Podcast Ep 13- How Steve Vale built a 6 figure Local Lead Gen Company in Non US Markets
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Today we have Steve Vale from webgurus.co.nz talking lead-generation, sales techniques, and local SEO.

Steve managed to grow his business pretty quickly to 6-figures/year focusing on non-US Markets.

His approach to local SEO and the sales techniques he shares in this podcast are very interesting, and we’re confident that they’ll help you grow your business as well.

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Matt Stack: “This is a cold email I sent to a prospect that resulted in a $750/month client without having to get on the phone. I was given this extremely simple but really effective template from my friend Ed Stapleton. Sometimes, less really is more.” [Listen to our podcast episode with Matt Stack]


My name is [INSERT NAME] and I own a [INSERT CITY & NICHE] website which rank high on the first page of Google for many local [INSERT NICHE] search terms….both residential and commercial/office terms.


Would you be interested in taking the leads I am currently getting?

-[INSERT NAME][/wpsharely]


Podcast Ep 13- How Steve Vale built a 6 figure Local Lead Gen Company in Non US Markets
6 votes, 3.67 avg. tacos (72% full)
  1. another awesome podcast guys. random question but who does the graphics for your posts? i’d like to have similar looking graphics for some of my authority sites. i’ve seen fiverr gigs that do these kinds of things but just thought i’d ask you guys for a recommendation.


  2. Hey, thanks for sharing some awesome tips. So i have a couple of questions becuase i am seriously thinking to start local lead gen business.
    1) For eg. I built a site for personal trainer and ranked it on google.ca for personal trainer ontario. Now how should i price the rent of this site. And shall I call or email the targeted business owners.
    2) Do you built city specific PBN or a general PBN?

    • If you’re doing call tracking on the site, then you can see what number of quality leads are coming through and use that to help price it.

      One key to doing lead gen is to know the industry, know what price they charge, what sort of typical profit they make, and how long the client will stay.

      The price it at a point where it is a no brainer for the business owner to say yes, especially for the first one you sell them.

      This builds trust and makes it easier for you to upsell more sites to the same client, often without the need to have a new site already ranking already before renting it to them.

      Yes, a city specific PBN for local business SEO. For lead gen sites, if targeting a specific industry, then focus the PBN on the industry and target lots of different cities.

      Have an awesome day


      • Hey, Thanks for the reply.
        So what other link building methods do you use to rank the site.
        Say I want to rank in Google.ca for personal trainer toronto. I built 15 PBN links and some directory links.
        What other links do you recommend as per your experience will work the best?

  3. great show once again!

    Question for Steve

    How do you calculate the customer lifetime value or average customer worth when doing local niche research in which to build a rental site around.

    • When entering a new niche I get to know a local business in that niche, and find out how the numbers work.

      I look for a “full service” business. What I mean by that is that they are large enough to offer all the different things that that type of business can offer. That way if they choose to rent the initial site, there could be other variations of sites we can create for that niche and sell tot he same business.

      To calculate lifetime value: average $ sale x number of sales per year x number of years as a client

      I like to get to know those numbers as they help price up what leads are worth. Especially when doing call tracking and seeing what leads are being generated.

      Have an awesome day


  4. Andres De Abreu says:

    HI Steve, thanks for all the great info!!

    I’m making my first steps in the lead gen business, i have 2 local niches i want to target but still have doubts about one of them… the search result shows a lot of ads and google places, will i be able to get a good CTR from those kind of search results??


    • First up, just focus on one niche. It is much easier to keep building more and more of the same one than having to create multiple ones. You are then also seen as a specialist in that area. Plus, there are a lot of cities around the world to target, so will take some time to run out.

      I look for niches where there are multiple different angles of sites I can build for the niche, so no just City Niche.

      If in doubt about a niche, move on to another, there are plenty out there.

      Have an awesome day


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