NoHatSeo Internships
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Update January 24: Internships through NHM are currently on hold as we focus on link sales.  I (Hayden), will likely be doing a money site based internship in partnership with Greg, if you’re interested send an email to [email protected]



Hey Gang!
I’ve met and spoken with many of you, or worked with some of you on numerous Internships over the past months, but I’m sure there are many more that I’ve not connected with.


I was in Hayden’s 2nd Internship starting in the summer of 2012, have now become a formal partner and am currently supporting in training other Interns.

Our next Internship starts this coming Monday (Nov. 4th) and may be the last one before Christmas. During this Internship you’ll be trained on how we build out domains to become Premium quality and also in using one of our latest tools (The Oracle), to help you in finding the very best keywords for your money sites.

After you’ve completed the 2 sites (with high quality content) and a list of 8 – 12 high value keywords, you’ll have a private conversation with Hayden regarding a number of win-win opportunities/JV partnerships with us – that are only available to people that have completed one of our Internships.

I currently have 6 spaces available for the internship starting in 2 days, if you’re interested please send me a detailed application to: [email protected]. Details of what we’re looking for in your application can be found here:


NoHatSeo Internships
2 votes, 3.00 avg. tacos (63% full)
  1. Don Zeus Kurisu says:

    I just submitted my application for your internship program. After internship I would like to participate in your PTC.
    Are you an Equal Opportunity Enterpreuneur? I noticed your program through the pictures and videos that it is focused for the younger group. Being in the older group do I have a chance? My computer dexterity skills may not be able to match the younger group; however, I am a tortoise and I know how to accomplish my goals.
    Please add your answer to my question to the FAQ.

    • Of course! The founding team here ranges from 29 to 52 years old. It just happens that the younger crown tends to have more freedom to travel.

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