How to find PR5+ expired domains for $9 Part 2
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<Disclaimer> A lot of people are having difficulty finding domains. There is a real learning curve, so please be prepared for this. As an option for those that are just starting out, I recommend you prove the model by first purchasing a few domains, or try out our latest service, RankHero.

RankHero allows you to test the viability of this method without having to invest the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars it takes to find, build, host and maintain your own Private Content Network. </disclaimer>



Note that this is part of the expired domain series which has been compiled in order of importance here.


Hey everybody, this is the 2nd part of my expired domains training.  It assumes you’ve already seen and likely tried the method I described in Part 1.


This video shows you how I do it semi-automatically, with some help from ScrapeBox.  It shows the entire process and even the 15 or so available domain names that I found during the 1 hour search.  It also goes into a bit of what my tool does, how I use it, and how you can make something similar.



In this video I go over:

  • How to find a good seed list of URLs using Scrapebox
  • How to use Xenu to find available domains on that list of URLs
  • How my tool analyzes those available domains instantly.
  • See the dozen or so standard domains, and 3 premium domains I found in the 1 hour search!
  • Tips on how build a tool similar to mine


Tools mentioned in this video:

Xenu Link Sleuth – Free! (Sign up for a free trial to see full results – aff link – note that I get paid whenever anyone signs up for a free trial, you don’t have to purchase after 30 days.  So if you think I deserve a tip from an 80 million dollar organization, use my affiliate link!)

ScrapeBox Deal

SquidProxies (Aff. link, I use them and recommend them – if they don’t work on Scrapebox just email them and request Scrapebox proxies).

List of SEOMoz API Metrics


I also posted on how to value an expired domain, what is good and what is  great, and even how you can buy a list from me.

 And if you’ve already found some expired domains, here’s a post that shows how I set mine up as a private blog network.
How to find PR5+ expired domains for $9 Part 2
9 votes, 2.44 avg. tacos (50% full)
  1. Hi Hayden, If its a sub-domain that has the high pr links pointing to it, do you set it up again as the same sub, or redirect that page to the root doamin?



  2. Hayden…

    Are you going to offer up some of your 700K domain list for sale? I want to buy 5 or 10 domains for backlinking to my sites but don’t want to invest in software, etc…

  3. I am finding sites that are like PA 40, DA 30, Trust 5.8, Links 68, Age 12. But the links back to them are 1,0, or NA.

    What are you thoughts on these? They are in strong financial niches.

  4. Hi Hayden,
    what’s your advice on hosting and developing one of these domains/sites? (Think: small budget!)

    Would you advise setting each one up on a separate HostGator Hatchling/Baby account for $4-6 per month, or on a reseller account, or should it have some greater IP differentiation?

    And do you simply develop it with content much as you would a new site? Or do you search out it’s previous content and amass a ton of pages as quick as possible?

    Thanks again for your great posts.

  5. Lots of information again!

    I do have a question about the PR of the domains. I hope you find time to answer it.

    You stated that 3 nPR links will give a PR of n-1 for the receiving site.
    Is this calculation based on the number of links shown in OSE or is this about the total amount of links seen by Google?
    Google only shows a percentage of the linking domains so if the tools show 2 nPR links there will be probebly more which are not shown.

    • Yes it’s based on what G sees, which I’m guessing is 50% more than what OSE and Ahrefs see combined. Most high PR pages should have been seen by those tools though.

  6. Hayden — this is awesome info — as is all your stuff!

    I haven’t found any good domains yet with this method (I’ve only tried for a few hours) — but I did find a nice handful from the previous video you posted.

    You’re the man — and I may just have to name my next son after you!

    Unless I don’t find a 12007 for that name query, I guess. ;-)


      • Yea Hayden although I’m not going down this route you’re keyword research/competition has helped me find niche’s for physical products I want to sell online. SEO moz is a fantastic tool. I want to thank you.

  7. Hey Hayden,

    How many proxies do we need for scrapebox?

