Intern Update and the NoHatSEO Intern Graduate Course!
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Although PBNs still work, they now have a history of being targeted by Google and therefore may not be the safest option. This is why we now focus on creating online businesses that are independent of SEO traffic.

So about 1 month ago I started a group internship with 7 interns (in addition to Josh the intern who I interned privately).   It has been an amazing experience, and honestly it has changed my entire business approach.  Like I mentioned in my bit on link-building authority sites – it’s like having multiple copies of me, all using my tools to do high-level tasks. In a single month they will have collectively found and cleaned thousands of $30+ domains based on my domain calculator, and are collectively developing 700 expired domains as Adsense / TLA/PBN sites. That’s crazy!    But what really surprised me was how well the group has worked together and played on each others strengths.  They have really expanded my processes and forced me to grow.   I’m also really pleased to see that they’ve become friends – they are accountability buddies and stay in touch constantly.  Ok enough gushing.


The internship was mainly focused on analyzing domains and building adsense sites on top of expired domains as a test.  We are going to continue and focus on building some authority sites, developing a  “Post grad” Private Blog Network, and expanding the micro niche sites with TLA and flipping (and linking to them from a donor network I am providing).   They are also using my staff to help with all of the above (one of many postgrad perks).    The thing that excites me most is the private blog network.


I’ve got a programmer working on the system, but essentially we are all creating 25 sites on 25 unique Ips. We are starting with 10 people, and I’m hoping to have that up to 25-30 people by the end of October (based on response to this internship post).   That would mean collective access to 600+ premium domains, all hosted on different C-Classes.   Sweet!   So if you’re interested in joining this group of skilled nohatters,  getting access to this Private Blog Network, using my tools to find expired domains and profitable and uncompetitive keywords and learning an insane amount of SEO, read on and consider entering the FREE NoHatSEO Intern Graduate Course!


What’s involved in the Course

  • The course will be in groups of 5 people, with one of our graduates teaching the course.  The course will include two 1 hour lessons a week, plus email and Skype support.   I would be available for any questions that are above and beyond what the grads know, which I think will be very little.
  • You will get an account setup for my expired domain checker and keyword checker with guidance on how to use them to get the most out of them (and man have the postgrads used them).
  • You will use these tools to setup 70 expired domains.    These domains will be a combination of Adsense sites and TLA sites.   You will learn the best ways to find them and earn from them, and have deadlines each week.    I will launch them for you on my CMS, you would pay for the registration cost of the domains as well as any content involved.  At the end of the 30 days we’d split the sites 50/50 (35 for you, 35 for me).
  • You will be part of a group of 5 people and will be accountability buddies.  You will work as a group and work with each other’s skill sets – our group had coders, spreadsheet geeks, and lots of out of the box thinkers.
  • Once completed you will have access to a private blog network for Post-Grads only – as well as access to lots of other postgrad perks.


What’s in if for YOU?

1)  You’d be introduced to a group of smart, skilled and sassy NoHatters™

2)  You’d get to use my tools to find expired domains and profitable and uncompetitive keywords

3) You would learn how to find a strong expired domain, and judge the domain well for spam (this is no easy task)

4) You would learn exactly how to setup a site on TLA and get introduced to my rep

5) You would own 35 of the sites and keep any income they make ( est. $1000-2000/mo within 60 days)

6) You can keep any extra domains you find

7) Once complete you become a Post-Grad and get access to the Private Network and a whole bunch of other possible partnerships.


What’s in it for ME?

1) I get to keep half the sites

2) I get to expand the network of post grads that I can work with (for the PBN and more).


What does this Require of  YOU?

If you’re fast on a computer you should be able to do all the above minus the content in about 60-80 hours.  Total cost would be $700 in domain costs, and at least another $500 for content if you don’t have a VA to outsource to or don’t want to write it yourself.


Application Fee

There will be a $500 REFUNDABLE application fee.  This is so only serious and committed people apply.   After the 30 days, assuming you’ve kept up your end, I will refund the $500.  I am not an asshole, if something happens that means you can’ t put in the hours I will refund the money (in fact that did happen to 1 of the previous interns, there were 8 in the group originally).


