How to Use the DA Checker (Domain Digger)
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Note that this is part of the expired domain series which has been compiled in order of importance here.

 Update: Although PBNs still work, they now have a history of being targeted by Google and therefore may not be the safest option. This is why we now focus on creating online businesses that are independent of SEO traffic.

This was originally part of a private course for interns, but I’ve decided to open it up to the world.  It is very specific to my domain digger tool (before it was released as a tool), but it is part of the course so I figure you should see it.


<Disclaimer> A lot of people are having difficulty finding domains. There is a real learning curve, so please be prepared for this. As an option for those that are just starting out, I recommend you prove the model by first purchasing a few domains, or try out our latest service, RankHero.

RankHero allows you to test the viability of this method without having to invest the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars it takes to find, build, host and maintain your own Private Content Network. </disclaimer>




Before even considering adding a task to the DA Checker, you need to make sure you have a clean list.  A cleansed list has only unique values in ‘’ format (i.e. no http://, www, subdomains, etc.), and has only domains that have been confirmed as available on a bulk domain availability checker like or   You technically don’t need to do this, but you will want to because:

1 – You will get more use out of the tool as this filters out unnecessary rows.

2- The task will run a lot faster.


Ok so once you have a clean list, you can create a task.  Use paid data should be unchecked (currently replacing this with Majestic info), Ahrefs should be unchecked, and check params only should be checked if you have already verified the domains are available beforehand (this skips the domain checking aspect). Microgaming Casino software casino reviews 2023 – Play at the best Microgaming Casinos online including Spin Palace, Ruby Fortune and AllSlots. Microgaming platform systems and services power the biggest online gaming brands. They developed and launched the world’s first true online casino software and now we present new microgaming casinos with review for Australian players. Microgaming has created more than 850 unique casino games, including over 1,200 game variants. They keep their portfolio fresh by releasing new titles every.
After you finish you simply click the little excel icon to download your csv, click it and then open the CSV.


You will see a bunch of metrics ( here is the list of SEOMoz API metrics if you want to know what they mean), the ones I’m interested in are the PA (upa) and the DA (pda).  Note that Domain Digger actually makes two calls to the API, and also returns the values for the www version of each metric along with the non-www version, as SEOMoz and other bots consider the www a subdomain.   Just sort by PDA and work from there.  Generally anything over about 20 PDA is decent.


Hope this helped – happy hunting!

Hatless Hayden


How to Use the DA Checker (Domain Digger)
0 votes, 0.00 avg. tacos (0% full)
  1. Hi Everyone, I’m a V2 Intern with some questions:

    My group leader instructed us to first use the comments section to ask questions, then maybe ask other group members and lastly her, so I hope this works. Curiously, both she and most all of my group have been unavailable online since we hung up from our intro call Monday, so asking others in my group has not been an option.

    1. If I’m using the D.A. checker right, my lists (using Scrapebox, Oddity, niche searches, etc.) are producing between 2 – 10 potentially useful domains, that meet Hayden’s requested standards of PA >30, DA >25, with each first pass of 3000 domains checked. Since we are limited to running no more than 9000 through the DA Checker per day, that means at best I’ll find about 40-50 that meet those criteria by the end of Week 1, then running those through the second Paid SEOMoz pass, the number that also achieve the requested amount of LRDs and high MozTrust will probably be whittled down to just 4 or 5 “winners.”

    So I’m a little confused about how we can achieve the first week goal of at least 20 available domains worth $30 and 10 PPR4 domains. Certainly, I have the time to run more list passes and increase my chances, but we are limited by the number passes allowed per day. Perhaps I’m missing something here, but this limitation question in the V2 was posed by other members of my group in our first Skype call, so I hope the answer is useful to all.

    2. A second question that came up within my group was about the shift to focusing on finding exp. domains for actually building sites on which to place TLA and Adsense, vs. high-PR sites to build up our private blog networks. Once again, perhaps we missed something in a certain blog post, but some of us were still thinking building up the group pbn, as well as our individual pbns, was still the main intention of the Internship, so any additional clarity about the shift would be welcome, thanks.

    • 1) 2-10 potential domains per 3000 rows is very low if you’ve already cleaned the list for domain availability and it’s based on SB / old lists. That’s about right for the major drop lists (ccTLD drop lists have a much higher signal to noise ratio btw), but really something like oddity software’s .com/.net/.org daily expiring domains requires a lot more searches and is not right for this internship. Not to mention you’d all be competing over the same domains, it would be an inefficient use of the tool.

      2) The goal of the internship is to find and develop 70 sites, of which 1/2 will be yours to do with as you please (be it TLA, Adsense, personal PBN, flipping, or contributing to the group PBN). Many people want to earn money directly with these sites which is why I am teaching TLA and keyword targeting as well.

      And of course those that complete this are invited to the post-grad PBN, which was my major motivation for posting this internship. It is a high barrier to entry which will ensure we have a solid collection of strong sites and some trust within the group.

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