Cheap and Reliable Hosting for Blogs (VPS, Shared and Cloud Hosting Explained)
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Note: This article contains affiliate links – go ahead and use them if you want Hayden to get a tip from the hosting companies  :)  Note that we do use the hosts on this list, and they are the best and cheapest shared hosts we’ve found.


Never put all your eggs in one basket.  With Google’s current anti-spam frenzy, that statement could never be truer.   Google is rapidly catching folks who want to game their algorithm and you simply do not want them to easily identify the websites you own.


So you’ve got a lot of expired domains purchased already – the next thing you need to think about is where to host all of them. There are free WordPress web hosting out there (e.g. – but you do not want to fall at their mercy when they decide to close shop or delete your website any time.   You can now choose between VPS hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting or shared hosting.


VPS vs Shared Hosting for your blogs

If you’re looking to host lots of different money sites, I highly recommend VPS hosting as switching up your IPs is much less important.   My cost of hosting a websites is pennies, as a single VPS that costs $80/mo can easily host 1000 sites (8 cents per sites, per month).    Here are some quick VPS Hosting Tips for hosting hundreds of sites however:


Get amazing support  – This is the most important thing.  The best host I am currently using is Gigatux, their support is wonderful.  I’d suggest getting a few different VPS and testing out their support early on by asking them to implement some of the tips here.

Get enough RAM – All these virtual servers can take up a lot of space, if you’re looking at hosting hundreds of websites then make sure you have at least 2gb of RAM on the VPS.

Get a solid state partition for MySQL – The biggest bottleneck in hosting these sites is MySQL and  hard-drive speed.  Simply get a solid state drive for your mySQL partition to solve this.

Make sure you monitor up-time

Ban the bots!  Aside from major search engine bots, and other bots you need of course.  I have used up terrabytes of data in a single day because of bots.


If you’re looking to host private blog networks however, having a varied amount of IPs is important. It makes a lot of sense since a website with backlinks coming from geographically diverse IP addresses would generally vouch that these came from “natural” linkbuilding. If you compare that to another website supported by backlinks that have suspiciously identical IP addresses, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine that these websites are managed by the same owner.   I’ve tested this many times and there is definitely diminishing returns on links from sites with the same IP addresses.


It is incredibly difficult to obtain a large number of IPs on a VPS – you have to buy and setup SSL certificates.   And if you say you will set them up and never do, they won’t give you any more IPs.  Because of this, it’s best to get cheap and reliable shared hosting. Are you searching for online casinos that take PayTM? In this post specialists reviewed top PayTM casinos that allow deposits plus withdrawals through this banking method.


Now, here’s a thing about getting shared hosting. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS UNLIMITED EVERYTHING! Give them a break – for your websites to run smoothly on shared hosting, you need to limit it to 5 to 10 domains per shared host account. WordPress takes up a lot of system resources – so you need to stay away from there if you plan to build a big WordPress site (like 5,000 pages up) or a busy site (like 50,000 visitors per day). Below are some of the good ones we have tried:

  • Zyma – Priced at £4.95 per year (roughly less than US$8), this seems affordable for people who are short of cash. Allows you to host 5 domains. There are quite a few negative reviews about their service when you search Google, but our experience with them has been great.  So far.
  • Lacehost – It will cost you $1.99 per month for one domain. You can even select 9 server locations where your hosting will be installed.
  • iPage – Costs $2.95 a month when you pay for a longer subscription period.
  • Fatcow – Costs $3.15 a month when you choose to pay for a longer subscription.
  • StableHost and Hawkhost have great support team to help you transfer hosting. Both have starter shared hosting plans at $3.95 a month.
  • Arvixe – We paid $60 per year for this hosting for one website. There are new packages available for $4 a month for more than a year subscriptions.

Justhost and Bluehost are reliable and easy to install and IXWebHosting are also giving us good service so far.  IXWebhosting is particularly good since it gives you 15 IPs for the same price as most hosts will give 1 IP, you just have to stagger the launch of your sites.    Update November 15: IXWebHosting is still going great for us over a year later.  Their affiliate manager emailed me and I negotiated a 15% discount code on our affiliate link.  Just follow this affiliate  link and type in the coupon code “nohat”.

We haven’t tried Midphase, DayanaHost or MicFo yet. But we’ve received great reviews about them so we’re planning to try them out.

If you’ve got cash for reseller hosting at Hostnine ($24.95 a month), better grab it because they will give you more bang for your buck. You can select different geographical server locations for each account you make, which means you can diversify the IP addresses of your websites (up to about 33 C-blocks if you’re clever).  Just do not mention that you want unique C-Blocks when you sign up!  They don’t want to know what you’re doing :)

You may have your own list of better shared hosting options. Please share it here, since we’re constantly expanding our own blog network.

