10 Reasons Why People Love Learning From Podcasts
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1) There are more listeners than ever

While college entrance numbers are dropping, 24% of the US population (67 million people) are listening to podcasts monthly – a figure that is increasing annually by 10-20%.

2) There are more podcasts than ever

In 2013, there were around 100 new podcasts being launched every day on iTunes. Now, there are around 350 new podcasts per day.

podcasting3) There’s more variety than ever

Whether you want to learn about WW2, photography or politics, there’s a podcast for you. The average podcaster listens to 5 different shows per week.

4) It’s free

You can open your phone or computer right now and have expertise delivered right into your ear, without spending a cent on books or courses.

5) It’s up to date

Traditional education can be rigid in teaching established ideas, whereas podcast creators who specialize in their areas are up to date weekly on the latest information.

6) It’s mobile

70% of audiences access podcasts via phones and 22% of audiences listen while driving. Podcasts allow hands-free learning, while doing other things.

7) It’s private

As the education sector becomes more politically charged, your choices in education topics can have social consequences. With podcasts, your choices and interests are your own.

8) Choose your speed

If you need your information delivered a little slower, podcasts allow you to drop the speed to 0.5x. If you want it a little faster, you can speed it up by 1.5x or 2x.

9) Little advertising

Most podcasts mention their sponsors at the beginning of the podcast, after which the information flows uninterrupted, unlike television or radio.

10) You can teach

The average cost per month to run a successful podcast is between $20 and $45 (plus some production time). So it’s just as easy to teach as it is to learn.

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10 Reasons Why People Love Learning From Podcasts
3 votes, 5.00 avg. tacos (92% full)

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