    I have been using it for less than an hour and google has blocked all 10 of my private proxies.


      • I unchecked the multi-thread option in scrape box so that it shows you a log for what each connection attempt is doing and it’s telling me google has blocked them.

        I just checked again after a nights sleep and three of my 10 worked, so maybe i’l just wait it out and see if they all come back.


      • Steve, I have read somewhere that if you use 20 proxies on scrapebox then you should only use 5 at a time. Go to settings, adjust max connections and select just 5 for the different search engines. The rule of thumb that I read is to use 20% at a time when doing any scraping and it stops them getting band. Always works for me.

  8. Hayden a bit different question for you: 1 to 10 how worried are you that AdSense is going to block your account because you have so many sites ?

    I mean they’ve made it pretty clear over last few months that they don’t like people who have shit load of micro niche sites.

    And yeah thanks again for taking your time to answer questions :)


  9. Hayden,

    This is amazing content. Do you have a typical WordPress ‘theme’ you use for the sites you build out. If I am hearing you correctly, the typical process for you is:

    – Buy Domain
    – Install WordPress Theme
    – Add Content as a ‘News Site’ related to what the site previously ranked for
    – Build content related to ‘keywords’ that you want to rank the site for
    – Sell ‘Text Link Ads’ on the main site through
    – Add a Backlink to one of your ‘money sites’ to increase rank of your other sites

    Are you doing anything else with the sites you are acquiring or am I missing anything?

    • Backlinks are added within posts. Textlinks are generally not sold on these sites, but rather on the sites they link to (generally these become PR5).

      Just note that I install on a unique IP. Otherwise you got it.

  10. Quick question…

    When I am adding articles to the wordpress sites would you make the front page a “static page” with 5 articles on it or just have 5 posts on the front page?

    • I’d show excerpts of the posts (without links). Generally I’d show up to 30 posts, then change the linking structure to use category pages and optimize PR flow to them (make sure they are top level nav)

      • So you don’t have any actually links coming of the main page with PR? All of the links are on inner pages with no PR? Does it trickle down or what?

  11. Maybe this is a stupid question but I don’t understand why the domains are still available for hand registration at standard price.
    There are many tools (for example registercompass) now that lists all domains that are about to expire and you can filter for PR, number of links etc to find the good quality ones and then bid on them in Godaddy actions etc. Why are not all domains of good quality picked up by the thousands of people searching for them using these tools?
    Are the expired quality domains that are available expired before these tools got popular? Or are they not picked up by these tools for some reason? What reason would that be?
    Thanks for your great free content.

    • I am wondering the same thing… do sites like registercompass cover all expiring domains or are that some quality domains that pass unnoticed ?

    • These tools are only checking auction feeds, which are 99.9% of the time newly dropping domains, or recently dropped domains. Domainers have been doing this for ages, but SEOs have only been doing it for the last few years. This is why my searches are generally pre-2008.

      The droplists still do have some diamonds in the rough – domains that expired and don’t have PR anymore, but you really need an automated tool to mill through them.

  12. Bradley C. says:

    Hayden, thanks for all the info. I’m already working on developing an MS Excel macro that does much of what your tool does, and it’s going pretty well so far. It’s definitely going to save a lot of time, even if I cannot pull the MozTrust metric with the free API.

    Quick question, though: I was able to find a blog that the author deleted. But, when I go to register it, it says “Sorry, that site already exists!”

    Is one of the free blog sites that doesn’t let you register the name of a deleted blog?

    • Okay. I answered my own question by digging through some forums that I found on Google. Apparently, doesn’t recycle subdomains. I knew that it was just too good to be true when I found a stellar “deleted” blog that gave me a Page Authority of 70 in OSE.

      Can you give us an idea of some other free hosts out there that allow you to register the same subdomain of a previously-abandoned blog?

  13. Has Typepad changed something? Looks like it’s not FREE. It’s wanting $8.95/month for a Plus Plan which allows you to host 4 blogs. For $14.95/month, you can host unlimited blogs on their Unlimited Plan.

