10 Reasons Why You Need To Use Instagram For Your Business
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Instagram is one of the best social media platforms with 500 million users daily. With its high engagement and excellent reach, it’s easier than ever to connect with hundreds of millions of people every day. Here are the most up to date facts why small businesses need to be utilizing Instagram.

10 Reasons Why You Need To Use Instagram For Your Business


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1. Put a Face to Your Brand

Deliver a great profile and bio about your small business. Create an eye-catching feed with top notch pictures and videos of your team, happy customers, testimonials, events, products and services. Your feed should reflect why your brand is unique.

2. Provide Value and Show Appreciation to Your Followers

Engage with your followers by posting high quality picture and video content. Offer useful tips to eventually turn them into paying customers. Make sure to post daily to develop a highly engaged audience.

3. Get Feedback and Collect Data

Encourage conversation by using the “Poll” feature in the “Stories” section. Simply ask a question and collect data to gain insight into consumer opinion. Business profiles also have access to analytics that show helpful stats such as impressions and demographics of followers.

4. Spark a Call to Action

You can add your favorite links in your “Stories” to direct viewers to your website, blog posts, and other social media handles. These links can provide added value to your audience and more content for them to consume at a greater scale.

5. Boost Your Sales

Showcase your newest products or services. Run a promotional ad campaign to raise awareness on a special giveaway, discount or contest to direct more traffic to your website.

6. Tell Interesting Stories

Be creative when storytelling and always have a clear intention. Include uplifting content to evoke inspiration and stir up emotions. You can highlight your favourite stories on your profile under the bio section.

7. Go Live

Give your followers real time information and updates about your small business. Easily spread your brand identity by showing them behind the scenes of your day to day activities. You can even invite special guests for a split-screen broadcast.

8. Build Connections with Like-Minded People

Connect with other businesses and individuals who share the same values and interests. Consider doing a collaboration with a brand or a micro influencer to expand your consumer outreach.

9. Drive Traffic to Your Page

Help users find your Instagram account easily by using effective hashtags and location tags. You can create branded hashtags and monitor their use. This allows users to follow your hashtags to have content delivered to them daily.

10. Stay Up to Date with Consumer Trends

Share your interest in trends by posting content on a specific holiday or raising awareness for a good cause. Following trends can help to attract new customers and it shows your engagement with the community.



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10 Reasons Why You Need To Use Instagram For Your Business
4 votes, 4.25 avg. tacos (81% full)

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