Creative Marketing For Cryptocurrencies


Let’s face it: There are hundreds of ICOs out there, all vying for investor attention.

How do you rise up above the rest?

NoHatDigital is a full-service blockchain marketing agency that brings a unique strategy to the table – combining traditional marketing services with alternative ones (Airdrops, Webinars, and M&A to name a few).


Pre-ICO Marketing


Attracting attention and building trust with investors are critical to your success. We offer the following pre-ico marketing services:


Strategic Planning

Our process starts with a strategic analysis and comprehensive marketing plan. This includes a media plan and recommendations.

Advertising & Media Buying

We put your project in-front of the right audience with targeted banner ads and sponsored posts. Our ICO listing service secures the best rates and navigates the intricate approval process.

Content Marketing

Creative content enhances the brand and attracts attention. Each piece of content goes through our proprietary “content gauntlet”. But creating content is only half the battle. Our social media team promotes this content on the top cryptocurrency forums and social media platforms.

PR Services

Earn media mentions at the top online publications for your project. We identify newsworthy topics, craft the message, and share it with media contacts. Then, our reputation management team protects the brand by identifying and responding to comments.

Community Management

Dedicated, crypto familiar managers for your Telegram channel and SubReddit engage with investors and answer questions. You’re covered 24/7.


Convert website visitors into investors with a Webinar. Setup, presentation, script, and coaching included. Live talent available.


ICO Launch Services


Idea Validation

Whitepaper creation and token mechanics review.

Branding & Website Services

Design, develop and launch a website for your ICO.

Blockchain Developers

Build your MVP on the blockchain with our sister company Blockbliss – a full-stack application development team.


Post-ICO Marketing


Post ICO Services are designed to:

(1) Maintain a clear path of communication with existing and prospective token-holders and increase the value of your token (and subsequently your business).  We focus on identifying your ideal tribe, finding them, helping them join your community, and communicating with them after they join.

(2) We focus on creating newsworthy events that generate attention from new and existing contributors

In addition to the above offer a number of unique services post-ico including:



Search engine optimization brings visitors to your website for years to come and is one of the highest ROI activities post-ICO. NoHatDigital is a pioneer in the SEO industry – known for inventing new keyword research methods and link building techniques.



Mergers and acquisitions are the fastest way to scale token adoption and become operationally profitable. Not only does your company acquire users from an acquisition, but also team members and ecosystems. NoHatDigital has extensive experience in helping clients find, assess, acquire, and operate businesses.