    Oh well, if I can find some super sweet blogs, it might still be worth it I suppose.

  14. Do the links go on articles on the PR homepage or on articles on inner posts with no PR?

    Do the link juice trickle down or?

    Anyone know?

    • Hello Jayson,

      Automated, I just can’t do it manual way :)

      Here it goes: I scrape list of domains using ScrapeBox,
      Hayden recommends aroun 100 PR5 and above domains but I scrape at least 1K,

      Then let XENU run for hours in the background while I do other things,

      When it finishes I take the list and remove subdomains, domains with country specific extensions and check the rest (around 2K) using NameCheap,
      Hope that helps,

  15. Thanks Vusal!

    Yea I will try increasing my list to 1k+. I am finding lots of Standard domains but want some Premiums. :)

  16. Phew, I must be Hayden’s worst student. I’ve only just got through this post and there’s loads more to come.

    I seem to be the only one to have real trouble with proxies. I can’t seem to get them to work even when I’ve filtered the ones from Scrapebox or from the web.

    Anyway, I’ve finally manage to harvest 350+ links of PR5 and above and I’m running it through Xenu at the moment and it’s been going for 2 hours.

    For some reason I’m not seeing 12007 on Xenu while I’m running it, I’m getting “no such host” which is the same thing, I think.

    I’ve been able to check a few by hand – no joy yet. Just one domain that has bad SEOMoz scores but one PR6 site-wide link found through ahrefs. Is that worth going for? If the PR6 site takes the link off it’ll be worthless. And it has no other links.

  17. Just a tip for Scrapebox users, if you use SB’s merge function you can have your set of footprints merged with a list of keywords from a text file. Doing it this way you can scrape everything at once instead of doing searches one-by-one as shown in the video.

      • Well that would be the key to the castle now, wouldn’t it? :)

        Anyway, you can try extending Hayden’s footprint as follows:

        KEYWORD -2012 -2011 -2010 -2009 -2008 -2007 etc. etc.

        You can also be creative with Google search strings, like inurl. For instance, you could look for URLs with a particular string in them:

        KEYWORD inurl:somestring

        Or even something like KEYWORD /test.php or something like that should work.

  18. Well, just to answer my own questions above and to ask some more. I seem to be doing better with paid proxies now and 12007 is only seen if you export the list to Excel and is “no such host” on Xenu.

    My problem now is finding when the domains are available they’ve got really disappointing SEOMoz scores.

    Some of them prove to be a little better on Ahrefs. For example, I’ve found one that has nothing on SEOMoz but has 2 PR6 links and 1 PR4. Should I go for that?

  19. Manual is a pain but I have been finding decent domains fairly quickly. I have only found a few using the sb method. It seems to take longer to run a 100k+ list in sb/xenu than just fine one manually. Still trying both though….

    • Hey Jason currently right now I’m interested in a small network, maybe 5-10 expired domains because of my business model which isn’t Adsense sites right now. Xenu I think isn’t Mac compatible. So I’m kind of stuck right now. What I’m doing right now is keyword/completion research.

  20. Am I the only one having problems with the Scrapebox harvester no returning anything?

    As I think my ISP might have a problem with the Xenu testing of 100.000+ URLs. Any recommendations?

      • Already bought 10 private proxies and added additional 100 from the harvested from ScrapeBox. Still doesn’t work.

        Can it be a settings issue? Sound really strange if Google has banned all 110 proxies that fast.

  21. I’m also having some problems with Scrapebox.
    I do get results from Yahoo but 0 results from Google.
    I’m using 25 private proxy’s from squidproxies.

    Anyone knows how to fix this?

    • I can’t reply above so I’ll reply here: you can turn the connections down but chances are you may already be banned. When you do a manual Google search does it give you the ban message?

      Another possibility is that you might be running into captcha prompts. In which case, you can do them manually or integrate with DBC for example.

