An interactive guide to starting
your next online business

In this course we'll teach you the thought process required to identify and start a successful online business. By the end of the course you'll have found an online niche that is aligned with your strengths. It will be large enough to meet your financial goals, even after you've segmented exactly which customers in the niche you're targeting. Finally, you'll have found and bought a great .com domain name for under $10. All this for free, and in just a couple hours.

Finding a profitable niche is absolutely crucial to succeed in business. In this path, we'll uncover the niches you are built to enter, and teach you the thought process you need to to estimate the profitability of those markets.


Now that you've identified a profitable niche, you want your first offer to appeal to one type of customer in that market, ideally the ones that will spend the most money. In this exercise we'll help you to identify those customers.


Finding a domain name for your new business can be a real pain in the ass, and often takes much more time than expected. This exercise will show you some amazing tools to find a great brandable .com domain name for under $10.


When you buy a new car, you want to make sure that it runs well, and won't cause you problems in the future. Same goes with domains- this exercise will teach you how to make sure that your domain is spam-free, competition free and legally secure.


An interactive guide to
understanding your customer

You'll complete this course with an understanding of exactly who your customers are so that you can design your product, site, CTAs, and ads just for them. We take you through exercises that allow you to create your customer persona, identify your customer's active problems and teach you to use tools to determine where your audience is online and what it is they're searching for. Most importantly we give you tools and techniques to test your assumptions about what your customer needs, all while collecting valuable data and building your email list.

Where she's from to where's she's going: you need to understand the politics, personal life and work goals of your persona so that you can write like you're writing to her and design your website so that she'll click.


Understanding the levels of problems that face your customer is of vital importance. So too is understanding what influences their decision making. That's what we cover here.


Using tools and research techniques, you'll figure out where your audience is hiding online and what it is that's troubling them so. Armed with this knowledge, you're on your way to becoming the answer to their problems.


How to Create an Offer

In this course we cover everything you need to know to develop a compelling Lead Magnet and test this idea with a real audience. You’ll learn: the anatomy of a great offer, from writing your strongest headlines to designing and copywriting the super-clicky Call-to-Action. You’ll be setting up your first opt-in page and split-testing its performance. These exercises also arm you with knowledge of what your competition is offering right now, so you’re positioned to emerge in your niche with something that bests everything .

From strong real world examples to finding what your competitors are pitching, you’ll learn all that goes in to creating an irresistible offer for your audience.


Understanding the art of an offer is only the first step. We show you how to actualize it by creating a working opt-in page that you’ll drive traffic to so you can test the strength of your offer.


Building on the copy and headline writing exercises from the fist step, you’ll hone these skills as you create high converting Facebook ads designed to send a targeted audience to your opt-in page. Gathering data, tweaking and split-testing is the name of the game as you fine tune your offer, opt-in and ads for the highest possible conversion.


Become a Better Blogger

In this course you will learn to get the most out of your blogging efforts. Learn how to research popular topics and find a unique angle, use our tools to write each post and cut your writing time in half, and learn exactly what to do after you hit publish.

Think about a blog you love to read. The writing pulls you in and carries you on a journey. It's familiar and exciting from the opening paragraph. The constant among all successful writers is clear: They’ve found their voice.


The process of writing can be extremely stressful and time-consuming, especially if you don’t do it regularly. But if you're trying to start or grow your blog or business, it's a necessity.


Your about page is a great way to turn your readers into true fans. This guide will help you craft a marketing mission that will make readers fall in love with both you and your brand.


Introducing the Content Gauntlet

Writing is hard work, which is why you should get the most out of every piece of inspiration you get. That's why we created the content gauntlet - A series of trials that every single piece of content that you write must face. It will mark the difference between good and great - For your writing, conversion and content promotion.

Industry and Business Model Specific Tools & Courses

From Self-publishing to FBA to purchasing online properties, you'll find some business model specific courses here. Note that these courses have been contributed by external partners, but have been reviewed and approved by the NHD team!

George Do from has created this interactive tool to help potential website buyers understand the initial due diligence that you should be doing before requesting analytics access/talking in depth with a seller.


Part 2 of the Due Diligence tool by George Do of


Ted Begnoche of has made this great guide on how to find a niche for your first Ebook. Perfect for people interested in getting started with self-publishing through Amazon's Kindle platform.