NoHat 101 – Done!


You’ve made it through the NoHat 101 Course and are now ready to take everything that you’ve learned and put it into practice.

Before you jump out of your seat with excitement though, let’s take a few moments and put things in perspective.

nhd-101-course-completionYour Next Steps

There is no shortage of online blogs that teach you SEO by unloading tons of information for you to digest and then leaving you scratching your head as to what the next steps are.

While we believe that we are the best when it comes to online marketing, we’ll put the pom-poms down for a moment and get real with you as to where you need to go from here.

The Answer(s)

We’ll be brutally honest and tell you that the majority of people that are looking to try and make money online spend most of their time reading and not enough time doing.  It is one of the most common mistakes everyone makes when learning something new, especially SEO.

The truth of the matter is that nobody wakes up an SEO genius, and our advice to you is simple:

  1. Understand the basics – Build a good foundation of comprehension by studying the basics.
  2. Take action – Ever hear of “paralysis by analysis”? Don’t fall in that trap. You don’t need to know how every little thing works before you start.
  3. Embrace screwing up – It will happen. Accept it now. Move on.
  4. Learn from your mistakes – Understand your mistakes and do your best not to make them twice.
  5. Keep moving forward with polished knowledge – Use what you’re learning to stay sharp and going in the right direction.

This is the equation to success in almost any venture.

Action. Action. Action.

Of all these steps, we would say that the most important is #2.

This cannot be stressed enough.

We understand that it’s hard to focus your motivation when you are starting off by yourself which is why we are here to make the right introductions and offer the proper opportunities that will help speed up your learning curve.

Through our internships, you can take what you’ve learned through our 101 Course and connect with like-minded peers to work together as a unit and get things done.

The best part – you’ll have a coach that will lead you step by step.

This is a huge advantage that many of us wish we had back when we started, and now we’re offering it for free as a way to pay it forward to the online community.

If you’re ready to take the next step and put your knowledge into play, click on the button below and get things going.

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