  22. If you bought your private proxies from Squid Proxies, Mikael, tell them they’re for Scrapebox – they may be system assigned rather than scrapebox/google friendly ones, whatever that means. Worked for me.

    • Thanks Rob, I’ll try that.

      @Andre – I can search just fine when done normally. Wouldn’t captcha prompts be occasionally and not at every try?

  23. I have found several .us domains with a fair amount of PR5 links pointed at them. What do you think about picking these up? Privacy protection is not allowed.

  24. Guys, I hope it’s OK asking for advice here but I’m in a bit of a quandary. I’ve just set up a site and it’s a massive PR5. I mean, I’ve been blogging for 6 years whilst trying to build links and only ever managed PR4.

    However, here I am with a PR5 which has some great links from some well-established sites in the tech industry. I didn’t find it with Hayden’s method exactly. I found it as an expiring domain with RegisterCompass but applied Hayden’s ranking factors and mechanism to decide to buy it (which I did with Snapnames.

    So, what’s my problem? I can’t decide what to do with it. I could build a tech blog on it. But, I have a PR2 site that’s about blogging and WordPress which was killed by Penguin. And I wonder if I could just copy that site over – the subject matter would be more-or-less relevant and I could include more tech-based posts going forward. I wouldn’t then do a 301 from the original site but I could just put a page saying that the site has moved with a link? Or not even that?

    Can content just disappear somewhere and turn up somewhere else? I don’t know.

    I really can’t think of anywhere else to ask these questions so I hope it’s OK I can ask them here.

    • Well, you kinda needed a plan first before you start buying stuff. But anyway, it’s good that you got yourself a PR5 so that you verified the process yourself. Kudos!

      In my experience you will never know the effect of something unless you try it. This is especially true with SEO. If you decide to 301 your site to a new one, that’s fine. This happens all the time when company A buys company B and they merge websites. Eventually one will get 301’d over to the merged site. Or, when a company does a re-branding and decides to move URLs. The content doesn’t disappear from the old domain overnight. It could take a week, sometimes longer, for G to recognize the new domain.

      Hope that helps.

      • Thanks Andre.

        The reason I’m asking is because the old PR2 site got killed by Penguin and I’m wondering if the Penguin penalty would carry over to the new PR5 site because of 1) a 301 redirect, 2) a link or 3) because it’s the same content (disappeared from the PR2 site and turning up on the PR5)?

    • I’ve done it. Now I’m wondering whether to submit the sitemap at GWT or to do 301s from the old site. I don’t suppose anyone’s got any experience with moving a Penguin-affected site?

  25. Is anyone else having an issue with xenu? 95% of the time when it says no host found the site will still be registered.

    • I would say I get that 50% of the time but it varies depending on the niche or the pages you’re putting through Xenu.

    • Just because Xenu reports “No Host” doesn’t mean that someone hasn’t already registered the domain. It could just mean that there isn’t a site on that domain.

      Also, Xenu might check a page on a subdomain, and now that subdomain is missing. This will also show “No Host” as a legitimate error.

  26. Oh man, been trying this for a while now. I’m using scrapebox to find old, high PR pages with lists of things. Usually running Xenu when I hit 50-100 PR5+ pages, crawling 1 page deep.

    I have found many 12007 errors, but not a single one that is available for registration. It’s pretty frustrating.

    Any tips on this would be great.

    • I’m having the same problem. I was literally at this for days and not a single available domain out of the hundreds of “no host found” domains.

    • I go at least 3 deep on xenu (with external links toggled on of course), use scrape box on the 12007’s to strip to the root domain, and have no problems finding many that are available for registration (not all). Finding nuggets in this list is the challenge…

      Going very deep via xenu across a much smaller list yields much better results than shallowly scraping a larger number of domains, in my experience…

  27. I have a question… what is the difference between putting the “www” or not in front of the domain we’re checking on OpenSiteExplorer… I get that it shows slightly different results, and I’ve done a little research on the topic, but I’m still a little hazy.

