We’re looking for amazing & fun people to join the NoHat team!

Come Join Us In Valle de Bravo!

Valle Paragliding

We’re currently looking for more people to come down to Valle de Bravo in Mexico and work with us on the projects that we’re currently managing. In particular, anyone with programming experience or experience running their own online businesses.

We would ask that you commit to atleast 2 months down here, where we would provide you with a place to stay and a salary which will give you more than enough to live a great life down here.

  • Beautiful scenery in a hot country
  • Get the chance to work with Hayden and the team directly
  • Learn more than you ever could at home
  • Join the gang and go paintballing, paragliding, paddeboarding and get demolished at basketball

What’s the Opportunity?

We’ve got some big ideas, some big websites and some big dreams and we’re going to scale them! We’re not talking about the the old “add more content” trick here, we’ll be using these sites and the traffic they provide to launch real stand alone businesses. We’re getting crafty and creative in how we go about this so we need some help down here.

The real opportunity here though, is to come to Valle and be part of the next generation of entrepreneurs down here. We have a long list of businesses we want to build this year (maybe you have some ideas also) and we’ll need lots of employees and partners if we’re going to succeed. Essentially, you’ll be helping us to build, scale and automate / outsource a new business.

We are actively seeking partners for our next wave projects that are in the pipeline right now. Hayden’s been buying businesses like crazy and is looking for people to help grow and run them.

Our Story

If you’re not aware of the NoHat Digital story you can read about the community we built down here in 2014 / 2015 here, and here. Most of the people in those pictures are now location independent entrepreneurs living all over the world. They all came here for the same opportunity you are getting right now and they made sure they nailed it. If you loved reading those last few articles here is some more content from the Jewish Juggernaut, Scott Moses and a post I did that started this whole thing off.

Of course some of the guys that came here failed miserably but there’s no need to name names or circle them in any pictures, as they know who they are. The only thing that will stop you from succeeding down here is if you give up before you succeed!


What Skills Do You Need?

The only real skills you will really need is the ability to learn fast, and read and write excellent English. With that being said the following baseline skills will go along way in helping you get the job:

  • Basic WordPress skills and computer skills.
  • Advanced Google Spreadsheets / Excel skills are great.
  • Some sort of real world SEO experience, like graduating a previous NoHat internship.

What Personal Attributes Do You Need?

More important than having a bunch of skills you should be:

  • Easy going and be able to get along with most people.
  • Able to handle some pressure and not flip out.
  • Willing to live in a random small town in Mexico in a share house (with your own private room).

All the usual stuff still applies also like being driven and working hard etc…

What’s Life In Valle Like?

doers in life2

Getting To Work

We work at a nice modern cafe almost everyday. The coffee and internet are good there and it’s right in the center of town. We eat amazing local market food in the morning around 11am, usually tacos or quesadillas. We go our separate ways around mid-afternoon and hang out in the evening and on weekends.

There are tons of mountains here, and every nook and cranny of Valle offers amazing views. There’s a big lake with sailing and water sports, lots of paragliding and hang-gliding (the world championship is being held here and there are dozens of people in the air as I write), and a big sporting complex for almost any sport you can think of. We had a team in the local basketball league last year which was great fun and we’d love to start playing again if we get enough people wanting to play. There is also tennis and lots of pick up soccer down here.

On the weekend there is lots to do and we’re only 2 hours from Mexico City which is a great place to hang out. There are also some beaches we can get to by car or plane. We try to get out and about as often as we can.

There are a bunch of nice restaurants down here and one or two nice bars that we’ve had lots of fun in over the past 18 months.

In terms of what to expect with work….. In the first 2 months when you get here there will be a lot to get done so we’ll meet everyday for a quick stand up and then go about our work for the day. You don’t need to keep a strict schedule but you will need to keep deadlines if we need to ship. It shouldn’t be stressful but there might be the occasional late night to get stuff done.

What’s The Offer

You’ll get paid enough to live but not much more. We’ll review your situation after 2 months but until then you’ll be paid enough to live a nice lifestyle down here and save some cash for some cheeky weekend travel & fun if you like.

We’ll have company targets and if we meet them, cool rewards in the form of exploring Mexico’s hidden treasures.

You’ll also get paid accommodation down here and a maid to keep your place clean.

You’ll need to pay for your flights down here yourself but once you land at the airport we’ll have your back and will make sure you get settled here in Valle.

When Do You Start

The No Hat TeamWe’re ready to go now. We’ll be looking to have you down here and settled in ASAP and be committed to staying here for at least 2 months full time. After 2 months we’ll review how everything is going and maybe offer you the option to go remote (if you like) or replace yourself and work on something else with us.

If this sounds interesting to you then please fill out the form below.

-> FORM <-

Stay cool



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