Accountability and a Free Course Coming Soon
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From what I’ve seen based on emails and comments on this post, the biggest thing stopping people from earning online is a lack of focus.  Hey, I get it.  There are hundreds of different “Gurus” all saying contradictory things, it’s difficult to know where to start.  But start you must.  The key is to just take a technique or process, be it mine, or Spencer’s, or anyone elses, and run with it.  Ban yourself from reading anything else, and just start.


If you decide to follow my processes, great!  Here’s a flexible mini-course, that anyone can complete working a few hours a day for a couple months straight:


Start with a goal for the number of sites you’d like to create and finish this month.

Week 1 – Find uncompetitive keywords for half of the sites, buy domains around them and setup sites.

Week 2 – Write / obtain content for the sites that you setup

Week 3 – Find x expired domains, set them up and add a link to each of your 10 sites.

Week 4 – Write / obtain content for the remaining half of your sites, and add links from your new private blog network.



One of the things that helped me (and continues to help me), is having an accountability partner.  Someone who is ideally trying to work towards a similar end goal as you.  Colin is my accountability partner.  We meet every Thursday at 2pm without fail.  We have different businesses, but that doesn’t really matter as we are both eager to see eachother succeed.  We meet for 20-30 minutes at most, make a list of goals we will complete before the next meeting and report on our successes / failures with our previous week’s goals.  Sometimes we ask for advice on a specific topic, but that is rare.  The primary goal here to  drive each other to succeed, and if we don’t complete our goals we bust each other’s balls.


If you know someone who is at a similar stage in the process, I really urge you to do this.  It is invaluable.  Try it out, and if it’s not a good fit you can try it with another person until you find the right fit. I was lucky to find Colin – we are similar people with similar business views as well as world views.  True peers, and we’ve become really good friends.  Many of our goals now are not business-related because that’s not where we’re we necessarily need to focus our energy.


I have devised a way for readers to take part in an accountability exercise on this site, and will post about it soon.  It will be a free course, structured much like the above, and anyone is invited to participate.





P.S. – You may have noticed I’ve been slower to respond to comments and emails as of late.   Sorry about that.  I am getting ready for a 1.5 month trip back to Toronto, and things have been busy here.  I will be traveling tomorrow and working again on Thursday, when I plan to make not one but two posts to make up for lost time.


Accountability and a Free Course Coming Soon
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  1. Hey Hayden,
    I need to start breaking up my batch of domains like you have mentioned, publish 5 and then work on the next instead of trying to publish all 10 at the end.

    Do you wait a week after your sites go live before backlinking?

  2. You are right in its all about getting started and stop reading.
    Good bye…:)
    But one last question. What is your view foreign language domains like .de, .it etc? Do you bother with them? Do you think they can provide link value if setup as English language sites?

  3. Having someone to kick you in the ass after you have set goals and lose focus is critical. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve started prioritizing my need to do items as well as focusing on my health with weekly goals that I’m sharing with a good friend.

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