How To Crush Affiliate Marketing In 2018
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Unsure about how to approach affiliate marketing this year? Want to know what to focus on to get the best results? In this infographic, we cover the 20% you need to work on to get 80% of the results – more affiliate revenue.

How To Crush Affiliate Marketing In 2018

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To sell more affiliate products, show exactly why the customer should buy it. This means creating sites with super thorough content such as long form in-depth reviews, unique videos/images and personal experiences.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conduct A/B split testing on your money pages. Take 1 page and create 2 variations of it. Run 50% of your traffic to each page for at least a week. Take the higher converting page and repeat testing until the final version converts the best.


The rise of voice search will affect affiliate marketers. Rank for terms and long tail keywords that follow natural speech patterns and not just keywords that people type.

Your website should not only have a responsive design, but optimized for mobile. Why?

  • Google is switching to mobile first indexing.
  • 50% of affiliate referral traffic comes from mobile devices.

Build Your Email List & Split Test Funnels

Don’t rely on SEO traffic to build your email list, invest in paid traffic to build faster and create a Google proof asset that you can market to, anytime.

Create funnels and test/optimize every part of it to increase CTR and conversions.

Eg. funnel:

Traffic—>Squeeze page (email list)—>Thank You Page (Affiliate offer)—> Sequence of value emails to subscriber—>Affiliate offer


Amazon reduced their affiliate commission structure in 2017. Since this can happen again:

  • Diversify your methods of monetization,
  • Work with affiliate networks and directly with brands.
  • Seek to develop exclusive relationships where possible.

Pay Attention To Trends

eCommerce is booming. Affiliate eCommerce is now picking up and early entrants will make the most profits. Cryptocurrency CPA Offers are also predicted to be huge this year.

Make Use Of Deep Data Reports

Affiliate Networks and Platforms are now providing real time data and deep data reports. Dive into this data to make better marketing decisions on which products to promote and which consumers to target.

Target Developing Countries

Affiliate marketing is expanding throughout the world especially with the rise of smart phones. The first marketers on the scene will take the lion’s share. Target Asia, Latin America etc.


How To Crush Affiliate Marketing In 2018
3 votes, 3.67 avg. tacos (72% full)

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