    How do we force our newly registered site to load from either the “www.” version or not, depending on which one has more authority?

    Hope this makes sense… thanks in advance!

    • Page authority is based on the links going into that specific page. www and non-www are considered 2 different pages by google.

      On your new site if you use wordpress it automatically 301 redirects one to the other, so they essentially become the same. youll have to do this manually with a diff cms

      • Awesome, thanks for your reply Dale! I knew it was different, I just have never bought expired domains before, and usually go after fresh ones and build them out, so wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to mess anything up, but sounds like wordpress has me covered… thanks again!

  28. Would you recommend using duplicate content on your expired domains if you’re only using them for links (and don’t care about the rank of the expired domain)?
    This would be a lot cheaper than writing unique content for them…

    I guess my question is.. does a duplicate content penalty impact on the power of links coming from that content?

  29. Hey,

    Any tips on how to get expired domains to be indexed?

    I’ve spent about 20+ hours of searching and purchased about 15 great expired domains. I’ve set up wordpress and wrote a 500 word post on all of them (unique content). However, about half have been indexed, the others are not. I bought them about 2 weeks ago and still nothing… Should I social bookmark some? Ping them? I was thinking about bookmarking the sites that link TO the domains to avoid any spammy stuff to the actual domains. Just something to let google know that the expired domains are now alive.

    Any help would be great.

    • If they had links they should get indexed almost immediately after adding content. My guess is that the half that aren’t indexed won’t ever get indexed. Make sure you investigate and clean the lists thoroughly before buying (checking on for signs of spam/seo is also a good idea).

  30. Hayden,
    First off, loved the video. great explanation of what to do and how Scrapebox works. I do have a question for you though. I have been getting a 403 forbidden error when I attempt to search for the PR of the sites that I have just harvested after maybe 1k PR checks or so. I thought it was an issue with captcha, but after purchasing some to see if that solved it, I am no closer to figuring out why this is.

    Some things I have tried are mass number of proxies, updating Scrapebox, purchase and enabling of captcha services, as well as attempting to reset my IP address in case Google decided it didn’t like it. Still nothing has worked. Would love your input on trying to solve this. Do you think that submitting a ticket to Scrapebox would be a wise decision?

  31. I am having problems finding many “no such host” links. I am following everything exact in the video and all the 12007 I do are mostly things that can’t be registered or aren’t a URL. Can anyone help me with this step?

    • I am following EXACTLY what you do and I am getting no results. At most there will be 1 or 2 available domains and they aren’t worth purchasing. I dont see how you came back with such a large list of available domains or how you can possibly find expired domains in any niche.

      • Tony, the reason you are finding nothing is likely because you are following EXACTLY what I did. Hundreds of people before you have done exactly the same type of queries and have cleared out these types of queries. You need to think a bit outside of the box, there are still hundreds of thousands of domains up for grab. Think about other ways of generating a LARGE list of sites that are old and authoritative.

  32. good stuff!

    quick question here : what would be your strategy to find expired blogs that were setup on,, etc?

  33. Great VideoTutorial!! Tx so much, i have one question.

    Do you recomend any special package of proxies from the proxies website you recommend?

    tx, Bruno.

  34. It is not possible to find and register old Web 2.0’s?? In most cases the free host won’t let you. I have tried this 100s of times but has not worked.

    The expired domain tips is great though, thanks for sharing.

  35. Well, does anybody experiencing the same stuff like me ?

    i find lots of available domains.. but most of them dont have nothing on them on OSE. i mean like 99% of them…
    da 1 pa 1 no backlinks (how could it be ?)

    i have a pro account btw.. id ont want to waste my time double checking every 1 with links from ahrefs.. as i need da, pa..

    What do you guys do ?!

  36. Any ideas on text to columns – how to deal with extensions after .com. So, on a big list:

    How to do ttc so that the is not separated cause once it is than it throws the .com in another column so joining it all back together gets thrown out of whack. so to speak.

