Podcast Ep17 : Tips and Tricks to get the Most out of Email Marketing
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Today, our guest is Alex Ivory who spent two weeks with us last month in Valle de Bravo and helped us improve our email marketing strategy.

Alex is an email marketing specialist, an InfusionSoft certified user, and has been helping many companies to setup their email marketing funnels.

In this episode, Alex shares many tips and tricks on how to use Email Marketing the right way in order to improve your business.

If you feel like you haven’t been on top of things when it comes to Email Marketing, then you’ll definitely learn a ton from it.


2:30 Quick overview of the different email marketing services

6:34 How to get discounts on InfusionSoft

9:00 Segmenting

11.30 How to use Lists and Tags

13:06 Setting up Goals

15:00 Improve Conversions

17:32 Should you be using double  opt-ins ?

20:00 What’s a one click sign-up and why is it so valuable?

21:22 Using Social Media to boost your email marketing campaigns

25:17 How to make the most of buying customers

27:29 How Alex improved NoHat’s email marketing strategy

31:00 How to use opt-ins to collect emails

Referenced in this episode 

MailChimp (Non affiliate link)

Sendy (Affiliate link/Non affiliate)

Aweber (Affiliate link/Non affiliate)

GetResponse (Affiliate link/Non affiliate)

InfusionSoft (Non affiliate link)

AwProTools (Non affiliate link)

And if if you want to read more about email marketing services, you can check out Han’s article here.

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Podcast Ep17 : Tips and Tricks to get the Most out of Email Marketing
5 votes, 3.60 avg. tacos (71% full)
  1. I like when you give your email and then they send an email offering to answer any question.

    And then they send a really good answer to your question.

    This makes a connection with people. You feel like you actually know the person who answered your question.

  2. Great podcast guys!
    I agree that mailchimp great for beginners since you can get 1000 subscribers for free!
    Quick question off topic: why do you guys place non affiliate link next to affiliate link?


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