How I Launched a $2K/month Business in 10 Hours – The NoHatSEO Story

Post-how-I-launched-a-2k-business-in-3hours                   The Idea Is Born… Back in mid 2012, I was having some decent success with my niche sites. I had around 3000 in total, with 400 of them generating about $1000 a day in revenue. Definitely a good business by any means, but I could also see the potential for adding a ton of value to the SEO....

One of most Internet Marketer’s dream is to earn a comfortable recurring revenue stream without having to spend too much time working. Our guest today, Jesse Zagorsky, is in this exact situation: his business makes him over $6k a month and he only spends a few hours working on it every week. Jesse did everything right : […]

Today in the podcast we have Mark Manson for an episode filled with Knowledge Bombs. If you’re not familiar with the man, Mark Manson is an author and blogger at, where he writes about personal development, lifestyle, and psychology. He is also one of the NoHat Team’s favorite bloggers. During this episode, Hayden and Mark discuss why many people […]

Today in the podcast we have Hayden talking about one of his favorite topics : using your unfair advantage as the foundation for your business. Something we realized, is that one of the main reasons for which people fail at building a solid business is that they don’t rely on the assets they already have, which could help […]