Podcast Ep19 – Mark Manson & Hayden on Leveraging your Fear, When to Quit Your Job, & Hallucinatory Drugs
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Today in the podcast we have Mark Manson for an episode filled with Knowledge Bombs.

If you’re not familiar with the man, Mark Manson is an author and blogger at MarkManson.netwhere he writes about personal development, lifestyle, and psychology.

He is also one of the NoHat Team’s favorite bloggers.

During this episode, Hayden and Mark discuss why many people fail at starting a business and have unrealistic expectations about the entrepreneurial journey.

They also dig deeper into what it means to be an entrepreneur and even discuss meditation and “unconventional” spiritual experiences.

If you are looking to mix up your current business podcast regiment with something new and different, this is a MUST listen.

Mark Manson’s articles mentioned in the podcast:






01:12 – Demistifying the American Dream

04:45 – The Reality of Digital Nomadism

10:00 – MM’s entrepreneur path towards doing what he really loves

12:28 – MM’s take on the concept of Entrepreneurship

16:19 – Are you born an entrepreneur or is it something you acquire?

19:10 – Two pieces of advice on jumping into Entrepreneurship

20:31 – How to leverage your fear to succeed

25:00 – Why you shouldn’t let failure define you as a person

29:24 – How Meditation can help you as an Entrepreneur (and as a person)

31:36 – MM talking about his unconventional spiritual experience as a teenager

33:53 – Starting to swear

35:10 – Hayden’s spiritual experience as a teenager

35:55 – More Swearing

36:18 – Hayden talking about his “current wife”

38:47 – How to balance the “zen spirit” with Entrepreneurship

Podcast Ep19 – Mark Manson & Hayden on Leveraging your Fear, When to Quit Your Job, & Hallucinatory Drugs
8 votes, 4.50 avg. tacos (87% full)
  1. Terrific podcast!

    I almost didn’t listen to it because of the “hallucinatory drug” title, but the only hallucination was my assumuption.

    Mark & Hayden provide a thoughtful reflection of an entrepreneurial journey, some of the challenges, the misconceptions, and the value of courage & confidence in yourself.

    Enjoyed their candor on the topic.

    To risk nothing… is to risk everything!

    A great listen…


    • Glad that you enjoyed the podcast- and that our “title” didn’t stopped you from doing so haha.
      This episode’s also one of my favorite so far!

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