Do not apply if:

  • You cannot afford it.   If you have to get a loan to pay for this, then this is not for you.      I encourage you to follow the instruction in my free videos to get you to the point where you can afford this (working 100 hours a month that should only take you a few months)
  • You do not agree with everything in my SEO Mindset post.
  • You are very risk adverse, and take money very personally.   This is a risky business and if the sites end up making nothing this should not depress or enrage you.   As mentioned in the SEO Mindset, this is a high risk, high reward game.   I only want people who are aware of that, and still see the value in these tools and my training.
  • You cannot put in at least 50-70 hours.   I want people to get value out of this, and I want it to work.  If you can’t put in 80-100 hours in 30 days, then this is not a good option for you or for me.
  • You don’t understand the content in the training I’ve given so far.   This is pretty self-explanatory.  Go brush up on it and apply when you get it.  Candidates must have had success finding multiple expired domains already.  The course won’t start for another 2 weeks, so if you are keen I’d advise you go view the tutorials and find yourself some domains!
  • You are not willing to share your results with a group.  Sharing is caring – if you are possessive with knowledge then this is not for you.
  • You are not willing to “Pay it Forward” in the future.  If this works out well, I would like to be able to scale it and help a larger amount of people, just as the current post-grads are doing.  Of course you will receive huge benefits for doing this, and it will definitely be worth your while.
  • You will lose your cool if one of my tools has a temporary bug.  My tools were not made to be packages and are  as-is.  If there is a bug I will extend the 30 days to make up for it, but you should be good natured about this.


The ideal Candidate

Aside from being A-OK with all the above, the ideal candidate has:

  • Mad skills with spreadsheets
  • Some programming experience
  • The ability to generate large lists of sites
  • The ability to read another language aside from English (let me know which!)


If you don’t have all of that, no biggie.  That is the ideal candidate and the world is far from ideal :)


How to Apply & Course Start Date

Email me at haydenmiyamoto AT gmail DOT com with the subject: NoHatSEO Internship v2.  Have a well organized email that starts with a bit of your background and then addresses all of the points in this post (esp. the DO NOT APPLY IF and the IDEAL CANDIDATE points), and then includes any questions/concerns at the end.   We aim to start the course on September 10 ending October 10, though this may be moved back.


Thanks for reading!




Intern Update and the NoHatSEO Intern Graduate Course!
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  1. Hi Hayden. Glad to see that your internship program has progressed so quickly.

    I’m not sure if you got my e-mail or not. Basically, the Domain Spoon app is ready for testing. My semi-automated tool for finding expired domains probably isn’t as sophisticated as whatever system you are using… but, it is based on your processes to a large degree.

    I’m sure you don’t really NEED the app, since you have your own tool for doing the same thing. Also, you seem to have a small army doing much of the filtering, sorting and evaluating for you. :-)

    In any case, you still have an open invitation to check out our web application. We are still looking for a few more beta testers to help make the application better, stronger, and more useful… so, if you’d like to send some our way, feel free.

  2. Would some of the current interns mind commenting on their experiences so far? It’d be great to see what they’ve gotten out of their internships so far, especially from any who were newbies before starting… “From the horses mouth(s)” so to speak!

    • Among many other huge benefits (like use of the tools, as Danny mentions below), this internship has rapidly accelerated my learning… I have learned and produced way more in 1 month (from Hayden and the other interns) than in the previous 4 months combined. Also, it’s been great to have some reasonable and worthwhile goals to work towards instead of just being accountable to yourself day in and day out (which, for me, can get a bit tiresome!). It’s truly a great group of people (even Hayden… :P ) and I know I will stay in touch with most (hopefully all!) of them for a long time to come.

  3. This is a great opportunity. Hayden has been very helpful and accessible and the tools are sooo nice. I had almost no experience with IM/SEO starting out, and I found 1 PR5, 17 PR4s, and ~150 PR3s all with MozTrust > 3 in 3 weeks. :D

    I’m excited for the next phase!


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