NoHatDigital is a blockchain marketing agency that offers pre and post-ico marketing services.

Our unique background in Cryptocurrency, M&A, and online marketing allows us to quickly scale businesses.

Our Methodology

The crypto marketing landscape is evolving quickly, with ad network bans and new competition.

NoHatDigital is the ace up your sleeve. There are three steps to the "A.C.E." Methodology:

Attract -> Create -> Engage

  1. Attract investors with paid and earned media.
  2. Create stories worth sharing.
  3. Engage with communities to build trust.

The Team

Hayden Miyamoto, Founder

Hayden is the founder of Nohat Digital and co-founder of Wired Investors. He has built and scaled several six and seven figure businesses and has deep experience developing systems to scale websites. He is an investor and adviser in various blockchain companies including Blockbliss and Fundary.

Deven Soni, Partner

Deven is an experienced investor and entrepreneur. He spent several years as an Internet-focused venture capital investor at Goldman Sachs and Highland Capital Partners where he has helped fund several top media and software businesses. He was also an early employee at NexTag, an online shopping business acquired for $1.2bn in 2008, and is the cofounder of Sprayable Inc, an innovative ecommerce startup. He is an advisor to successful cryptocurrency projects including Stream, Polymath, and Coinfi.

Ken Roberts, Partner

Ken is a marketing expert and crypto-enthusiast. As Director of Marketing at Figmints, Ken lead marketing and website projects with technology startups such as (acquired by Cisco) all the way up to multi-billion dollar companies such as IGT. He started Authority Machine (acquired by Wired Investors) and trained hundreds of students in SEO and outreach strategies. With Wired, he helped acquire, grow, and scale numerous publishing companies.