Did I Hit my July Goals?
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First off, sorry for being so quiet on the blog recently, it has been a crazy month!   My goals kind of shifted mid-month, and I ended up  launching a group internship project with 8 interns, and am also working on two projects with a couple people (a content tool and a link network tool).   I will post my August updates shortly, and will also keep an eye on comments again.   Anyway on to the updates!


Setup 10 expired domains as Adsense sites.

For a bit of a background on the first 5 domains, check my first update in July.


#1 – deckmen.ca

Content was added July 28 and Google refuses to index this one.  Probably a penalty.  Oh well.  I will scrap it and just host another site on this IP.


#2 – retirementincanada.ca

Content was added July 30 and not ranked for it’s target keyword, but is ranked #16 for retirement in canada which isn’t so strong for exact match but has huge broad match results.  I will likely retarget it to retirement in canada and use a custom content tool I developed to pick up lots of long tail on it.


#3 – sustainabletimes.ca

There was a misunderstanding and my assistant targeted this site to “financially sustainable living” based on my understandably confusing post in the July update.  It does rank #2 for the term, but since it gets very little traffic it means nothing.   I will retarget it today to something less competitive.


#4 – Pukwis.ca

Not ranked.  I will retarget it to a smaller coupons term.  Clearly just far too competitive.   I was hoping for page 4-5 results to build on.


#5 momentumplanet.ca

Content was added August 4 (6 days ago), and still not in top 100.  Probably the keyword car insurance was way too competitive.  I will retarget.  I was hoping for maybe 50s or 60s in ranking to build on.



As for the other 5 domains, I asked Ben my SEO in the Philippines to choose some more standard, non-experimental targets.  Here’s what he chose:


cric.ca – Previously Center for Research and Information Canada

Keyword: research job in canada – 2 in top 10 >50 APA – GMS=12100 LMS=5400, $0.94 CPC (contextual CPC of course).


Went PR5 as soon as I setup WP (no content).  Didn’t get content until August 9, 2012 (yesterday).   Still unranked in top 100.



Keyword: “guidelines COPD”

GMS=22200 LMS=1300 CPC=$1.55


This guy went PR5 as soon as I setup WP (didn’t even add content), and ranked  #3 in Google.ca within hours of launching – even without  an article and page title.  Now it is #2 (content was added on August 8, the day before yesterday).  It’s also ranked  #1 for the exact match COPD guidelines which has an LMS of 390.


candlelighters.ca – cancer foundation

Keyword: cancer treatment in canada – GMS=3600 LMS CANADA=1000, CPC CANADA=$1.81, LMS US=1600, CPC US=$5.31


Content was added  yesterday (August 9) and it already ranks top 10 in Canada (#7) and the US (#10)!


211windsoressex.ca – formerly an info site about Windsor Essex

Keyword: real estate in windsor ontario – all top 10 < 50 APA – GMS=4400 LMS=3600 CPC=$0.95


Content still not added.  Oops.  Will add soon.


ictsummit.ca – ICT Summit (now PR4)

Keyword: what is ICT – 1 in top 10 > 50 APA – GMS=4,090,000 LMS=60,500, CPC=$1.10.


Content still not added.  Oops.  Will add soon.



Just a note:  Writing this post was literally the first time I even looked at the sites.  I asked Ben to just put up some random theme on them, and I haven’t even looked at the articles.  This was a test and I am purposely making the style of these sites very different from what I normally do.  So don’t go out and copy them thinking this is what I do.  I will add Adsense to the sites on Monday. Are you searching for casinos with PayPal? In this page Casinonongamstop specialists reviewed the best PayPal casinos that allow deposits and cashouts via PayPal.


Portal Sites and New Product-based Biz

Basically no updated on these since last time.  The sites still wait on content, my designer has done some designs and the photography is done.  Also we have 40 products not 20.   Still need to get the money sites coded too.


Remaining Adsense Sites

Just bought about a dozen Adsense sites to replace some of the very strong earners.  Still need to launch and do content though.   I shifted mid July to building the Adsense sites with interns so I just haven’t focused here and don’t feel bad about it.


