10 SEO Blog Strategies To Skyrocket Your Traffic
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If you want consistent and qualified search traffic to your blog but don’t know where to begin.
Here are 10 proven SEO blog strategies you can implement right now to send massive traffic to your contents from the search engines.

SEO Blogs

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1.   Keywords

  • Keywords are essential because they connect what people are searching for and the content you provide.
  • Target long-tail keywords (e.g. best video monitor for security) equals low competition and increases the chance to rank on the SERPs(search engine results pages). Read here for a more in-depth information about how to properly do keyword research.
  • Primary keyword are placed in URL, an H1 tag on the page, the meta description, and alt-attributes of images; all of these properties will help rank your content in the search engines.

2.   Outbound links

  • Linking Out can encourage positive participation & incentivizes links coming into your website contents.
  • By linking out to Authority sites with high DA (domain authority) instead of lower quality sites you will receive maximum SEO benefit.

3.    Inbound links

  • Websites receiving Inbound links from high DA can rank higher in search engines.
  • Perform guest posting, blog outreach, and infographics. Read more about Off-page SEO and link building

4.     Internal Link structure

  • Helps Google determine the relationship between the various pages, posts and other contents.
  • Link to your lead pages or money pages.

5.    Use SEO plugins

  • Helps with keyword optimization, readability checks, and handle technical features in the background.
  • Install Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin on your WordPress blog.

6.     Social Signals

  • It’s a great platform to amplify your content distribution(boost engagement with content) and drives steady referral traffic to your evergreen contents.
  • Place the social media share icons around your content and encourage readers to share your content if they find it helpful.

7.    Meta Descriptions and Alt-attributes

  • Create a compelling meta-description by adding important keywords will improve the click-through rates to your content from the SERPs.
  • Alt-text provides an additional opportunity to include targeted keywords since search engine crawlers cannot “see” the images on a website page.

8.     Fast loading Web page

  • It helps provides a good user experience that will result in a higher chance of users sharing your content
  • Slow load times will result in your visitors leaving your page without taking action (increased bounce rate %).
  • Test your speed here https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

9.     High-Quality Content

  • Write contents that are informative, unique, engaging, and allow visitors to have a good website experience.
  • Avoid: auto-generated content, link schemes, unoriginal content, sneaky redirects, hidden text/links, scraped content, using irrelevant keywords, and keyword stuffing.

10.  Publish Content Consistently

  • Create expectations for fresh contents with your readers that helps keep them coming back.
  • Posting new contents frequently increase the opportunities to rank your contents whenever Google crawls your site.













10 SEO Blog Strategies To Skyrocket Your Traffic
2 votes, 5.00 avg. tacos (89% full)

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