Keyword research can be seen as one of the most valuable act in the research marketing area. The success of one’s websites will be determine by the keywords ranking as it helps to booster and upgrade the site. Keywords help researchers to find what they really are looking for in a website. It is discovered that whether you are an agency or an in depended SEO having the right keyword research tool pays it all.

The keyword decides your sales or ranking online. If you properly do keyword research and optimize your content accordingly, the best chances are you are going to get a good number of visitors from search result. And for this, there you will get a great number of keyword research tools online. The need for doing keyword research needs no telling. You should research your keyword to find the best suited competition for your website and you can also get buyer intent keyword that eventually get your customer from your visitors. Besides, before writing content for your website you need to do keyword researching so that you can easily target your probable visitors. I guess you already know about Google keyword planner ( formerly Adwords tool) which I personally recommend to all because it is absolutely free to use with detailed information including cpc, average monthly visitors, suggested bids, ad impression share etc. But you must create an account for that to use that tool. In addition to that tool, you can also have a look on other renowned keyword research tools that you can use for our ppc marketing or seo purposes. Below are the top 4 seo keyword research tools that you can rely on for our internet marketing mission. Some of the below mentioned tools are free and some are used for a charge but the money worth it. So without further ado you should have a look at our top four keyword research tools that you can consider using.

I shall be reviewing some of the best keyword research tools below.



MOZ was formerly known as SEOmoz but due to its effectiveness it has now change from a consultancy to an SEO product company. In my research I find out that moz pro is developed marketing software which makes provision for live data and social attributes. It provides a ton of information and learning from experts. It’s always great for finding new links.

Moz has an advantage that shows a lot of information but can be seen a little bit cluttered. The page crawl limit can be a stumbling block to some very large sites that has several pages. Moz helps in gathering lots of information about websites optimization. Its disadvantage is that of its page crawling this can be very frustrating especially to some sites with a lot of pages. It can become a bit clustered while running a lot of campaign. Another disadvantage is that moz does not allow integration with other marketing analytical tools like pardot and media analytical tool; it does not have a paid platform. However it advantages is greater than its disadvantages because it helps in tracking specific set of keywords for a particular company sites and that of its competitors. If you are using long tail keyword research tool, then you can add your moz account’s API key and use their ranking metrics for competitor research.

Moz’s keyword research tool is easy to understand, user-friendly and thorough. These tools provide us a concise idea about the level of the contest among competitors based on top ten ranking results on Google. Though the output of moz is undeniable, we should not rely on software for determining the competition in every case. For example if we see cnet, Wikipedia etc on the top page, the best chance is that this tool will show this keyword as competitive based on the DA of those sites. while researching for keyword competition seomoz keyword research tool not only count website DA but also page authority, back links, page ranks etc. to access this tool you need to buy membership for $99 at moz.



SEMRush has long been one of the best SEO tools. It will train you fast to get adapted to a dynamic online contemporary world. It helps to make your personal or business websites more visible in both organic and paid search result. SEMRush has always been an amazing and a specialized tool, it ads having a live update in the processing of your websites. You will get the best report on how keywords are performing and even an instant comparison with your competitors. One of its advantages is that it doesn’t require a middle man when it comes to aggregating key words. It has the capability to tell you how other major web properties are trying to rank your keywords by dropping URL in the search box and click on the button, you would be briefed with useful insight about organic and Ad words competitors. A good feature that I specially get benefitted from is we can get weekly reports on our custom keywords ranking. Besides, we can compare our ranking with our competitors ranking too.

SEMRush is useful for benchmark reports as well as evaluating competitors and potential clients. Its disadvantages can be it lack of few features in the link building and an on-page analysis. It is also not the best tool for measuring success on a campaign where you have such access. It can only give you one of the best looks you can without any permission from the competitors.

One of its notable disadvantages is that SEMRush was developed with very little details that would help figure out some data that can be collected.



WordStream research keyword tool is a complete search engine optimization that takes you from initial keyword discovery through to organization, strategy, implementation and analysis so you can actually act on your keyword.

WordStream help to paid marketers in a unique way that can be really useful when first getting started with a company or client. The advantage of WordStream is that you don’t have to master a heavy amount of excel tricks and hacks. Their tools are good such as the campaign builders, ad groups’ builder tools, and the keyword group tools. WordStream also has a disadvantage, and it is that of its flexibility with time frame when viewing reports. Another disadvantage is that with WordStream you will be unable to manage your display ads. It also lacks automated bidding functionality. Also, in order to work with the company you must be locked into a contract with them, another disadvantage of the WordStream is that its flash base of the software runs very slow.



WordTracker has been considered to be the most widely known keyword research tool. It is a power house in link building efforts. The good thing about WordTracker is that of its tutorial platform in which both video and written formats are there to explain how each parts of the tool works.

Its advantage lies in the way it returns every data without delay. You don’t have to wait for days to accumulate because the best result- it respond almost immediately and with great quality. It does not offer options to search on term and utility phrase because of the way it sorts out data. One of its advantages that always stand out is that it has the best contact view option because it pulls contact information off a web page and organizes it at a spot. It is very aesthetically pleasant to look at and it is also very easy to use. If you need a simple tool to build a link I will recommend WordTracker for you.

Its disadvantage is that it can only run a single term at a time which makes so time consuming to use.


Conclusion and recommendation:

We have seen how some of the best keyword research tools work, there advantages and disadvantages and I will like to say that keyword research is a practice use by SEO professionals to make findings on actual search term. It is important to note that keyword research is the first thing you would do when opening a website, you do it before proceeding to the site design because doing this would help you estimate your competition and promotion strategy.

As discussed above, and having talked about Moz pro, SEMRush, WordSteram, and WordTracker. I will like to draw my conclusion with the word of advice that would also serve as a recommendation by the following:

I find MOZ to be a great tool to use for those who want to dig deep into all kinds of data with a very strong community of professionals.

If you are looking for a way to spy on your ads word competitors and the keywords that they might be targeting I will recommend SEMRush for you, because it is the best tool that can try out these things successfully.

If you want to come up with a specific ad groups for large campaigns I recommend WordStream for you to be the best tool for this.

If you are running hundred of terms and have a multiple websites I don’t think WordTracker is fit for you because of its time consuming when running terms. It runs one term at a time. But if you need a simple tool to build a link I will recommend WordTracker for you.

In a nutshell I will like to advice that you should consider the size of your website and number first before deciding on using a particular search engine optimization tool.