Want Your Video To Go Viral? Avoid These 10 Newbie Mistakes!
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For a video marketer, a video going viral is the best thing that can happen. But what makes a video go viral? What are the mistakes to avoid to make a video go viral? We created an infographic of most common newbie mistakes that can be easily avoided. Want Your Video to Go Viral? Avoid these 10 Newbie Mistakes!



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Mistake #1 – Too Long

In this day and age, with humanity’s attention span comparable to that of a goldfish, it is very important to keep our messages short. Short focused videos are viewed and shared significantly more than long ranty videos.

Mistake #2 – No Emotional Appeal

A personal video with an emotional appeal connects with your viewers better. People feel good about watching videos that strike an emotional chord and are more likely to share them.

Mistake #3 – Very Promotional

Nobody really likes to be associated with a pushy video. So no hard selling on your videos. Educating and entertaining videos have higher shareability than sales videos.

Mistake #4 – Bad Audio/Video Quality

Never compromise on quality. Tight budget is no excuse. It doesn’t cost much to improve the lighting for a better video. Mics are not expensive either. Have a good quality video to stand a chance of virality.

Mistake #5 – Improper Script

Have a clear goal for your video. Plot the different aspects to lead up to your goal. A good script improves the narration and saves production costs.

Mistake #6 – Bad Title

Good title is not just for blogs or articles. Optimized title is very important for videos too. A hooking emotional title encourages people to click.

Mistake #7 – Bad Screenshots/Thumbnails

Most viewers access the video from their social feed or video recommendations. A good thumbnail highly improves click through rate. High click through further improves your video ranking to be shown in recommendations.

Mistake #8 – Ignoring the Distribution Channel

Each platform has a different type of audiences and different requirements. What works on Snapchat might fall flat on youtube. Tailor the length, title and thumbnail to the platform.

Mistake #9 – Unclear Branding

Don’t lose sight of your marketing goal in the quest to go viral. You want to know that the viral content came from you and generate traffic to your brand. Include call to action to convert your one time visitors to your regular audience.

Mistake #10 – Not Addressing a Specific Target Audience

Going behind every audience means there is no focus and you might end up impressing no one. Have a clear understanding of who your target audience and what they need.

Reference: wyzowl

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Want Your Video To Go Viral? Avoid These 10 Newbie Mistakes!
0 votes, 0.00 avg. tacos (0% full)

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