Ken’s Note: Testing new monetization methods is the #1 way to improve ROI on my website investments and it applies to every niche. Monetization can be improved in minutes, while it can take weeks or months to see ROI from SEO. This guest post was written by Jeremy Hood, who kicked ass in the internship […]

How I Launched a $2K/month Business in 10 Hours – The NoHatSEO Story

Post-how-I-launched-a-2k-business-in-3hours                   The Idea Is Born… Back in mid 2012, I was having some decent success with my niche sites. I had around 3000 in total, with 400 of them generating about $1000 a day in revenue. Definitely a good business by any means, but I could also see the potential for adding a ton of value to the SEO....

Let’s face it, most companies are either too small or don’t have the budget to spend big on mass media channels like TV or even radio. Consumers are bombarded with ads all day long, so how can you make sure your company stands out from the crowd? Let’s take a look at some digital marketing […]