Top 25 SEO Blogs that Publish Killer Contents
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Top_SEO_BlogIf you own a blog then you know how challenging and confusing SEO can be. The first step in becoming good at SEO is to gain knowledge from individuals who are well-versed in SEO and then applying that knowledge to your own blog. So we’ve compiled a list of the Top 25 SEO blogs you should follow in 2018 that will help you get more traffic to your blog through the search engine.


Clement –

Clement limClement Lim is a freelance copywriter; he is also a content marketer. He lives in the UK where he was born and raised. Clement helped CEOs and marketing executives grow their businesses. Follow Clement to get better information on products manufacturing, business growth strategies and technology development.

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Heidi –

Heidi cohen SEOHeidi is a seasoned marketing veteran with extensive knowledge of marketing across diverse categories. Heidi has an Actionable Marketing Guide with high quality marketing contents to help you improve your business.

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Pedro –

For information on Digital Marketing, like SEO, SEM, Web Accessibility, Usability, Graphic User Interface and Web Design, you should follow Pedro Dias. Pedro is a Digital Marketer, Optimization consultant, a Google Marketing Expert and a usability enthusiast.

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Taylor –

To know more about Technical SEO audits, monitoring Google Analytics and Search Console data, and Search Console data, assisting with site migrations, backlink audits and SEO consulting you should follow Taylor Tomita.

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Craig –

Craig is a SEO expert with more than 16 years of extensive experience in SEO.  If you want to learn SEO he has multiple training courses and tutorials on his site along with a blog that is updated regularly with high-quality contents.

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Marie –

Mary Haynes has a great understanding of Google’s algorithm changes. Marie Haynes is recommended for you if your interest is learning how to improve your Google presence in ways that comply with Google Guidelines.

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Anna –

Anna Branding & Co. is a creative SEO marketing studio that specializes in SEO, content development, and design. Anna’s Branding & Co. aims at transforming brands and growing businesses to make life better.

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Kathryn –

For contents to grow your business, Kathryn Argon is reliable. Kathryn is a content strategist, marketing consultant, and author. She runs a strategy consulting firm that helps share your messages to attract the best customer.

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Jordan –

Jordan Kasteler is a seasoned professional; he is also a digital marketing consultant that specializes in SEO and Social Media Marketing. Jordan specializes in Site Audits and Migrations, Marketing Strategy and PR Consulting.



Tor –

Tor Refsland has a background in Journalism, retail business, sales, marketing, consulting, project management, IT-industry, start-ups, coaching and mentoring. He runs a time management blog. Tor is passionate about working with people who are starting or growing their businesses

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Maddy –

Maddy Osman has worked as a Sony Brand Ambassador (at the University of Iowa), a Zipcar Brand Ambassador (Chicago), Sales at Groupon (Chicago) and Sales & Marketing at Social Media Beast (Chicago). Her blog gives knowledge on blog site design, social media promotion and copywriting.



Sue –

Sue Dunlevie offers small group coaching to new bloggers. She helps bloggers spend more time on what they love doing, and being their own boss by making consistent and reliable income online even when they work at home.

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Adam –

Adam Connell started his blog in 2012, mainly to share knowledge on marketing strategy. His blog has been the first choice of bloggers, where they come to acquire strategies to accelerate their blog’s growth.

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Ryan –

Ryan Biddulph was born in New Jersey. He is a world traveler, and he runs the Blogging from Paradise Community where bloggers learn to have fun blogging, boost their blogging income, generate more traffic while they build a successful blog.

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Michael –

Michael Akinlaby has a humble background. He sold history books on the streets to survive and to gain an education, which provided to him a background in sales and marketing. Michael teaches how SEO and Content Marketing can help you get the right and massive traffic to your website.

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Will –

Will grew up on the outskirts of London. His childhood was completely absent of anything that had to do with computers and internet. Will started the London SEO Agency Sharpe Digital, and he has helped over 500 businesses realize their online potential.

Killer Post: The 10 Habits of Highly Effective SEOs


Matt –

Online Gusto is Matt Davison’s blog. He formed this site to offer information to people about travels and marketing.

Killer Post: How to do/check your SEO – Simply Explained



Bill –

Bill Achola is a Digital Entrepreneur; his blog focuses on helping small business owners, bloggers and entrepreneur understand the power of content and the huge return it can bring to your business.

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Enstine –

Enstine Muki is from Douala in Cameroon. He has been working online since 2005 creating websites and apps, he has also been blogging since 2012. He developed a couple of apps on Money Transfer and social media.

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Eli –

The Launch your dream blog helps you to achieve your aim of successful blogging. Eli is an entrepreneur and an artist, he enjoys writing and photography.

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Jason –

Jason McDonalds is an expert in SEO, Social Media Marketing and Adwords. With anything that concerns Internet Marketing Jason is your man.

Killer Post: Here’s Why Content is King in SEO, Social Media & On the Internet (Generally)


Tom –

Tom runs hunting the white whale. It is where you can focus if you have interests on content, digital, influencer marketing, SEO, being a solo entrepreneur, start-ups, and digital marketing methods.

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Shae –

Shae Baxter has a post-graduate certificate in Digital Marketing. She helps entrepreneurs and bloggers grow their businesses with strategies by generating more search engine traffic.

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Jon –

If you are a blogger, and you want to become successful at it then Jon Morrow is the one you want to follow. He has numerous detailed articles on his blog ranging from SEO, content marketing, email marketing, and many more. All the information will help you become successful with your blog. 

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Greg –

Greg is geared towards helping new bloggers; He started blogging in 2010 with an urge to add value to readers, rather than just getting fans, traffic or links to his blog.

Killer Post: Why Clever Post Titles Are Killing Your Blog


Wrap Up

With the 25 SEO blogs listed above, you can be rest assured that we have your year covered by blogs that publish killer contents. Check them all out, follow them on social media, and visit their blog for more value-driven SEO contents.


Top 25 SEO Blogs that Publish Killer Contents
3 votes, 3.67 avg. tacos (72% full)

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