How to Build a “Baller” Sales Funnel
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Find an existing business and improve their bottom line by leveling up their sales funnel.


This is a skill set that is rarely taught and is EXTREMELY important. Businesses around the world are leaving millions of dollars on the table by not upgrading and tweaking their funnel.


Find a real life example and show the world how to refine their sales process.

The Details

We used our baller outreach skills and teamed up with Augie Johnson from Since Augie already has a large audience teaching basketball to Youtube’ers, Hayden is going to show the world how to improve his sales funnel.

Later in the experiment, the NoHat team is going to implement the changes and share the results.

This is something that is rarely taught outside the inner circles of internet marketing and we want to demonstrate the finer details of sales funnel optimization totally for free.


This experiment is currently in session.


Hayden already laid out exactly how we are going to go about supercharging Augie’s sales funnel.

Interested? Check out the video below:

How to Build a “Baller” Sales Funnel
3 votes, 4.00 avg. tacos (79% full)