Cheap, Reliable Money Site & PBN Hosting: Coupons Galore!
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Please Advise: Although PBNs still work, they now have a history of being targeted by Google and therefore may not be the safest option. This is why we now focus on creating online businesses that are independent of SEO traffic.

One of the most common questions we get from the NoHat community, and indeed one of the most common issues faced, is how to find reliable and affordable unique IPs for PBN hosting.

PBN hosting accounts must provide an up-time guarantee, have great service and reasonable pricing. Of course, unique IPs are crucial also.

But finding cheap hosting, cheap reliable hosting that is, can be a significant challenge.

Luckily, we’ve done the testing for you through hosting PBN sites across hundreds of hosts and have found a ton of solid hosting options that won’t erode your profit.

Better still, we spent quite a few hours reaching out to our preferred hosts and asked for a NoHat special offer and we’ve scored some handy discounts and hosting coupons to offer for NoHatDigital readers!

Let’s roll out the discounts!

Hosts offering NoHatDigital Community Discounts!

Srvis: We use Srvis for PBN hosting and even without any discounts, their plans a nicely priced at $2.99/mo or $17.94 annually. They offer 5 add-on domains on that plan also. Srvis came up big with their NoHatDigital Coupons!

Coupon: nohat75 to get a huge 75% off one time on any of Shared / Reseller Plans or
Coupon: nohat25 for a 25% off recurring on any Shared / Reseller Plans.

75% off, thank you very much!

Bezazz: We use Bezazz for money sites and PBN hosting and they’re solid. The Larva plan at $2.75/mo or $21.59 annually and is the PBN hosting option. Choose from US, UK or AU server locations too which is handy. The Worker plan starts at $4.31 for 10 add-on domains is an option for money site hosting at a nice price. Bezazz have come to the part with two coupons also:

Coupon: NoHat20 for a 20% recurring discount
Coupon: NoHat5 for $5 off as a once-off purchase

HawkHost: We use HawkHost for both PBN and money sites. Plans start from $3.29/mo for yearly with unlimited add-on domains. They’ve come to the party with two coupons for us:

Coupon: nohatdigital for 35% one time discount. Valid on any hosting plan and payment term.
Coupon: nohatdigitalr for 25% recurring discount. Valid on any hosting plan and payment term.

Hostnine: $18.95/mo for re-seller hosting can get you well over 20 unique IPs as you can choose from 6 geographic locations. Just wait a week or so between adding new domains to the same geographic location within the hosting plan and you’ll find that you can snag unique IPs easily! At under $1 per month for hosting on a unique IP, with excellent service and up-time, Hostnine is our PBN host of choice. We use their plans for PBN and also money site hosting.

For money site hosting, $5.95/mo gets you up to 100 domains which is great value for a quality host with excellent support.

They’ve also offered a sweet discount for our readers:

Coupon: nohatdigital will give you 15% off first invoice of any plan except for dedicated plans.

Stablehost: Quality hosting for either PBN sites or money sites. They offer 6, 12, 24 and 36 month payment options at $3.79/mo on the 12 month plan which comes down to $2.28/mo after using our coupon below and their plan is ideal for smaller niche sites or for PBN sites. For $1.60/mo extra you can get 7x the bandwidth for bigger money sites or multiple money sites on the plan.

Coupon: Enter coupon NoHat40 for a one-time 40% discount!

Update 4th September > IXWebHosting have come to the party with a 15% discount offer.

IXWebhosting:  Has been a host-of-choice for many PBN builders be used to be able to get quite a few unique IPs without paying the extra monthly cost of unique IPs simply by staggering the hosting of your PBN sites. In general, if you host a new site each week you will pick-up a unique IP but we’re finding now that around 5 unique IPs is what you can expect (used to be able to get much more).

Getting a site hosted is a little different from your standard WP install, but their live chat is very helpful if you need help.

The main benefit to IX is the unique IPs. The best value plan is the Unlimited Pro which will cost around $100 for 12 months (maybe a bit either side depending on specials), but you get 3 free domains with that plan and in that respect, for 5 or more unique IPs, IX they are still quite good value. We use them for both PBN and money sites.

Coupon: Enter coupon nohatd for 15% off all hosting plans. Sweet!


Other hosting options, no exclusive discounts available :-(

JustHost: $3.95/mo for 12 month purchase (less for longer terms). Host unlimited domains and get a free domain registration at signup. We use JustHost mainly for money sites and they’ve been solid.

FatCow: $40 per year, free domain, enough said. It’s a great option for money site hosting and pretty good value for PBN hosting too. They’ve been fine for money sites and PBN. $2.98/mo for US or Japan. 10 add-on domains on those accounts is also available if you’re hosting for money sites.

Layerbyte:  Starting at $2.95/mo on a month-by-month plan (cheaper for 3+ month terms), includes unlimited add-on domains. The month-by-month payment is attractive if you’re looking to host a PBN domain on a budget.

Leapswith: $1.99/mo is a great option for PBN hosting and their $4.49/mo for hosting 5 money site domains is pretty good value too. We use them for both.

Zyma: An option for PBN and money site hosting. Approximately $2.95/mo for 12 month plan. 5 add on domains. Solid value.

iPage: We use iPage for PBN hosting. On the iPage Essential Plan you can actually host unlimited domains, but at $1.68/mo with a free domain included that’s a handy cheap PBN host option. No coupon provided, but at that price they probably don’t have much wiggle room.


That’s the wrap for now. We have a ton of other cheap hosts that we haven’t used for long enough to be able to recommend for that magic combination of price and service quality. Once they pass the test we’ll keep adding to the list, so perhaps bookmark this page and come back in a couple month’s time.

Enjoy the discounts!


Cheap, Reliable Money Site & PBN Hosting: Coupons Galore!
8 votes, 5.00 avg. tacos (96% full)
  1. With some of the hosting options you specifically state that you can get unique IPs but on others you just state addon domains. For example with Hawkhost that has unlimited add on domains how many unique IPs can you get? Or should I only consider the hosts where you specifically state unique IPs?

    I currently use namecheap hosting with the option of about 20 add on domains but I am pretty sure they all use the same IP so I am using that for my money sites. I currently use free hosting services for my PBN but as the number of sites is growing I am looking at other options(cheap as possible, Hostnine is a bit expensive as I am just starting out). Thanks for the post.

    • Basically if I’ve mentioned that you can get unique IPs fpr a host then you can, if I only mention add-on domains it indicates that they will be on the same IP.

  2. Thanks for the fast reply Greg. I was thinking about it and the hostnine option is by far the cheapest at less than $1 a domain per month per unique ip as well as less hassle with different cpanels and logins so I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and get it. I’ll sign up within the next few days and be sure to use your link/discount code. Thanks again.

  3. With hostnine, I noticed I get a unique ip but if I choose the same location, I end up getting ips in the same subnet. Do you not worry about pointing to many links from a specific subnet to a money site?

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