NoHatSEO Internship V3.0
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Update: Want to see what are interns are currently learning? Check out what courses we currently offer.

I am launching a much simpler internship which will be taught by myself and my two partners (Scott, a v1 and Phil, a v2 intern).  In this internship you will be given an extremely high quality domain to audit and convert into a news site.  You will learn how to setup a successful Google+ author profile, how to get the site into Google News (optional), how I personally convert expired domains, how I scale my link building and you will see my personal PBN as you will by link building the site on it.  You will also be given a former set of extremely profitable niches to build out content for.  The internship will be a minimum of 30 days, but potentially much longer (if you want to do more than 1 site, if you opt for Google news, if you want to target more than 1 niche).


What’s in it for YOU:

  • The opportunity to make some money from this money site (50/50 split)
  • Links to your own sites from a high DA, PR5+, News site
  • A course on google news and google+ authorship
  • Opportunity for links on my personal network (If I need an article posted on the site you manage and you provide the article, you can also provide an article for another site on my network to link build).
  • People that successfully complete the internship get entered into the intern PBN.
  • The opportunity to potentially work together in the future.

What you’ll learn and do:

  • Install a custom theme  and edit  the content currently on site.
  • Pick and choose targets based on niches I have personally made thousands with.
  • Write content, min. 10 articles per week.
  • Link build the site using infographics and link bait on my network of hundreds of strong domains
  • Get an established Google+ Author profile linked to this site
  • Get into Google News (optional – for those who want to make a larger time commitment).
  • Create presell pages that rank for SERPs and rent them to companies (optional)

How much can you earn?

The sites will be targeted at multiple niches, that each made 3 figure EPMs and over $1000/mo.  Realistically you could only target 1 of these niches each month.    The presell pages can be rented out for hundreds/mo each.  So it depends on how much you want to write/sell.   The unlimited links to the site is obviously worth a lot if you already have a batch of money sites to link build.

What’s in it for ME:

  • I get half the money earned from these sites.
  • I get to test some theories
  • The sites are improved so I can sell presell pages on them.
  • The opportunity to potentially work together in the future.

What does this require from YOU?

About 50-80 hours of work per month, mostly writing and likely $0.   You may want to pay a graphic designer for an infographic to link build if you don’t have talent with photoshop.  If you go the Google News route this is a larger commitment as it requires 3 news articles per day for 3 months, if you have a full-time job you should not consider that option.

Application Fee:

There will be a $500 REFUNDABLE application fee.  This is so only serious and committed people apply.   After the 30 days, assuming you’ve kept up your end, I will refund the $500.  I am not an asshole, if something happens that means you can’ t put in the hours I will refund the money.

Do NOT apply if:

  • You do not agree with everything in my SEO Mindset post.
  • You are very risk adverse, and take money very personally.   This is a risky business and if the sites end up making nothing this should not depress or enrage you.   As mentioned in the SEO Mindset, this is a high risk, high reward game.   I only want people who are aware of that, and still see the value in these tools and my training.
  • You cannot put in at least 40 hours per month.   I want people to get value out of this, and I want it to work.  If you can’t put in  40 hours in 30 days, then this is not a good option for you or for me.
  • You are not willing to share your results with a group.  Sharing is caring – if you are possessive with knowledge then this is not for you.
  • You are not willing to “Pay it Forward” in the future.  If this works out well, I would like to be able to scale it and help a larger amount of people, just as the current post-grads are doing.  Of course you will receive huge benefits for doing this, and it will definitely be worth your while.
  • You do not have complete, 100% fluency in English.

 The Ideal Candidate

  • Is not currently employed full-time.
  • Has an existing Adsense account and has made some money previously.
  • Has some experience with Google+
  • Is comfortable with writing a sales email or making a sales phone call, and has some sales experience.

If you don’t have all the above qualities, no biggie.  These are not pre-requisites, but rather attention-grabbing perks.

How to Apply & Course Start Date

Email me at haydenmiyamoto AT gmail DOT com with the subject: NoHatSEO Internship v3.  Have a well organized email that starts with a bit of your background and then addresses all of the points in this post (esp. the DO NOT APPLY and Ideal Candidates), and then includes any questions/concerns at the end.  Also please let me know if you’re interested in the Google News option, and how long you’d potentially want this partnership to last or if there is something in the near future that will mean the internship would have to end).   We aim to start the course next week on Monday May 20, though this may be moved back.


Update June 11, 2013:  The internship started May 20, 21 Interns joined, 2 dropped out for personal reasons leaving 19 still rocking it.   We decided to skip over Google News, and I taught keyword research instead.  Many people will choose to continue doing more sites going forward, and I’ve already got 3 separate ongoing projects with 3 different interns (more on that soon).   I will likely launch a very similar internship next week, as many people have asked to join since this started.


NoHatSEO Internship V3.0
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  1. So everyone knows, Hayden emailed me and it started a couple of weeks ago. I missed the boat, damn it… shouldn’t have been on holiday :) next time!

  2. Hi Hayden,

    I am a new fan. I just found you through your podcasts with Spencer Haws. I love your generosity and your approach. It’s so refreshing! It looks like I found you a little late for this internship. I hope to get in on the next one!

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