Google Proof Authority Sites Traffic Tactics with Brian Dean
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Today in the podcast we have Brian Dean from

When it comes to getting organic traffic and optimizing “white hat” websites, Brian is an expert.

To give you an idea, his skills have been praised by the likes of Pat Flynn and Neil Patel- and gets over 170k visits every month.

In this episode, Brian gives out a load of amazing tips to build “clean” backlinks that you can start implementing with your site immediately.

For those of you who are wondering how to get traffic from Google without going the PBN route, Brian probably has all the answers you need.

Let’s get to it!

Referenced in the podcast:

Brian’s Skyscraper technique

The moving Man Method

Funnel Links

Google Proof Authority Sites Traffic Tactics with Brian Dean
9 votes, 2.67 avg. tacos (55% full)
    • Hey Marc, it’s not what we do. Which is why I clarified the response with him. I’ve always found that targeting as many keywords as possible on big resourceful pages is what’s rewarded by Google. Brian advocates the same in terms of writing killer content so even if there is only 1 target keyword, natural writing will inevitably include a ton more keywords. That’s the beauty of internet marketing… Lot’s of ways to do things!

      • yea i kind of took brian’s comment as, “one MAJOR keyword per page” but thats not to say that very similar and/or phrase match keywords should be excluded.

        Unlike a lot of us niche site builders, Brian will target massive keywords like ‘onpage seo’ but i’m sure he’s also looking to target something like “best onpage seo tactics” on that same page (idk if that gets any volume i’m just spitballing).

        so i feel like a lot of people might have taken brian’s comment on this subject a bit too literally. @Brian feel free to chime in if i’m off here.

        to your point greg, i think there’s something also to be said for how the user reacts when they get to the page. too many keywords on one page of content may lead to a high bounce rate since the content is spread too thin. if google is ranking me #1 for a ton of keywords but my bounce rate is 95%, i’m not making any guacamole.

        to me a better way to look at keyword mapping is, “does my page of content answer/serve the user’s query better than every other page ranking in top 10? if not, create a new piece of content to map the keyword(s)”.

  1. Thanks Brian for your insights!

    This podcast provides clear (direct) answers by Brian to the questions asked by Greg about backlinking in todays environment. No fluff, simply good clear responses.

    One FYI Greg… my browser didn’t display the podcast “green” click to run button like you normally provide on your blog post. I’m using IE for a browser. (just an fyi in case other readers mention the problem)

    I had to go into the “VIew Source” with right click to find the mp3 link.

    Thought I’d provide the link for other readers who had the same problem.

    Thanks again No Hat team for your informative podcast. Great resource!!!


  2. erwinpotgieter says:

    Great info Brian, although most of it I already read on your blog. Love your ideas and strategies.

    I have 2 questions:

    (1) when asked about Directories in the podcast you said it’s not worth it, yet on your blog you have the post ( which at nr 6 mentions Directory Domination specifically. Can you elaborate on this? Do you see directories purely as a way to get some signals pointing to your site?

    (2) I’m new to internet marketing and just launched my first site which I’m hoping to develop over time into an authority site. What I’m struggling with is finding information relevant to new sites just starting out i.e. how to promote, how many pages do you need on the site before you start reaching out, what’s important from the outset etc. From an SEO perspective, what advice would you give to new site owners just starting out on a path towards establishing authority?

  3. Great interview Greg (as per usual) – good questions

    …But really another “guru” who talks about his only successful authority website that…wait for it…tells people how to create a successful authority site??

    Why is it these “gurus” never have actual examples of what they’ve done?

    For goodness sakes get Spencer Haws or Jon Haver on the podcast, some people that have actually done something.

    It’s like Frank Kern stuff – “look how I make money on my how to make money website”

    • Appreciate the honesty here Franklin. In fairness though, Brian’s site is damn successful so he’s fairly well positioned, particularly with regards to link building, to provide advice. Look at his Domain Authority and link profile for example. He’s a pro.

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