Easy, High Authority DA100 dofollow Links (the accidental find!)
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I’ve been placing a heavy focus on alternative traffic sources (non-Google) through 2015 and one of the focal points has been Reddit.

You can literally find a sub-Reddit on just about anything and within each one there will likely be swarms of Reddit users that are REALLY into certain topics.

It’s a perfect destination to familiarize yourself with a niche, connect with existing enthusiasts within the niche and to siphon traffic and funnel it through to your sites.

We’ve also been using it as a way to get really high-quality content for free and of course, we’ve been using it to drive plenty of traffic to sites too.

Recently one of our money site partners, Amir, used Reddit to kick off a really cool article he had produced for a fairly narrow careers site that generated over 25,000 organic Facebook shares and over 60,000 visitors to his site within a week. And it’s a seemingly non-viral site, and narrow in that it only targets a certain type of career. More on this in a future post because how he did it was very smart indeed.

Clearly, posting to Reddit has many benefits, but in the last couple weeks I decided to take it up a notch and experiment with launching my own sub-Reddit.

The sub-Reddit currently has about 200 subscribers (not bad in less than 2 weeks IMO) and I’m testing out how/if launching a sub-Reddit can become a viable tactic for ongoing traffic.

We’ll be doing a second Sub-Reddit launch in our next SEO Internship and the aim from each is to learn a process for kicking these sub-Reddits off and growing them because if you can control an entire sub-Reddit, you’ve basically got traffic-on-demand to your sites which is mighty enticing.

DA100 dofollow Links – The Accidental Find:

When you control a sub-Reddit you can design it to suit, which means you get to name it what you like, you can moderate it how you like and you can also customize the sidebar of your sub-Reddit as you see fit.

Some sub-Reddits will link out to related sub-Reddits and I’d noticed that there will be occasional links to external websites in sub-Reddit sidebars as well.

Linking to external websites, particularly if YOU own them is great for exposure to people interested in your niche, and will obviously drive traffic. What I didn’t expect to find out is that the links from sub-Reddit sidebars are do follow.

Yep, a DA100 dofollow backlink thank you very much.

I’m never too fussed about chasing dofollow and nofollow links. As I mentioned in this article about how to jag links from wikipedia, a nofollow link from a high DA site is still worthwhile. Hard to argue against that.

But a dofollow link from a high authority site, well that’s just damn fine.

And because of the nature and structure of Reddit, the links end up being linked to from all kinds of places on Reddit and also sites that scrape sub-Reddits.

Here’s how it works:

Anything posted to the main content area of Reddit is typically nofollow. Occasionally you’ll get a temporary dofollow link from someone’s profile if they drop a comment, but they don’t seem to stick after the activity is pushed down the feed.

The side-bar, which is 100% controllable when you moderate the sub-Reddit is yours to do what you like with. Here’s an example of a sub-Reddit with sidebar links (shown by the green box):

dofollow da 100 links


And here’s the source code… No nofollow attribute there.

source code do follow links


So, how do you start a sub-Reddit?

Well, that’s easy to do and the setup takes 5 minutes.

To be able to start a sub-Reddit you need to have a certain level of comment and link karma and a certain profile age (4-8 weeks-ish I am guessing). I’m kicking myself because I made a note that I can’t find right now (will update once I do) of precisely the tipping point required because one moment I couldn’t start a sub-Reddit and then literally with an extra bit of link karma I was able to.

So I pretty much have record (somewhere) of the exact numbers required.

It’s about 30 comment karma and 60 link karma. Not that high anyway. Just a few decent submissions and you’re all set.

I’ll follow up with progress on launching sub-Reddits in future posts, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, go get yourself an easy DA100 link from Reddit!



Easy, High Authority DA100 dofollow Links (the accidental find!)
9 votes, 3.00 avg. tacos (61% full)
  1. Nice find Greg. As much as I dislike Reddit, can’t argue with it’s value from a traffic standpoint. And this dofollow link strategy is just gravy.

    • Yeah I’m a bit the same, not a huge fan of it outside of IM use. But at the end of the day it’s a massive site and a lot of people hang out there so worthwhile learning how to use it effectively.

  2. This looks very similar to something that used be done with Tumblr. Do you think they will close in on this once they start to realise that it may be open to abuse Greg?

    • Hey Darren, I’d be very surprised if they weren’t already aware of it. It’s possibly why they changed from allowing everyone to be able to start a sub-Reddit to having users reach a certain age and karma threshold before being able to. The reality is most SEOs are looking for links that are easy and quick to acquire because efficiency is half the battle. Having to be active on Reddit purely for the sake of being able to launch a sub-reddit is a barrier that would weed out most I’d say.

  3. Great find and share Greg! Is your sub-reddit based on around a site/ brand or more so on the niche? I have yet to spend any time on Reddit, that will change today :)

    • Reddit is based on the niche as it’s more efficient than creating (and having to manage) a Sub-Reddit for each site. So for the first one I picked a niche where we have a lot of sites in.

  4. Cool tip. I really hope this doesn’t get abused. What do you do if there is already a subreddit in your niche? Just make it slightly different?

    • Yeah just do something similar, no problems with that. Ideally you’d keep the sub-Reddit active and actually build a decent sub-reddit but if it’s just for the link, I can’t see any issue with making it similar to what’s already on Reddit. There’s something like 200,000 sub-Reddits last figure I saw so you’re basically never going to get something truly unique.

  5. Thanks for the post Greg. Unfortunately, I’ve never used Reddit much in the past. So, it’ll be a while before I can sign up and create a subreddit. :(

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