Introducing the Top-Secret NoHatSEO Research Lab!
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I’ve been noticing for awhile that Google has some off-page ranking factors that have absolutely nothing to do with links.   With the introduction of Penguin and it’s various updates, linking as a ranking factor has declined and it will likely continue to do so in the coming years.


Ok before you got nuts and question why the hell you’ve been buying expired domains, take it easy.  Linking is still the #1 factor and will likely continue to be for some time.   But that doesn’t mean we should discount some of the other factors.


The truth is, nobody in the SEO field has any data on the other factors, only speculation.    I want to end that, with the NoHatSEO Research Lab.


What is the NoHatSEO Research Lab?

I’m glad you asked!  It’s a group of undercover nohatters that will work together to perform some very basic 1 minute tasks that will lead to insight into how Google and other systems work.   Your part in these experiments will not take you longer than the time it takes to boil a kettle each day.


To start I will be defining the experiments, and later on we can define them as a group.    Here are some thing I’d like to test:


  • How type-in traffic impacts overall ranking and authority
  • How referral (non-search) traffic impacts overall ranking and authority
  • How brand searches impact overall ranking and authority
  • How FB likes impacts overall ranking and authority
  • How tweets and retweets impact overall ranking and authority
  • How CTR on the SERPs impact ranking for a given term
  • How Alexa traffic impacts TLA sales
  • How Gmail mentions affects ranking
  • How citations (not links) affect ranking
  • How surrounding link text affects ranking for a given term
  • And much, much, more….


If we see positive results from these tests (and I’m sure we will), we can also create a group that can help each other out with whatever has worked :)   Mwahaha!  Take that Google!    In your eye!


This will only work if we get a few hundred people to actually take action on these experiments, so if you want answers to the above, sign up! And spread this! Post this on your blog, your wall, email it your list… the more people we get, the faster the results (and we can run much grander experiments)!


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Introducing the Top-Secret NoHatSEO Research Lab!
0 votes, 0.00 avg. tacos (0% full)
  1. I’m in! I am a statistician/predictive modeler by training so I can not only help with the data collection but perform some of the analysis in SAS. Any particular way you want us to sign up?

  2. I made some experiments with CTR in the SERP and some peoples did too, but I, and the others, did conclude this seems to not impact the SERP. I even did it on two different search engines,and I’m still working on this project. However, I’m still thinking we all did wrong and that’s a fucking ranking factor. How search engines could deny such a strong signal ? Even bing admitted it’s a ranking factor.

    Regarding to FB like/RT, they have no direct impact on ranking, be realist, Google can’t fetch and update the RT/likes of each of his indexed page, it’s just impossible. However, the trafic income generated by the social signal could indirectly triggers some others signal on search engines.

    • Yes I’ve tried some microworkers tests on CTR and also noticed nothing. But who knows with microworkers…

      To me I think non-search traffic has got to be the biggest rising factor. I also don’t think that the FB/Twitter stats have anything to do with ranking (though many SEOs would disagree). Though you just can’t ignore Google+ right now.

      • Yep google+ is totally different, because that’s data they own and can access in real time, sure they use(or will) it.

        Well, I signed up for your lab search.

  3. Count me in! I’m ready when you are, and YES(!) – working to discover the “other” ranking factors that G is currently giving juice – is super important for all of us.

  4. Maybe we should all band together to build a WP plugin. If someone wants to write up the specs, I’d be happy to pitch in on a module or two.

  5. I’m on-board!

    I’m also sure social signals will be playing into more effect with Google somehow.. if not directly with the SERPS.

    For example with PR passing – it seems crazy that you can just point a bunch of links from a domain and wham – you have a PR5 site – but that’s how it works so far. Google could for example decide to pass PR on a percentage scale based on your social signals.

    For example if you don’t have a bunch of raving fans all talking about you then obviously you arn’t a big deal – therefore the PR passed from the high PR site will only be small. As your brand and social signals grow – more link juice flows… proportionally.

    Just an idea of how they might take something like social media into account.

    Also – being an accredited author (little pic buy your article in the SERP) – I’m sure things like that will rank content over standard pages.

    Just my 2 cents


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