Cheap and Reliable Hosting for Blogs (VPS, Shared and Cloud Hosting Explained)
0 votes, 0.00 avg. tacos (0% full)
  1. Thanks, great information again. I can appreciate the need for diversifying your expired domain network, what are your thoughts on using one shared hosting account for your adsense sites?

  2. As long as you have great original content in them (like 15 or more 500-word articles), I don’t see any problem. However, the danger in having all your Adsense sites in the same IP address is that when Google identifies this certain IP is churning up a lot of spam articles – it will likely deindex everything in it. We actually experienced this. Everything but one domain in our IP were deindexed. The deindexed domains contained less than 5 articles and were all “spinned” content.

  3. Hayden,
    I thought you would need dedicated IPs for your expired domains? Doesn’t look like these shared hosting companies have that option. Looks more suited for your Adsense sites than your blog network sites…

  4. steve ice d. says:

    Great post, Benedict. I will definitely try some these out.

    I recently tried a host named Idea Stack. I selected them because they are an SEO host without “SEO” in the business or domain name. I thought I’d be flying just a hair under the radar. :-) And their rates are reasonably affordable.

    Well, I immediately noticed that their server was really, really slow. It took 30+ seconds to load my site! That was Day 1.

    On Day 2, I noticed that the site was down. Then it was up. Then it was down.

    Uptime is a rather important consideration, I learned.

    Of course, I tried to get a full refund from them. I had pre-paid quite a bit upfront to get a low rate. It took me time, effort, and some rather unpleasant emails, but I did *finally* get my money back.

    I am now using So far, it’s been very easy and no problem. I am hosting one site there for $1/month.

    Thanks again for this post, Benedict. I look forward to hearing other people’s experiences.

  5. Is anyone else having problems getting a 404 redirect plugin to work with ixwebhosting ?

    I’ve read a few comments on here with people having some issues.

    It would be great if hayden or benedict could recommend the plugin the use. Ive tried 3 or 4 now with no success.

    • I use 404 Simple Redirect. If you have non WP files in folder you will have to enter the homepage into plugin.

      It helped to delete all non WP files in folder.

    • Worked it out eventually. IXwebhost have there own 404s that over rides wordpress 404.php. So what you need to do is go into you IX web panel, go to web options and add a 404 error and point it to

      Once this is done the 404 redirect plugins work fine with wordpress.

  6. So let me get this straight. You’re saying with Hostnine to create 33 “buyers” and give each account about 1.5Gig of space and each “buyer” has 3 domains since the max is 100.

  7. Great work, Hayden!

    Guys, I am using Integrity with my Mac. It is pretty good, but I do not think it can trawl deeper than 1 level. Can anyone suggest another Mac link checker that can trawl several layers like Xenu for PC?


  8. I had a dozen sites deindexed at lacehost. Most probably the shared IP got banned. I think its better to stay away from seo hosting these days.

      • Hi,
        We are not purely an SEO hosting company. We have shared hosting servers in 17 worldwide locations. This way we have different c-class IPs due to multiple locations.

        We host normal websites and seo hosting client websites on same servers so there is always a mix of websites on any given IP. Unlike many seo hosting companies, you will not see just wordpress sites if you do a reverse lookup on the IP.

        As to the comment where our shared IPs is/are banned, that is not possible as I can give you multiple indexed on any ip where you find your domain de-indexed. De-indexed website would generally be due to the content and linking rather than the IP, at Lacehost.


  9. Thanks Benedict, that’s really useful! With Hayden’s method, I’ve purchased 36 domains over the last 2 weeks and I was just about to start buying some shared hosting.

    I would really love if you could explain more in details how you can have 33 C-Block with Hostnine. That would be ideal for all my domains, it would also be a lot easier to manage everything from one place. (Although I might take a few other hosting to diversify)

    I agree with your comment about free hosting, but I made a list of some of them to try it out with my “not-so-good” domains. I visited about 40 of them and the best of them seem to be: 000webhost, Zymic, Xtreemhost, Host-ed, FreeHostia, Freehostingeu,, Awardspace, X10Hosting and HelioHost.

    Hope it helps.

    Thanks again.

    • Benedict, I would really like to hear more details about how to get the 33 C Blocks too.

      Browie in a previous post asked if you would have to “create 33 “buyers” and give each account about 1.5Gig of space and each “buyer” has 3 domains since the max is 100”.

      Any more information would be great.


      • 33 C Blocks in Hostnine is possible. You can have 6 different C Blocks instantly since they have 6 servers around the world (Actually 7 servers but they have 1 for Cloud hosting which will cost you another $3 additional on top of the Reseller monthly fee). What you do is you wait up another 2 weeks to one month in each server to get a unique C Block IP address. That’s just it. Wait until they change up the IP address or else you just get,, etc.

