Looking for a Few Interns
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I have a huge backlog of domains to go through, a million items on my todo list, and not nearly enough time to go through them.  So I’m looking for a few interns to help me go through my lists with my DA Checker tool, and document some of the more interesting experiments I’m looking to do.   You’d get 30 days to use the tool, and I would either provide or advise on the lists, and you’d go nuts and record everything you find.


Why do I need the Help?

Firstly, there are a ton of people who want to buy lists of domains, and I just don’t have the time to look for them.   My option is to either stop providing this service, or find a way to scale it that does not eat up my time.

Secondly, I want to do some more testing on flipping high PR domains and documenting it here.

Thirdly, I want to test setting up some of these domains as adsense sites.


The Job Description:

1) You’d go through about 500,000 domain using my tool in 30 days, and record all the data associated with all the decent available domains in a google doc.  The tool makes this quite easy to do, and you should expect to find about 500 domains out of this.  If you’re fast, checking and recording each of these 500 domains will  take about 5 minutes each, so you’re looking at about 50 hours of work.  If you can find more than 500 domains then feel free to buy up the excess for yourself.


2) You’d do 2 flippa auction of 25 of the above domains each (50 domains total), and document the process.  I would launch the domains for you, you’d pay for the domains,  write/pay for the content, and handle the auction and transfer process.   Because of domain transfer reasons, the flip wouldn’t happen until the domain has been registered for 60 days.


3) You’d setup 25 of the domains you found as Adsense sites, and document the process.    I would launch the domains for you, you’d pay for the domains and write/pay for the content.  You’d use my keyword research tool to figure out what to target.


What’s in if for YOU?

1) You would get to keep half the money made from the auctions (est. $5000, but it could also be $0)

2) You would own the adsense sites, and keep all the money they make (est. $750-$1500/mo)

3) You’d get training from me (I usually charge $500/hr for consulting)

4) This could turn into a longer term partnership

5) You get to meet other people working on the same process

6) You can keep any extra domains you find



What’s in it for ME?

1) I get to keep half the money made from the auctions and get to document the process and prove a business model for selling sites

2) I get to document the process and prove a business model for setting up expired domains as Adsense sites

3) I get the data on 500 domains to setup or sell if I choose to

4) This could turn into a longer term partnership

5) I get to see if I like doing this.


If you’re fast on a computer you should be able to do all the above minus the content in about 60-80 hours.  Total cost would be $700 in domain costs, and at least another $500 for content if you don’t have a VA to outsource to (100 articles, which you could also write yourself if you are so inclined).


Application Fee

There will be a $500 REFUNDABLE application fee.  This is so only serious and committed people apply.  After the 30 days, assuming you have kept up your end, the $500 will be fully refunded.


Do not apply if:

  • You cannot afford it.   If you have to get a loan to pay for this, then this is not for you.      I encourage you to follow the instruction in my free videos to get you to the point where you can afford this (working 100 hours a month that should only take you a few months)
  • You do not agree with everything in my SEO Mindset post.
  • You are very risk adverse, and take money very personally.   I am testing some new ideas here, and if the sites end of making nothing this should not depress or enrage you.   As mentioned in the SEO Mindset, this is a high risk, high reward game.   I only want people who are aware of that, and still see the value in these tools and my training.
  • You cannot put in at least 80-100 hours.   I want people to get value out of this, and I want it to work.  If you can’t put in 80-100 hours in 30 days, then this is not a good option for you or for me.
  • You don’t understand the content in the training I’ve given so far.   This is pretty self-explanatory.  Go brush up on it and apply when you get it.  Ideally I want candidates that have had success finding expired domains already.
  • You are not willing to share your results with a group.  Sharing is caring – if you are possessive with knowledge then this is not for you.
  • You are not willing to “Pay it Forward” in the future.  Since this is the first group, this is important to me.  If this works out well, I would like to be able to scale it and help a larger amount of people.  Of course you will receive huge benefits for doing this, and it will definitely be worth your while.
  • You will lose your cool if one of my tools has a temporary bug.  My tools were not made to be packages and are  as-is.  If there is a bug I will extend the 30 days to make up for it, but you should be good natured about this.


The ideal Candidate

Aside from being A-OK with all the above, the ideal candidate has:

  • Already found expired domains (email me the ones you’ve found)
  • Some programming experience
  • The ability to generate large lists of sites
  • The ability to read another language aside from English (let me know which!)


If you don’t have all of that, no biggie.  That is the ideal candidate and the world is far from ideal :)


How to Apply

Email me at haydenmiyamoto AT gmail DOT com with the subject: NoHatSEO Internship.  Have a well organized email that starts with a cover letter / background and then addresses all of the points in this post, and then includes any questions/concerns at the end.


Thanks for reading!





Looking for a Few Interns
0 votes, 0.00 avg. tacos (0% full)
  1. I bought a domain at Godaddy on July 1. I listed it at Godaddy Auctions and sold it seven days later. I received the funds today.

    I think the 60 days pertains to the Registar not the transfer. You can transfer it to another godaddy customer but not to Namecheap.

    It was a .org domain. I was suprised it worked. I listed some more today to test it again.

    • Hi,

      Do you mind sharing more details. How did the metrics look like on that domain? What was your profit? There are so many domains on those auctions, did you promote yours somewhere else or did you just list it and not look back?

      A lot of questions, but your response would be greatly appreciated.

      • It was a standard domain. I lost $5 on the transaction. The goal was to learn the system and process.

        I listed 5 more at higher prices. I posted them at my site if you want to run them for metrics.

  2. I would love to send you and email :) but I won’t because I don’t have the money and I don’t have enough experience.

    But I was thinking.. I’m sure, I’m not the only one. What would be the smartest and the cheapest way to start with all of this?

    This is my plan.

    I’m currently in a hunt for high PR expired domains and keywords. I’m doing all of this manually, by using GAKT for keywords and Xenu for expired domains. My plan is to get as many as I can. Don’t know the exact number yet :)

    When that part is over, I’ll start the one month trial at seomoz. At that point the analyzing of the keywords and expired domains start. After one month or sooner hopefully, I’ll have at least 10 great expired domains and 10 weak competition keywords ready (APA under 40).

    I was thinking of buying 5 expired domains and building 10 websites based on the keywords I found. I would then link to these websites from the expired domains.

    My plan was to add 5 articles on niche websites and adsense and then see what happens.

    My goal is to earn 100 dollars a month with these 10 websites. That would really make me smile. If the number is lower than that, it would be ok too. Just so I know that I can do it.

    Why am I writing all of this?

    Maybe there is someone out there that doesn’t have a clue where to start and because I really want to hear what the readers have to say about my plan and especially Hayden.

    Is there anything that I should change regarding the websites, my plan or anything else?

  3. I would sign up for seomoz now. Use it while searching for the highPR domains. Do it the same way Hayden outlines in the video.

    Let me know if you need any help.


    • Hi Jason, I’ve just bought some expired Domains from Heyden. I’m barging in on this thread a bit, (sorry!)
      You mentioned “help” what are you offering?
      I definitely need lots of help!
      Thanks Ed

  4. Sounds exciting. You make it look like an Indiana Jones adventure with domaining and niche sites. Time investment required is the only part stopping me from joining your band. And I even read two other languages very well. Some more if basic skills count. Well, I guess you can’t have your hands in too many things at once. Good luck though.

    @Mitja – I would start simple. You definitely don’t need 10 expired domains to get several 10$-a-month AdSense sites going. You can achieve much more with free, less time-consuming methods, like links in blog comments, forum posts, web 2.0 links, a bit of article marketing and one or two directory submissions. This should set you up for success in low com niches.

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