Introducing Scott Davis
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I’d like to introduce everyone to Scott Davis (not to be confused with Scott Wyckoff, one of my partners in NoHatMedia).


Scott Davis was a graduate of Greg’s first internship, and was hired on by Greg and I shortly after to help build out our own niche sites, and also help with future internships.   He was hired because instead of doing 2 sites in that internship, he went out and did 6.   I also invited him down to the business development retreat here in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, and encouraged him to buy a one-way ticket and stay on to work with me after.   He did, and now rents a room about 50 meters from my house.


After going over countless projects, we’ve finally settled on what he will work on over the next couple months:


1) The blog

You may have noticed that I am not the most prolific blogger.   I have plenty of interesting ideas for content and marketing, but kind of suck at doing it myself.  This will change as Scott will be the new implementer!   We will setup a podcast, hold a fun competition with the crawler as the prize, and case study some of our more unique marketing efforts for those who are interested in blogging as a business.


2) Building a Real Business behind some of our Niche sites

As talked about in the last post, Scott will be taking a couple sites with existing traffic and attempting to build a business behind them.  He of course will case study this all.


3) Building a Product

This is only if he has the extra time, but we’ve discussed a couple of interesting products for the SEO agency / IM industry, and he’s keen on bringing these to life.


If you have any questions for Scott, leave a comment!


Introducing Scott Davis
1 vote, 5.00 avg. tacos (84% score)
  1. Hi Scott, congratulations. I have been accepted into the latest internship group starting this June. What would you say are the main reasons that you were successful in your internship? Do you have any advice for the incoming interns to get the most out of the program?

    • Scott Davis says:

      Hi Peter, thanks and congrats on getting into the June internship!
      I would say the main reason I was successful was because I worked as hard as I could and took action every day. My internship group was amazing and being able to learn and network with a group of peers was a great experience.
      Make the most of your opportunity and take massive action :)

  2. Hi Scott,
    I’m doing Aug PTC with you guys, getting full support, Beside this, what are the your advice for the beginners who wants to make this venture full time job. Please explain widely.
    Thanks n regards.

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