50 premium+3 or better domains

I got 45 domains total this month, of which half are Premium+3 (though I now value domains using this calculator).   I could easily pickup a bunch of $60+ domains right now though due to the lists the interns have built.   Alas, I don’t have the time to develop them.  I plan on selling them when I’ve done a thorough cleaning of the list.


Update on Josh the Intern

Josh had some difficulty in finding lists using the standard methods, so I gave him a drop list to go through with my tool and he is finding a bunch every day.   He launched 70 money site domains with content, and has 26 expired domains developed on different hosts.     So overall he hit about 1/2 of the original goal, and probably put in about 4.5 hours/day on average.  I realize now that for someone completely new to this my time estimates were just off and although his time is technically up today, I decided to extend his use of the tool for another month since he has now learned all of the processes and it takes next to none of my time.


How did you all do with your goals?

Did I Hit my July Goals?
0 votes, 0.00 avg. tacos (0% full)
  1. Thanks for these updates Hayden! I always look forward to new posts from your site and usually reread them multiple times!

    As of right now, I found about 10 expired domains that meet the criteria and created an account at IXWebhosting (using your ref links). I have one expired domain hosting on a c class ip there (i guess it takes a week+ to get another c class from them). Added about 500 words of unique content and built about 7 links to my sites on it. I don’t have many sites that would fit with the expired domains preexisting theme (insurance) so I am trying to find more. Right now, I am trying your methods on keyword research as I need more niche sites to link to.

  2. Great update and detailed results, despite being couple days old. Those that haven’t shown might come along in the future? I’d like to know this kind of search method but implemented towards the *blogspot subdomains. I was also amazed for the keyword “cancer foundation”, such a short amount of time and wow, ranked extremely high, very nice Hayden.

    • Yup this works just as well for blogspots. I personally don’t like blogspot as a platform for Adsense sites so I likely won’t experiment with it though.

      • Ah ok, thanks. Yea I definitely agree on that but for now my only way is to use free hosts temporarily. It is a no brainer to move operations outside blogger. Good luck on the find mate!

    • amp I have great success finding blogspot and my more favourite tumblr blogs.

      I use scrapebox and search tumblr.com then all the keywords in the list.

      Or do as Hayden does in the video then rather than export the results from xenu just ctrl+f to find type tumblr in and starting from top to bottom hit F3 each time and it will go down the list looking for tumblr blogs. Once done go back to the top and do the same again for blogspot etc etc.

      • Hey Rob, thanks for the tip. JUST recently found out that by adding footprints in scrapebox custom box, “powered by blogger”, came out to have ALL blogspot subdomains since all blogger sites have that required text on the bottom. But for me the method of having to search and scrape for a straight up “no such host” only filter would be golden.
        How exactly do you search tumblr.com? In the search box or how exactly? Thanks.

      • Amp in the same box you used powered by blogspot just do the same with tumblr or put tumblr.com in there.

        Works well for me.

  3. Hi,
    when you say “I could easily pickup a bunch of $60+ domains right now” is that the value with or without PR? The best I seem to find is $40-50 without PR.
    Thanks for some very good information!

  4. Stuart Young says:

    Thanks for the update, sounds like you guys are learning a lot.

    I’ve been building up a smallish network to target 3 terms in the same niche, all with high volume a low competition. I’ve found choosing an area to focus on has really improved the quality of the sites I’m finding.

  5. I feel josh’s pain I had to also radically rethink the method you outlined as I was just not having any luck. I assumed it is because of the amount of people using the method:)

    Like anything else you need to figure out new ways to find the data needed to pickup these domains.

  6. Awesome work, Hayden.

    Quick question (I’m sorry if it is answered elsewhere on your blog): how are you writing the content for your sites? Are you getting writers from odesk? And roughly how much are you paying per 1000 words?

    Keep it up!

  7. Thank you for the nice share Hayden.

    I appreciate your tips and how you are so open to sharing. I’m always reading ur blog because you don’t hide no secrets or hustle us for money :) Hope you keep this blog running for a long time!

  8. Hello and thanks for the share I enjoyed reading your blog. I learned how to implement SEO in my blog and it has also helped me gain targeted traffic towards my website and produce more sales. Once again I just want to thank you for the helpful information.

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