Podcast Ep20: Daryl Mander- How to Build a Digital Marketing Agency from Scratch and Travel the World
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Today our guest is a successful entrepreneur and a seasoned traveler- The kind of people we like to surround ourselves with here at NoHat.

A few years ago, Daryl Mander decided to quit his job and start working independently as an Online Advertising consultant- After a few months he was making more money that he ever did as an employee at his previous job.

He then turned his consulting solopreneur journey into a Digital Marketing Agency named Big Flare and started to travel the world in the meantime.

In this episode, Daryl tells us exactly how he did that and gives us some amazing Online Advertising tips along the way.

If you’re looking to start working as a consultant, to get started with paid advertising, and/or to start living a nomadic lifestyle, this episode won’t disappoint you.

Referenced in the episode

Daryl’s agency : BigFlare.com  [Daryl’s contact : Daryl(at)Bigflare(dot)com]



Perfect Audience

Link to Daryl’s SOP for Facebook Ads Optimisation (thanks again for that Daryl!)


09:00 – Getting started with consulting work / getting initial clients

11:20 – Pricing

13:05 – Ideal clients to work with

16:20 – Dealing with clients that have poor websites

20:14 – Best paid traffic methods

22:27 – How to get clients (marketing and sales processes)

30.51 – General PPC actionable tips

35:29 – FB advertising tips

39:35 – Google Adwords tips

41.20 – Retargeting

Podcast Ep20: Daryl Mander- How to Build a Digital Marketing Agency from Scratch and Travel the World
5 votes, 5.00 avg. tacos (94% full)
  1. Great value like always guys! A lot of gold nuggets that I can use, loved the converstion tips. Will be using Daryl’s SOP for Facebook Ads Optimisation to try some lead gen out thanks again guys this made my Halloween day best Halloween treat ever! :)

    P.S Shot out to Max you are the man pumping out all of these podcast like a BOSS! LOVE IT #PODCASTLIKEABOSS

  2. Thanks for sharing so much value, Daryl, I hope it comes back to you! Great episode.

    2 questions if you don’t mind:

    1. How do you handle payments from your clients? As an example, for someone who wants to spend 10k per month on adwords or facebook, do you have one big adwords/FB account, they send you the money and you put it up? I guess that would be horrible for accounting/taxes. Or do you tell each client to open an adwords/FB account themselves and then you manage that for them?

    2. Conversions: Do you use any specific tool to track the paid traffic (so the client can see how effective it is, how much profit it added etc.)? Or is it enough to just place the FB conversion pixel on the client’s thank you page, for example?


    • Hey Alex, I’ll copy and paste my email response to you here so everyone can benefit:

      Payments – I get clients to set up billing directly with FB / Adwords / whoever. Then we just bill them for management fee. Keeps it easier and less risky this way. Some agencies like to bill for media spend, it makes your revenue numbers look much bigger and gets you more attention from Facebook and Adwords account reps.

      Conversions – yep usually just use FB / Adwords built in conversion tracking. Sometimes use Google Analytics if it’s an ecommerce client or if there are a lot of different marketing channels that need to be de-duplicated against each other.

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