  37. ok. I figured my question out about text to column and putting it all back together with and etc..
    it came down to concantenation of the columns and it goes quite quickly.

  38. can you suggest any other sites to help check link profile? i have tried using ahrefs, sitexplorer, but it doesnt seem to work. it shows no linking profile for the sites. why is that? please help..

    thank you in advance!

  39. Wonderful video, post and information Hayden. I followed you here from the NP podcasts you’d did. Since learning of this technique and seeing your videos l’ve been inspired to created my own tools to “mine for gold”. I’m a programmer by trade so automating tasks comes natural to me. After just one day of use l’ve found a PR 6, a 5 and a handful of 4’s. So thank you very much for sharing this information!

    In any event, l wanted to reach out to you and ask if you’d be interested in chatting for a few on Skype? I do have a couple questions, but more importantly l wanted to offer some suggestions on how you could possibly optimize your tool a bit (after seeing you use, and hearing some of your comments on your private tool). Also there is the possibility of making my tool freely available to people who are interested as a downloadable PHP script.

    I’m sorry to put this in your comment section, l could not find a contact form on your site. Look forward to hearing from you if interested.


    • Hey Jeff,

      Funny I just seen your post, I have also created my own tool and have found some decent domains using it. If you wanna chat / discuss things email me at likeaboss222 [at] If you want to share experiences / learn.

    • Yes. Nothing has changed since this video, except perhaps that it’s a little harder to find domains if you use exactly the same queries I did here, since that’s what most people did. I still find about 3000 available domains a day however, so it hasn’t dried up at all.

      • Awesome. I found great ways to find a lot of domains.
        I already bough 4 domains – all have pr5 link + few pr2 and pr1.
        I installed wordpress on them. I hope the will get Pr soon.

        I still have some questions about that. I think it will help others also.

        1. Do you register all the domains with the same registrar?
        I bought all of them with namecheap + who is privacy.

        2. The PR should return in a few days or only in the next PR update?

        3. I have found a lot (and I mean a lot) of super strong potentialy PR5 domains but they are international domains.
        like,, .ec, fr etc’…
        Can they work also in pushing my site in serp or should I concentrate only on US domains

        Thanks a lot, your blog is awesome BTW :)

  40. I’m finding some expired domains with this technique. However, not single one of them has been anything but PR N/A. I thought most free domains on Xenu’s “No Such Host” list should have at least some PR? Am I doing something wrong here? In Scrapebox, before importing the URLs to Xenu, I check the URL PR (not domain PR) so this shouldn’t be the case.

  41. Looks like i’m a little late to the party lol. But thanks for the posts. I love finding blogs like this that share the secret sauce! Also for anyone interested, SB has a free addon that will check SEOmoz metrics if you generate a free API key.It’s the scrapebox page authority addon. Thanks again Hayden!

  42. Hi Hayden

    Found your site by reading really good info I’ve managed to find 4 very good sites in the space of 5 days.
    I seem to have an issue could you tell me if it’s illegal to use Xenu Link Sleuth to scan other peoples sites?
    I got an email from my internet provider saying they have had a complaint from a website owner….I can send you the email if like.

    I presumed the process was similar to a search engine spider so didn’t think it would be an issue, any advice would be helpful


  43. Hi Hayden (or one of his interns!),

    I have a quick question about exporting from Xenu to Excel. Where is the option in Xenu for this? The options I’m seeing are as follows:

    Save As
    Export to TAB separated file…
    Export Page Map to TAB separated File…
    Export to GraphVIZ File…

    I’ve also attempted to copy n paste the url list, as well as use Ctrl A. Nothing seems to be working. I’ve worked with it for quite a while and can’t seem to get it to transfer.

    Any help would be much appreciated and thank you for your commitment to helping those in the position such as myself. Getting started in IM is the most challenging career challenge I’ve come across…but also the most interesting!

  44. Hayden you rock! A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across here after landing through Google, Googling about an authority site.

