Using LinkedIn as a Sales Tool
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As many of you know, Phil is one of my partners in NoHatMedia, which is a business that primarily sells content marketing services to SEO agencies. He recently started experimenting with LinkedIn as a sales channel and has had some encouraging results. I wanted to both shares his results with the NoHat audience and also give him a chance to hit you up for potentially lucrative partnerships. Take it away Phil!


Many of you already know me and I’m sure there are many others that don’t. I’m Director of Sales for NoHatMedia and normally spend my working hours interfacing with our clients (mostly SEO agencies, medium – large corporations and a handful of private clients). Yesterday, Hayden asked me to create a post, based on some very recent (and promising) LinkedIn outreach.


I’m sure many of you are much more familiar with LinkedIn than I am. It’s really only been in the last 5 weeks that I set up a new account and over the last 2 weeks started to use it as a Sales tool for NoHatMedia.  Not being very familiar with the service, when I initially set it up, it automatically pulled the 360 contacts from my Gmail and very quickly (for better or worse), I was plugged into everyone within my Gmail contacts that had a LinkedIn account.


On May 15th, really more as an experiment, I started reaching out to my “1st level” contacts who I thought might be interested in the services of NoHatMedia. The results have been very encouraging. From May 15th – 22nd, I contacted (via a short message within LinkedIn) 21 of these 1st level contacts who either own or work for SEO agencies – or have the type of business (ie: attorneys, doctors, etc.) with a strong advertising budget.  As of yesterday I’ve started 2 of them on our free, no obligation, 10 link Trial. 11 others are quite interested and I have calls scheduled with many of them later this week and next.


What Hayden and I discussed yesterday, is what appears to be a rich network of potential clients within LinkedIn and how we might work with some on you to leverage that, while at the same time creating a win-win relationship for everyone involved.    LinkedIn’s 1st level contacts are people that are directly connected to you and you can easily see all aspects of their business, experience, etc. Contacting someone from this place, as opposed to say a cold call, is like working in a different universe. The direct LinkedIn contact usually knows you (or about you), is usually very interested in what you do and what you may have to offer them – and is often the decision maker, not the gatekeeper.  


So, to that end we are looking for anyone with a large 1st level LinkedIn network of SEO/Marketing Agencies who would be interested in referring our content creation/link services. We would of course compensate you generously. If you fit this description and are interested, please email me at [email protected].  I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you.


Best, Phil

Using LinkedIn as a Sales Tool
1 vote, 5.00 avg. tacos (85% score)

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