  10. Hey JP,

    Please update us with your progress. Sound like you’ve made some good progress, and I would really appreciate hearing how it goes. Have you thrown Google Adsense up on your domains yet? What sort of traffic are the domains getting?

  11. Hey guys, anyone know a tool to check what keywords were once used on an expired domain? Sometimes I see great expired domains for sale, but I am not sure what keywords to use in the new material I put on them.


  12. Note on IXwebhosting….

    Dont use a yahoo or spam email address… they wont be able to send you an email and will take you a few days to straighten out.

  13. I chatted with IXwebhosting and from what I gather they can only guarantee different D-Class hosting. Then I chatted with them again and they said “the system determines what the next IP is so we can’t really predict”. Or in other words, if you want different C-IPs, stagger them. That’s what they mean.

    Also, if you want to get a discount, chat to a live chat sales assistant and ask for a promo code. I just did after asking a few technical questions about IP codes and got one that gives me %20 off. It was ‘chill’. Not sure how long that would last for though.


    • I also just signed up for an IXWebhosting account and called the guy after I signed up and he said all would be on the same C class IPs. I thought maybe I would get some benefit from the unique IPs alone, but that’s pretty dangerous to have 15 links from different IPs all on the same C block correct?

      What I’m understanding now is that if I stagger the setup of each of my private blog network of sites then I should get a unique IP on a unique C block correct?

      Anyone know how long I need to wait to set up each new account site?

  14. I went with IXWeb hosting and cancelled because we don’t have time to wait for who knows how many weeks before another site deployed would be on a separate C block. With that being said I do think it would be worth it to figure that out because their pricing is good. And the experience I had with the customer service was pretty good. We went with Hostnine reseller account. Right now I’m happy with it.

  15. I have been using host9 for a while now, the service is great they answer support ticket within an hour. I like the fact that you can choose server from multiple location across the US,UK, The Netherlands etc, therefore varied ip iddress.You can also have your owe unique name server for every domain via the cpanel advance dns editor.
    What I like to know is that is there any similar service out there similar to host nine?

    site5 look interesting but at much higher price. Any suggestion guys?

  16. Looking at the brighter side, I think the real looser here are the registrar like namecheap, godaddy etc. Imaging saving all that money we normal speed to buy EMD?
    Hence Google rank pages not site, from now on we can just simply build authority site covering various topic on those expired domain we are discovering right now…. thanks to Hayden and spencer for the tipoff of the century.

  17. When I initially left a comment I seem to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on every time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the exact same comment. Is there an easy method you can remove me from that service? Thanks!

  18. Any new thoughts, ideas or discoveries for hosting diversification? I’m in the infant stages of building my private blog network and could use some advice.

  19. Hey Hayden, thanks for all the info yet again.

    I have a technical question, please let me know what is your experience with this.

    The following theoretical IP’s are technically on a different C-class:

    However, they ‘look’ mighty similar and I can’t shake the feeling that it may look suspicious to the search engines.

    Some hosting providers who sell different C classes provide these kind of addresses.

    What is your experience with this? Do you host in these kind of settings and didn’t notice diminishing returns?

    Thanks again! :)

  20. Hayden! Love your great information throughout your website and videos/audio.
    I’m hoping you can clarify on something.

    You said that you’ve tested IP usage and that it’s a sliding scale as multiple domains link from the same IPs. You seem to suggest no more than 5 domains per web hosting account.

    Do you mean 5 unique dedicated IPs, or just 5 domains (with shared IPs) in one hosting account?

    The BIG question though is this:
    Web hosts like IX Webhosting have the cheap unique IPs but they aren’t unique C-Class IPs. Do you still get good backlinking from those sites without unique c-class IPs(which are cheaper with web hosting like IX) or do you prefer using unique c-class hosting for high PR sites?

    In short, I’m attempting to discern this: Is the inflated cost of unique c-class IP hosting worth it, or would I be better off setting up several different cheaper hosting accounts instead?

    It’s likely cheaper going the route of having multiple cheap/shared hosting accounts, though it would be more difficult to manage than one account with many unique c-class ips.

    Thanks for your input!

  21. Hi Hayden,
    I started working on my website network, with bit different goals. Doing well for now, with $6-8k/m. But I would like to scale now and really don’t know how to setup VPS with multiple IPs? Is it trick in setting re-seller account and creating ‘buyers’? Noob willing to learn here :)

  22. John Vasquez says:

    Do you put most of your money sites on the same IP as well? Or is it better to buy extra IPs from the VPS provider and spread things around?

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