Podcast Ep21: How Jesse Zagorsky Makes $6k/month with an online community
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One of most Internet Marketer’s dream is to earn a comfortable recurring revenue stream without having to spend too much time working.

Our guest today, Jesse Zagorsky, is in this exact situation: his business makes him over $6k a month and he only spends a few hours working on it every week.

Jesse did everything right : he used his skills, knowledge and assets to build a simple business that provides a lot of value.

The recipe for success, if you ask us.

In this episode, Jesse tells us how he built DSPros.com and how anyone can reproduce the same process if they put some initial effort into it.

Referenced in the podcast:

Jesse’s website: www.DSPros.com

If you want to contact Jesse : info(at)DSPros(dot).com

Podcast Ep21: How Jesse Zagorsky Makes $6k/month with an online community
1 vote, 5.00 avg. tacos (84% score)
  1. Terrific topic!

    One take-away that I had was the suggestion to focus on “successful, but isolated individuals” as a target market. For example… in sales, the highs are terrific, the lows are humbling. Self-driven, success is rewarding but also a mental drain. Having a group of like-minded individuals in your specific industry to share your “war stories” and discuss marketing strategies for driving new business brings HUGE value to the solo hunter/farmer. The value of the mastermind group is not only the economic value of new leads / techniques shared, but the emotional (motivational) juice of knowing you are not alone. Mastermind groups also provide solo heros a barometer of industry changes so they can stay ahead of the curve and save themselves significant time loss. $200 / month is small money for highly successful sales reps or business owners.

    Thanks Jesse/Max for your sharing your insights.


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