changed, I still aim to help aspiring entrepreneurs fire their bosses and make it online, and still do this by: Offering […]

Another system I have gotten into is doing a complete monetization overhaul, with a focus on product creation.  Here I look for sites that are monetized with generic, low visitor value programs such as Adsense, Amazon (or other generic affiliates), and Ebooks.  The subject of the site is very important.  I will always ask for […]

Many online entrepreneurs never actually get to product creation.  They are happy using advertising or affiliate marketing as their monetization stream, even though the visitor values are a fraction of what they’d get compared to being a product creator.  They do this for two primary reasons: They think that product creation is hard They don’t […]

A productized service is exactly what it sounds like – you provide a service that is packaged as a product.  This means that customers pay you up front, and have very set, standardized expectations as to what they’ll be receiving. Benefits of a Productized Service No more asshole customers, no more written proposals, no more […]