Podcast Ep15: How Kotton Grammer went from 0 to $143k/mo in 180 days with local SEO
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Today in the NHD Podcast we’re talking with Kotton Grammer about Sales techniques and Local SEO.

Kotton’s story is pretty outstanding: he only started to learn about SEO 10 months ago but yet managed to grow a 6-figure-a-month business in less than 180 days.

In this episode, Kotton shares with us the sales techniques and SEO methods he used to reach such exceptional growth.


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Podcast Ep15: How Kotton Grammer went from 0 to $143k/mo in 180 days with local SEO
63 votes, 2.71 avg. tacos (54% full)
  1. This was great.

    If Kotton is answering questions I wanted to ask:

    1) You start with social media & related platforms before using any PR links — but do you typically use any packages after, or is the rest of your seo typically replicating competitors links? Which I imagine would primarily be local directories, etc.

    2) How would you advise an affiliate marketer who knows SEO well, but has never done Local SEO and doesnt have an “SEO company website” to make the transition into Local SEO? I mean it seems pretty straight forward but I dont want to approach a client until I have some proof of concept through experience. You know, you dont exactly want to “test” new grounds when its someones livelihood.


  2. Great Podcast Greg, good to see Kotton starting to spread his wings outside of the OMG framework.

    Was introduced to Kotton Grammer through the OMG programme where he does a lot of teaching tutorials on how he achieved his success, really valuable stuff.

    I’ve personally taken a lot of his lessons on board and shared them our forum such as domain authority stacking and using 301’s as the secret sauce. Keep them coming Greg!

  3. hi guys, great podcast!
    I have a question for Kotton: how do you manage all of that yourself? I have just couple small clients and I hardly can manage it all by myself

  4. Same as Aldin… very interested in how you manage all those clients, do the seo, the social, the biz dev, the admin, the book keeping.. all of that – i struggle with 12 clients at circa $12k monthly..?!

  5. Incredible line-up of questions. The fact that Kotton replaces 20k of lost business every month WHILE STILL GROWING HIS BUSINESS absolutely blows my mind. Raising the bar, dude!

  6. That was a great interview. Not only was Kotton Grammers info top notch for a beginner like me. But the interviewer asked the right questions.

    At first I was a bit shocked to hear Kotton initially state that he doesn’t try to retain his clients. But after he fleshed out his answer I realized that he does retain them. But he retains them not by charging them for monthly maintenance. He does it by reminding them to come back when rankings start to drop, and in the mean time keep sending referrals so that they don’t have to pay to be ranked back up after a drop. This is just genius in my opinion.

  7. A few things I don’t get about the “social fortress” strategy…

    1) These accounts are too easy to setup, and it seems like Google would not weigh this very heavily. Why should I gain authority from setting up a fb page that I will never touch?…speaking of which…

    2) After setting up all of these client social pages, wouldn’t they just be left in the dust and become inactive? Why would Google reward accounts that have no activity, unless they are unable to detect that?

    • It would be easy to fix both of those problems, get a few fiverr gigs to write little snippets you can share through facebook and twitter. Then just schedule those out to dripfeed over a long time period in hootsuite.

  8. Should do another podcast with Kotton talking about his client generation methods, did he say he had 43 and 30 more in the pipeline? That would be a cool podcast going through all of these and not just seo splitting.

  9. It doesn’t seem credible that he does all the work himself for 143K in billings per month. At that unusually high claim, there’s a burden of proof. He hasn’t even tried to prove it, but has only asserted it. Can someone offer evidence?

  10. I’ve had the chance to work with Kotton, he is an amazing guy and is a total wealth of knowledge. I’ve suffered some setbacks and he definitely helped me out. If you follow Kotton, you won’t go far wrong.

  11. So Kotton’s advice is great but I would like to confirm the claim that he has only been doing SEO for 10 months. His LinkedIn and website say that he has been doing SEO for more than 7 years. Any comments?

  12. I like Kotton’s style of teaching. I would like to see what his daily operations are like, how many people he employs, etc. Like someone else said, it’s difficult for someone like myself with less than 10 websites to stay organized.

  13. Alex Becker has a course called source Phoenix, Kotton does a whole section on local clients within that course, well worth a look.

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