    I’ve been at this now about two weeks, maybe found 4 contenders, not entirely sure, and though the process can be laborious at times I still feel there’s a chance of a “diamond in the rough” I know I’m late to the party, but even if I get my hands on a PR 4 this can maybe turn things round for me (link sales)

    I’ve had a blast at the AOL data, but after three thousand manual searches and only about twelve poor domains, I can see that has to be automated. Pity I’m a bit on the poor side just now, but at least I’ll gain the experience.

    Two best I’ve found so far:

    Fitness, links – PR_ 3×3, 2×4, 1×8, 50xN/A DA23/PA30 No spam.

    Blog, Links – PR_ 5×1, 4×3, 3×2, 1×1 15x N/A 1 spam comment on the PR5 page.

    Most of these are blog comments, I thought they were bad for seo? I haven’t bought these domains yet as funds are low and I was hoping to maybe find better. Especially now that some are selling high PR domains cheap, or at least the link to them.

    Anybodys welcome to comment on how I’m doing so far, would appreciate to hear if I’m going in the right direction.

    Thanks again hayden.

  45. Hi Hayden, quick question. I’ve looked everywhere for this answer and can’t seem to find it.

    When using Xenu, is there a way to setup proxies or how do you run it in order to keep your IP safe? I think my IP got banned bc I was using Xenu a lot, but when I tried setting one of my private proxies through my local computer, I would get tons of errors through Xenu.

    I think I’m missing something here and it’s frustrating – wondering if you had any advice.


    • I suggest using a VPN like Hidemyass and setting it to auto-switch proxies every 2 minutes. And use SB instead of Xenu (it has various add-ons that mimic Xenu).

      • I have not had any issues with Xena as of yet and I have good proxies that work well with Scrapebox and I might be able to get access to HMA but you made mention of the ability of Scrapebox to mimic Xenu… Would you be willing to explain that a bit more? Thank you and this information you have been providing just plain kicks ass!!!

  46. Hi Hayden,
    I purchased a domain from namecheap by following the above said method in your article.But when I checked the Whois the creation date changed to the date of registration(i.e.yesterday 19th April 2014) when in actuality the domain was a 8 year old one.Is it normal and will it pass PR juice?

    When I previously purchased domains from godaddy auctions I had to renew the domain and the there used to be no change in age.


  47. Hi Hayden,
    You posted a reply earlier about how you structure your wordpress sites, here is what you replied:

    “then change the linking structure to use category pages and optimize PR flow to them (make sure they are top level nav)”

    I looked up WordPress categories, do you basically setup the sites as follows:

    – Homepage – static, no blog posts, post excerpts of up to 30 posts
    – Homepage – include a list of Categories? which link to the specific category and all posts underneath it? Is this what you mean by top level Nav? Do I need to custom code WordPress or just create a category and display it on the homepage and when creating content, select the category it goes into?

    Then, on all posts within a category, do you link then together like in a silo format? or just leave them as is and add 2 links to each post and link out to your money sites. Is this how you optimize PR Flow? as you were referring to?

    I just want to learn the best way to setup these WordPress sites so I can boost my money sites. If I have say a small network of 5 or 10 blogs do you link these together or no cause they will pass juice or is that the best way to do it so it lifts all of them up, then link out 2 times from each post to a money site.


  48. Is there a way to have it search for more than one phrase at a time? I want to put in like 15 searches and just leave it running?

  49. Hi Hayden, I was wondering if you use exclusively your PR links to rank your sites or if you add some more diversified links to it (such as profile links, blog comments, articles, etc..), and if yes, what kind of tools or procedure do you use.
    (thanks a lot for your vid – very instructive)

  50. Hi Hayden,

    Amazing post! I have lofty dreams of creating a similar tool to the one you’ve made, along with a custom scraper just like you mention at the end of the video.

    Are there any resources/articles that you can point me towards that would help me better understand exactly how to go about this? I currently haven’t got a clue! Thanks

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