What’s working with OnPage SEO (Podcast Ep8)
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Solo episode today covering the ultra-important topic of on-page SEO. We’ve got 10 tips for on-page SEO best practice and what we’re doing right now to ensure pages are optimized but also not over-optimized and therefore a risk for a penalty.

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Resources mentioned in the episode

CommentCast – to see international itunes podcast reviews

SEO Quake Chrome Extension – useful for checking a range of SEO factors, including keyword density.

Related Links Plugin – For adding manual links to related pages.

Table of Contents Plus – Useful plugin for creating table of contents on key pages.


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What’s working with OnPage SEO (Podcast Ep8)
17 votes, 4.00 avg. tacos (79% full)
  1. Any former interns want to share the costs of a SEMRUSH and AHREFS account with me? I use either program, maybe once every two weeks. All of these subscriptions start adding up.

    • Hey Emmet. I’ve heard of people using fiverr for trial accounts of semrush. Here’s an example listing.


      It would certainly cut the monthly cost of a subscription down.

  2. Hi Greg,
    Nice, very precise informative podcast as always by you people. It will be really appreciated if you add a category for beginners.

  3. Question Greg,

    In the podcast you mention having 100 words in the homepage about a topic with a targeted link in that paragraph.

    Does that mean that if you wanted 10 links in the homepage you would recommend 1,000+ words with 10 paragraphs on the homepage?


  4. When you are discussing the homepage you mention your 10 links to the important pages. Do you optimise the nav bar in some way so that you don’t loose any link juice to less relevant pages?

  5. Great Podcast and thank god i’m not far away from what you said :D
    The big thing is the table of content in my opinion – i will add this asap. But how do you deal with this one and the first point from your list? I mean, if the plugin uses h2, h3 tags it will increase the keyowrd density in the same time. I guess i have to thin out my Headlines :D
    Thanks + Regards

  6. hi Greg,

    great tips, thanx.. what do you think about those plugins that put a framed site of your choice in front of your site so you can rent it to clients per page or the whole site, like “rent-a-serp”?

    is it safe to do it or does big G sees it and can punish you whenever they want?


    • Big G knows all :-). I’m actually not 100% sure how that would be treated but if users are coming to a site expecting to see one thing and are presented with a different “face”, that’s probably not cool with G. Best to put call to action info on the “normal” pages of the site.

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